The New Paradigm

On this web site I am proclaiming a new paradigm for the people of this world. A way to overcome the obstacles that we ourselves have brought about by seeing freedom as a viewpoint that only encompasses our own small group or ourselves. In forgetting the rest of humanity, we are continuing the same patterns that the human race has followed which has destroyed its hopes and dreams again and again throughout history. If we wonder why nothing has changed; why we continue to slaughter each other in ever increasing numbers; why progress is again becoming just another phony regress; why faith doesn�t accomplish the very things its whole purpose was built to accomplish; why we ourselves are unable to handle the changes that we bring about through our own actions, then we must look at the viewpoint we follow, and the motives that have fashioned it. We must look at the human mind and the causality it follows, which even creates the direction of the so-called �objectivity� of cause and effect, in the world of Nature. We create our worlds, and fashion them either into Heavens or Hells because of the viewpoints we have adopted.

The Golden rule was set out long ago to supposedly correct this situation. But the very same religious institutions that were created to advance this change of heart into this world, have only created a world even more divided and estranged from itself. Why?

We have failed, because motive has intervened once again; because in following that very same Golden Rule we have introduced �conditions� and �sine quo non�s� that have made the love of this rule into a contract, instead of the acceptance and gift it was meant to be. In plain language, we have let our own biases and bigotry distort the very rule that was supposed to overcome them, and changed it into these very same biases; we have changed �love your neighbor as yourself� into �believe what I believe, or else, you can�t join my club.� We have taken the unity that the Golden rule was made to propagate, and created from it the separation of small groups, so isolated and alienated from humanity that they cannot even understand what the word 'all' was meant to be. When religion became a �group� it became the epitome of what 'all' isn�t; it became the opposite of the unity it was supposed to achieve.

We have also distorted the meaning of the word �understanding�. When we truly understand something, we leave behind what we believe, and try to fathom the thing or process we are trying to understand in its �own� terms. We study that thing or process, as if we were it. In understanding, we, in essence, take on the viewpoint of that thing. But, today understanding has become instead �understand from my viewpoint.� How can we truly understand something if we cannot take on its viewpoint, or assume its unique position in the world?

This fanaticism with the �self�, whether conscious or unconscious, has made us into the same �terrorists� we condemn; perhaps not in deeds, per se, but in viewpoint, and in the �fanatical� devotion to our own limitation in outlook, and its inability to �understand� anything but itself.

In interjecting motive, where it should not be, we have halted all change and progress, and mired ourselves within the same stalemate that our world found itself in even before the advancement of civilization into a society.

In the secular world the same has occurred. The �society�, that creation of equal responsibility, and the trust and cooperation it furthers, which lessens the downside of the fate which Mother Nature proclaims, has become mired in the motivations of the �self�, and the �group� or �organization.� Because of this, it has lost the very purpose it was created to achieve, and instead of reducing this �downside�, it has actually increased it for most.

Thus society, that bastion of unity, instead of finding its salvation in its make up, has instead found itself dividing itself into estranged groups that are causing its own dissolution. Again the fanaticism of ideology has spilled over into even the social and legal world, where these things were supposed to have no place at all.

In America, where we founded a state built on the sacredness of belief and free thought, and where we purposely kept ideologies from denying this same freedom of thought from anyone, we have created a politics that has instead become mired in them. By allowing the law, which was meant to curb action, not thought, to interfere in the realm of thought, we have perverted our freedom into a type of despotism.

By forgetting that freedom is not free of responsibility, but instead created from it, we have produced a society that is the opposite of society; a society without trust, privacy, cooperation or even human decency. We have created a society that has transformed cooperation into a new type of �survival of the fittest�, in a world where every human is pitted against every other.

But most people will not understand all of this; in fact, they will only shrug it off, and ignore it, until the sky falls in on them; the same thing that has happened time and time again, throughout history.

Unfortunately, this is a type of learning... the wrong type. The right type is the new paradigm I have mentioned in the title of this essay; it is the kind of learning that makes learning an experience where we truly �understand� by following the method I set out above: where learning explores the different viewpoints that new knowledge makes us take. In learning in this way, we become, in essence, a citizen of the world, imbedded in no particular outlook but open to all outlooks. We understand as others understand, and see all uniqueness as a type of freedom instead of a restriction to freedom. By freeing ourselves, from interjecting ourselves, where we don�t belong, we open ourselves to all, and therefore create a world where our actions respect the rights and freedoms of others, as they respect ours. So we suddenly find cooperation, trust and unity growing, and we will find society, once again, taking on the meaning it was originally meant to have.

This new paradigm of learning echoes that old saw �there is no royal road to learning�; it makes us realize that it is motive, and the �self�, that introduces that �royal road� that makes us fail to learn anything from our experiences in this world, as history has proved again and again.

As I once said in another essay , �man is both God and beast; taming the beast is never easy, but anything is possible for a God.� The beast is what keeps interjecting our �self� into places it does not belong; but it is the freedom and choice to learn according to this new paradigm, that make a human being attain the heights of a God through accepting the responsibilities, and freedom from ourselves, this type of learning entails.



Originally Published:

January 14, 2012


January 2, 2014