Can The Middle East Ever Find Peace?

[Contrary to what the media pundits proclaim as the problems in the Middle East today, the real problem is religion � not any particular one, but all! Indeed, the Middle East is an extreme version of the problems religions of every kind are creating all over the world, by dividing humans from other humans, and making it impossible for them to ever come together. When reason is overruled, and love becomes separation, �there is trouble in River City�, and that trouble is a trouble that mimics a mental disease, in that it exists outside of reason, and even reality.] 1

Three Thousand years of wars and bloodshed, and all in the name of God � this is the area we call the Middle East!

What do you do when �God� rules? What do you do when ancient books make the rules, and people have given up reason in favor of beliefs that say �there is only one way to live: OUR WAY�? What do you do when people can�t live with each other because their laws do not accept any other human beings, but those who believe what they believe?

The Middle East is the perfect example of what happens when religion takes control; when an idea, which can never be proven, infects the minds and hearts of people, and makes them feel superior to all others.

What do you do when these same ideas overrule laws and loyalties to the sovereignty of states and their laws; to the citizenship of countries? Such are the ancient poisons that have become renewed and revitalized in this modern world by greed and a freedom based on how much you own!

Like a plague, the idea of �GOD 2 � has reemerged from the ancient world, and terrorized the modern world!

Deeply entrenched in superstition, fear and self-righteous arrogance, the plague of religion has infected the minds of human beings. Like the hatred of racism, it is irrational and insane. And all religions today are the same; even those hiding under the covers of emotions, which seem to be the opposite of this � like love. Why? Because in becoming groups that espouse certain prejudices, they proclaim separation from all others, and bandy the arrogance of the favoritism of a God, over all who would oppose them. Hence, their rules are inflexible; and mired in a self-arrogance that admits no reasoning or compassion. Lost in a world of the self, which has assumed the cloak of a God, they have lost all semblance of humanity, and descended back into the pit of the lower animals.

And, even worse: immersed in a world where freedom has become its opposite, through the commercialization of power through wealth, religions have become invested with power: the power to spread hate and division through a hidden bigotry, that maligns or condemns all who do not join them.

So why have we allowed this sickness to grow? Why have we allowed democracy, a form of government, which was created neutral and separate to all favoritism and bigotry, to invest religions with power?

The answer is simple: we allowed religion to become a business. Thus, our famous �separation of Church and State� became instead the way to create small empires within our country. Further, the exemption of Churches from taxation favored this growth. A place where religions could grow, and sell their bigotry 3 , just as a business grows through selling its wares � but, with that one significant advantage � they never contributed anything back to the State, except to their own followers. Thus the bigotry of religions grew through growing a freedom that had no freedom 4 .

Like a business that sells its wares under a logo or trade name, religions sell their doctrines under their religious name, and even sell charities and good works with this label firmly attached � they literally turned the Golden Rule into a rule to pedal their doctrines and their bent on how God thinks.

For it is they who interpret GOD � what He says and thinks! And they package and sell it 5 !

This all began long ago, in the land of the Semites, of the Middle East. When a wandering group, called the Israelites, started a new religion with a single God, and declared themselves this God�s chosen people.

This was a smart move, for it brought them together, and made them homogeneous, and capable to withstand the pressures of the surrounding tribes to divide them. They wrote a diary of this, in the book, their God supposedly inspired in the thoughts of holy men, they called prophets 6 . These prophets knew the mind of God, like they knew their own minds, and recorded His thoughts and Rules for His people in this Holy Book. Soon, this religion took over their government, and the origins of the infamous �Divine Right Of Kings 7 � began right there. Like the Egyptians before them, they had introduced holy rulers, with complete control of their people, but with the new wrinkle of a single God.

Their Holy Book recorded the many problems and mistakes of a people striving to find unity, homogeneity and even law and order, through a process of mind control, through their religious doctrines. But their Holy Book should really be considered �Holy�, in only one particular way 8 � it brought to light the real issue of all religions since that time:
was there not something within the human being, itself, which was, in essence, its God, and all the rules this God had laid out for ALL humans to find tranquility and peace in their lives on this earth 9 ?

Later a wandering Rabbi 10 , brought this to the fore, in His teachings, which were recorded by his followers, in the dialect of their former religious prejudices, in an organized religious format 11 . He emphasized this idea, when he told his Roman captor Pontius Pilate: �Render to Caesar the things which are Caesar�s, and to God, those which are God�s�. Here it plainly divides God (or religion) from the government or the law.

Finally, when Christ's disciple, St. John, mouthed the famous words: �God is love�, the whole truth of Christ�s teachings was made know. Yet even John failed to understand this, because of his immersion in the �organized religious model� of portraying God.

So organized religion, which the Christ had seen as the problem, actually became the norm; and even became used under his name!

The result was the mushrooming of religions after the dissolution of the Roman Empire; all professing the teachings of Christ and the prophets in "New" heretical doctrines; all, groupings of the �chosen people of God�; and all creating division, misery and mayhem in the name of a God that preached their own particular beliefs! Many Gods had suddenly appeared from that one true God! Religions had become plural, so everyone could have a God that suited them!

Even love changed; from a process to unite, to a process that divided; and all in the name of God.

And now, religions have even become businesses!

