When �Money� became Democracy's GOD!

The people; the people... that's what America was supposed to be all about! Of course, that silent �ALL�, I spoke about in another essay1, was always understood to preface �the people.� But, since this country that always represented ALL, suddenly got an official motto that represented only SOME: �In God We Trust�; that ALL suddenly was wiped away for good. And, the place that that motto is always seen, on ole' Dollar Bill, made us think twice about who that God really was! So, I propose a new motto for this country that truly highlights what this country has really come to mean to ALL:

�It's All About Money!�

This new motto sums up our whole purpose, and the true deity this country really worships � it's the true �God�, we all venerate above everything; even those values that were suppose to make up the primary purpose of this country.

Remember those values:

Equality � everyone equal; no classes; no aristocracies; no hierarchies; ... and the consequences of this: trust; privacy; no poverty; no discrimination; no divisions.

The Freedom To Think As You Like � free thought; � and the consequences of it: thinking what you please; because it will not put you in a group at odds with others!

Free Speech � saying what you think (of course without malice), so that your opinion has relevance, with everyone else's opinions.

Unlimited Opportunity � the ability to be what you want to be; that �pursuit of happiness�, our constitution guarantees!

General Freedom � a freedom that is unhindered, except in its respect and responsibility to fellow citizens!

Well, now, those �values� represent just how rich you are:

There are classes; there are aristocracies; there are hierarchies! And, consequently, trust has disintegrated; there is no privacy; there is poverty and misery; there is discrimination; there is division � unending division in a country where unity was a keynote!

And, can we still think as we like? As the new motto of this country, �In God We Trust�, makes plain � NO!

Because, this motto speaks for ALL, yet ALL, certainly do not trust in a God! So it seems that we must ALL, believe in God (of course, which God, is not even mentioned), or not be considered Americans! So, in other words, we must believe what our Government tells us to believe!

And do we really have free speech: NO! Because, speech itself is distributed according to how much money you have; so what's the point of saying what you like, if no one ever reads or hears it! Again, the GOD, Money, rules, even here!

The same goes for that �the pursuit of happiness�, and the unlimited opportunity, it touts: the proviso, immediately pops up, �if you have enough money!�

And, finally that General Freedom, I mentioned above; ask the homeless living in their cars, how much of that applies to them!

And, as a final note, for all my fellow Vets: our Military is wholly a volunteer Military, because our own citizens do not even want to protect their own country any more! Why, because even this has become all about money!

So, this is the real truth about a Democracy, based on Free Enterprise:

�It's All About Money!�

So, where is that �life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness�, this country is founded on? You got it � �It's All About Money!��In Money We Trust!�


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1 See the essay: �It's What Works... For ALL (Or Is It)?



Originally Published:

April 8, 2016


April 17, 2016