Mr. Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize:

No, Black is not White, and Might, Still,

does not make Right!

�All we need is love..."

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Even the wonders of Capitalism cannot make black into white; at least, we all once thought so. But, this week, we saw a man, who continues a futile war that has been fought for nine years, and has proved nothing except how far the stupidity of man can go, given a prize for �peace�; and this same man proclaim to the world, in no uncertain terms, that might does make right!

Tell this to the orphans of the innocent victims that the stupidity of this war has slaughtered. Show them how the hate that it has engendered in their hearts, can be turned into love through this kind of �peace�. Proclaim it to the enemy, we belittle, for believing the very same thing, and seeing us use, and reward it with prizes for what we call �peace�. Bolster their determination in it by proclaiming the hypocrisy we practice!

You cannot cure a disease of the soul with armies, or even the idea that �right makes might�. Might can only create hate, not love. Morality springs from love, not hate; and moral righteousness cannot be expressed through extermination. We cannot teach the dead; we cannot cure with pain and loss. Stupidity cannot be made into virtue by corrupt academic honors, just as cause and its effects cannot be proven with certainty by statistical populations.

When the practices of greed become the reasoning ability of the mind anything is possible. Thus is the fruit of the Capitalistic mindset: Right and wrong are blurred into a spectrum where extremes are sometimes reversed, when morality is under the sway of greed. Benefit replaces, or becomes synonymous with right, and the viewpoint of all becomes narrowed down to the viewpoint of the few.

But you are right, Mr. Obama, evil does exist in this world, and it has grown out of the very same viewpoint you have expressed. Did not the Nazis believe that they were right? Did not the Fascists believe that they were right? Did not the Communists believe that they were right? Do not the Jihadists believe they are right? Right does not create might; right creates love. Only love can cure hate. Only love can create the mindset that will destroy the greed from which all hate springs.

If you would favor a world at war then �right does create might�. If you would condone the slaughter of the last century then �right does create might�. If you would allow stupidity to triumph over reason then indeed �right does create might�.

To all sane men: �right creates love�. As Caesar found out at the end, we cannot win the heart through force, but only through love. And it is the heart that must be won, for it is the heart that will create the future of mankind. We cannot �win� an enemy through war or extermination; but we can win his heart through showing him that we create love, while he can only create hate.

Evil creates hate, and war does likewise. Your �peace�, and the �peace� of your academia, has now become the �peace� of hate and retribution. But the Academy of Plato, where the freedom of true learning lived, died out in this world long ago, when the Academy became the �temple of the money changers�, and learning and truth became mired in the viewpoint of the �self�.

Mr. Obama you are the hope of the world, in that you have become the symbol of the equality of humanity. I believe in your sincerity, but I also believe that you are letting the �office� create you, instead of you creating the �office� for the people you represent. Those people, and their hearts, are what you represent. Moral �right� and its �might� cannot lead those hearts only love can. You represent a people of many ideologies united in the ideology of a freedom that hinders no other freedom. Redefine �peace� not as hate but as love. Show the world that war is never a solution for anything, except the perpetuation of conflict. Right must be defined as that which exists under every ideology; in other words right represents true love, which favors no viewpoint. War is a concept that has outlived its usefulness. Show the world that it can have peace, the peace that only true love represents.



Originally Published:

December 26, 2009


January 2, 2014