The Middle East:
The Place Where �Stupidity� Was Born And Bred!

�God is love."

St. John,
the �disciple whom Jesus loved�1

�Love the world, and the world will love you."

Horst Buchholz, "The German James Dean"
(the motto on his tombstone, in Berlin).

[This essay is a sequel to another essay, I wrote back in 2014, Here. But the insanity and stupidity still continue as more incidents of terror occur in Britain, even as I write this. Is God another name for stupidity? Is Religion just a form of acceptable insanity? Is religion really only worship of the group, instead of God? Are beliefs only arrogance and judgment, instead of love? If not, then, why does religion today, only divide instead of uniting? And, why is the Middle East, the birthplace of all today's major religions, still involved in the same slaughters and genocides, it has been carrying out for some three thousand years? This is what we will examine below... ]2

Today, a van ran down more innocent people in London. This week more people were killed by bombs; now, in Afghanistan and even in the Philippines. More instances of Middle Eastern Terrorists killing people, they don't even know!

Why has this segment of the world, and its people, created such havoc in the world for some 3000 years? And, still persist in killing each other, even today? Why have the Semitic peoples pruned and nurtured the art of HATE so well? Is it no wonder antisemitism still flourishes in today's world, when the Semites, themselves, are the greatest antisemites, the world has ever known! Why?

We look for answers in two words: �God� and �chosen�. They are �God's people�; �the chosen people�! Yes, and the result is, they still can't stop butchering each other, over this same �GOD�!

Yet, Christianity says, this God is a God of love! Yet, His results � remember, �He� is really the same God of Christians, Jews and Islam � are hate and destruction; in fact, of mainly His own peoples! Even Christianity (all the various sects) is mired in this � remember the Crusades; the Reformation; the Inquisitions; the IRA bombers; the right for �life� people's killings � all, in the name of a God of love! Something is terribly wrong here; and it doesn't take a genius to see it!

That brings us to the two words above: �God� and �chosen�.

God is a �First Cause�; a beginning, from which all else originates. The human is fickle; it must always insert itself into any thought of a beginning. So, like any fickle creature, it sees itself as the image of God; or, as the arrogant ancients thought, God created the human, in His (God's) image! So, Middle Eastern religions were conceived in human arrogance and prejudice � actually, making God, in their image!

But remember: God created all people! But, that �God� of the Middle East, and all its offshoots in today's religions, seems to only favor one set of people over all the rest � His �chosen� people! Now, why should God have a �chosen� people? He created all of them, didn't He � and, even in His image? There seems to be a conundrum here. Perhaps, God is not even concerned here; perhaps, the answer is not understanding God, but understanding the human! Especially, since all religions, today, seem to interpose a go-between, in that relationship between God and the human � the �interpreter� of God! Yes, even though the Old Testament of the Bible says that God was actually putting Himself in the human, and in its heart; yet, all religions today, still need an interpreter (clergy) to clarify Him (God) for the congregation of that religion. That is the problem � does God, who is in every heart, need an interpreter; does He even need a group, when He is in every heart � is religion even needed at all?

The other part of religion is rules � dogma. Commandments; beliefs; rules of behavior. Why are these needed? Humanity is the one creature on this earth that knows compassion, empathy � love! Is not love the only rule needed? Love contains all the rules, because it accomplishes everything that religions were suppose to accomplish, yet haven't � unity!

So, what are the results of religions? In the Middle East, especially, they are: arrogance; hate; judgment; genocide; division, instead of unity; destruction and misery! This is what religion has given the world for three thousand years! Is this what God means for humanity? It seems that this is what God means for religions � at least, all of them that have their roots in the Middle East! Religions have become a way to divide, judge and hate; and, they have become the worship of prejudice and arrogance! But most of all, they are an onerous form of stupidity � a stupidity that can never see itself for what it really is! But the results of this stupidity are plain, as the terrorism and killings continue to plague this part of the world, where arrogance has become the true and only name of God!

So, how can the killings stop? That's easy � see God for something that only unites. See His dogma as only one thing, love! See that God has but one name � Humanity!

Whether we created God in our image, or God created us in His, God should represent the best of what humanity is, not the worst. Religions have only brought out the worst. Because the Middle East is mired in religion, instead of God, they continue to not realize the true nature of God � Love! Mired in judgment, all religions have constructed an eternity of the same, with Heavens and Hells; all representing the antithesis of what God really is; making Him the King, instead of the non judgmental Good Shepherd, their own Holy Book paints Him as.

The religious club has distorted the nature of God to favor the club. Humanity has evolved from the primal slime of the earth, to be the only species that can truly know love � and, in turn, the true �God� � the human animal. That thing that makes an animal human is God. A God without division, judgment or discord � a God that knows no division, but only unity and love.

The problem in the Middle East is God. A God that has become the antithesis of everything, humanity truly is. When the Middle East begins to realize the true nature of God, it will perhaps stop the flagrant stupidity, it has floundered in, for the last 3000 years. Can it ever realize this � or will it continue destroying itself, in the name of a God, it has no knowledge of, but presumes to know everything about?

God is humanity. A humanity that makes love its one prime directive. Religion is division and discord based on the prejudice and hate, it generates, in making God take sides. God has no side, since love is the ultimate acceptance, and knows unlimited forbearance and pity. Religion has become a form of stupidity; a lazy condescendence that sees everything through prejudicial eyes. Humanity is the absence of prejudice, and the furtherance of the only true nature of God, Love! Can the Middle East find peace? Only, when it discovers the true nature of God; a God that makes humanity the ALL, it truly is!


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1 John 13:23; John 20:2; The Holy Bible

2 Please note: I use the word �God� in this essay as something (unknown) that began the world, and humanity itself � a �First Cause�. In this way, the term �God� is also relevant to atheists and agnostics.

Is this contradictory to God being love? No � because the human is itself the �First Cause� to the world itself. The human creates the world through its perception of it. The instinct of love, within the human, is what allows all humans to share the world, they create by their perceptions; and make their world a part of all other humans' worlds. So "God" is love, the true First and continuing cause of the world, all humans share.



Originally Published:

June 3, 2017


June 7, 2017