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I Accuse!

Zola's famous: I Accuse!

The Hypocrisy of a Morality that results in Elitism

�It would be well if the intelligent classes
could forget the word sin and think less of being good.
We learn how to behave as lawyers, soldiers,
merchants, or what not by being them.
Life, not the parson, teaches conduct."

O. W. Holmes, Jr. To Pollock 1926

�I come from the Town of Stupidity;
It lieth about four degrees beyond the City of Destruction..."


When people begin to live by certain rules that define codes of conduct, there exists the inevitable threat that elitism may replace the original moral objective sought in the establishment of such codes. Morality stems from the search for equity in societal behavior. In living together harmoniously, humans must find ways to rule out behavior which is detrimental to others in society. This grows into the �rights� and �duties� of the customary mores of the society; government takes this further into laws for its citizens to follow. Religion has either formed the basis for all of these in its moral codes, or has been �understood� usually in the �Golden Rule� 1 , in the merging of many different groups in modern democratic society, where Church and State must be separate and autonomous.

Family and Religion have in the past created the morality which trains the �purposes� of the wills under their sway. Often Religion and Government were merged together in this, to create the �chosen� people, or a religious society. Today�s societies are too heterogeneous to allow this to occur without the inevitable creation of an elite, which discriminates against all other groups that do not share their God�s sanction. The problem is the �ever-contaminating� effect that government has on religion. Religions that see only a single way by which to approach God (their own way), are creating an approach, which ends in elitism and/or �religious power�, the result: group separation and the generation of hate not love. Instead, a non-judgmental loving approach, allows Religion to unite humanity, and fulfill the dictates of the �Golden Rule� through allowing all to achieve the universal viewpoint of love, through each believer�s own approach to God.

The History of Christianity, Judaism and Islam all show this morality based on elitism to be true, in the constant hate, schisms and endless warring factions all have generated since their inception. Yet today they still continue to build their religious organizations and bureaucracies similar to the greedy corrupt governments they mimic. They try to control humanity�s free will with coercion and guilt, instead of changing it with the universal viewpoint of love.

As canon laws and ritualized rules of membership seem to continue to multiply, they (Religions) continue to make the same mistakes in seeing love as a �contract� instead of the �gift� defined in the Golden Rule. They still seek separation in dogma, when all of creation cries out to them that unity is the rule of life.

They look back at History and see all the mistakes they have made, and all the misery they have caused humanity, not as the avoidable corruptions they have caused, but as the fault of the evil that some �Lord of Darkness�, the Devil, has caused; they raise up this �false God� as a golden image of their own blindness of the mistaken idea of religion they hold. They fail to see that the keys to the Kingdom of Religion are found in two very simple ideas: love and unity.

The purpose of Religion is to bring all humanity to God, or to unite all in God; and the method of religion is love: love as a non-judgmental �gift� to all.

Three thousand years (both East and West) of unanswered prayers; three thousand years of wars, schisms and general misery; yet they (Religions) fail to see where all the blame for this lies: �mea culpa; mea maxima culpa!� ("through my fault; my most grievous fault!").

These �elite� are indeed �infallible� in causing all the misery, injustice, disharmony and separation they continue to cause through their own blind misinterpretation of the very point of Religion. As their beliefs continue to give rise to terrorists (both East and West), further schisms (both East and West), and the growth of atheism (worldwide), they wonder, and still pray that they can convert �everyone else� to �their� beliefs. Mired in �their� morality, they fail to see that this attitude is itself the cause of all the problems, and can never accomplish anything, but the futility and further separation it has always caused the world.

If they would stop looking for the answers in thousands of years old books, whose authorship and authenticity can�t even be confirmed, let alone their meanings made clear; but instead look within themselves to find that love that all men and women contain; perhaps they would then find the true answer to their prayers, through the harmony they bestow on the world through letting all find God in their own way through love.

They would then understand that it is not �how� you see God that matters, but only that this �idea� of Him generates harmony and unity through love, in this tortured world all of us inhabit �together�. The effects that this mindset will generate, will create the true morality that all know intuitively and intimately; and will in turn lead to belief in a single �God� all people even atheists know. Then, finally, can we follow the words of Mr. Justice Holmes above, and learn correct conduct from each other; for within each of us, is where that conduct is born; and we will finally stop marching ever closer to that City called Destruction!


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1 This term "Golden Rule", in case the reader is unfamiliar with it, refers to the maxim: "Do unto others as you would have them do to you" or "love your neighbor as yourself".

I Accuse!



Originally Published:

July 16, 2009


July 3, 2014