In the Bible, God created the human being. The truth is, "God" (whatever way you personally define the concept) is really a part of the human being, indivisible from it; and, being indivisible from it, is it. God is that, within the human, that allows it to live with itself and all other humans harmoniously (this is actually what all doctrines say, although they always seem to avoid practicing it) 12 . This is what love is. There are no special rules, because the rules emerge from love itself; and they are the same rules that allow all people to live and thrive together, without division of any kind. They are the customs that people evolve, within their own culture, and the hospitality that brings cultures together. That is why there is no longer any place for religions on this earth; that is why they have only brought division, misery and war to the human race. And, that is why the Semitic people, or any people, who continue with them can never find peace or contentment!

Humanity has two faculties that allow it to find and maintain the mastery of this world: reason and love (the true love, that only brings together, and never divides). Religions deprive us of both of these things. That is why the Middle East can never find peace or contentment; or even true democracy.

Until they discover these things, they will never find peace. As long as religions exist, as separate groups, excluding some, they defeat the very purpose they were supposedly created to achieve: the unity of humanity. God lives in ALL; and religions will always be created around SOME, because the human is a creature with free will. Religion tries to do away with free will, and in doing so it divides humanity instead of uniting it.

Free will is not a curse, but a supreme blessing, for it allows one to use reason and love to order life around the context it finds, and adopt the human to any environment, even those he himself creates with others of his kind.

Can the Middle East (and even the world) ever understand these things? Can they ever overcome the curse they continually perpetuate from generation to generation, through the idea that they are the �chosen of God�? Unless they do, they can never achieve peace, let alone any semblance of true democracy. As the romantic writer Sabatini said, in his novel �Bellarion�, the story of a child born in and through war:

�'Half God, half beast,' the princess Valeria once described him, without suspecting that the phrase describes not merely Bellarion, but Man." 13

So, can the Middle East overcome that beast within them; and the misery that their own pride and arrogance has brought them, in some three thousand years of bloodletting in the name of religion?

As I once said: �man is both God and beast; taming the beast is never easy, but anything is possible for a God. 14 Can the God in man, overcome the beast religion has freed in him? Can the world overcome the hatred religions have created to divide humanity in the name of love? Perhaps, the true God, in every human heart, will show itself, and defeat the false Gods, the religions of the world have created, in their divisive doctrines!

[A further example (added September 7, 2014) on the irrational mindset of religions: the Bergholz barbers.]

One normally thinks of the Amish as a peaceful, if yet eccentric, example of religion. Yet the Bergholz incident, in a town called Bergholz, where 16 Amish forcibly attacked other Amish, and shaved them, is a clear example of the irrationality and violent power encroachments that religions can cause in people who are �true believers.� Because religions believe in a commitment to rules, as a membership arrangement, the infraction of these rules can create a righteous type of violence to occur. So, suddenly, even �love� based religions become enmeshed in violence. Similarly, the past violence, and even terrorism, of the Catholic Church�s IRA and pro-Life groups, show that religious love is really a type of hate in disguise!

This shows us that all religions can become violent, and excuses for terrorism.

Religions, which were created to show love and devotion to a �God�, are today so immersed in their rules and membership that this �organization� has overruled the whole purpose of the belief in that God. Thus love really becomes only a name for a type of hate, engendered by a set of rules and regulations that divide people from all others who do not subscribe to their beliefs. When people set themselves apart from others, for whatever reasons, they sow the seeds of hate, not love. That is the reason that the whole idea of a religion is an archaic trouble maker in a world where unity must become the sole purpose of humanity. Love is what creates unity, for it embraces the freedom of the will by labeling all humans under one heading � human! That word, human, also incurs a responsibility to the ALL it encompasses, the responsibility to act like humans in allowing them their rights and freedoms towards each other and themselves; allowing them a free will to believe what they want, as long as it does not keep others from believing what they want. This is something religions can never do, and therefore they are not purveyors of love, but only its opposite � hate! Religions are a dead end that have, and always will keep humanity from progressing, by dividing humans from themselves; by overruling the loving nature into which they are born. They are yet one more example of the burden that humanity�s exclusivity has created for it.

A �God� shows itself through all its creations, not just some. By showing our respect and responsibility toward all, we also show respect and responsibility to their creator. That is the only religion there is, for it brings us together, instead of apart. Therefore �God� has truly only a single name, encompassing the all, of which he is a part of every one � humanity. The new religion for humans resides in the heart; and its expression is the civil way in which we treat each other, thus disintegrating the divisions organized religions bring about, and allowing all to live together despite whether they believe in a God or not. In this way, humanity can become one in true love, without that indescribable bogeyman of a "God" dividing them with his description.


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1 This essay is really a continuation of a shorter essay I wrote: �Do We Need Organized Religion? An Answer For Today!�

2 Today, the idea of God has become even further confused, because of atheists (those who do not believe in a God) and agnostics (those who are skeptical about the existance of a God). But the true problem is not the idea of God, or whether he exists or not, but the idea of religion � a group that divides itself from others because of its beliefs. God can be thought of in many ways, even as a part of the human being itself, as I show below. It is religion that forms the groups and divisions about him; that is the real problem. Even atheism can become a religion, when it divides itself from others, because of the idea of God and his existence. At the real core of this is the concept of beliefs, and their ability to stop the process of love from uniting all human beings. Anything that divides human beings from other human beings is a threat to humanity, and, today, religion is that thing that causes the most division in this world. Even religions that profess love, are really turning that love into a barrier that divides people.

3 See my essay: �Religion: Is It Just Another Name For Bigotry?�

4 For more on these contradictions, like �freedom without freedom�, see my Essay: �Why? (The Story Of The �Package Deal�)�.

5 See above Note.

6 This book was the Holy Bible.

7 This is the doctrine that the Catholic Church and the Royalty of the Middle Ages used to create the Third World. The idea was that Royalty was sanctified by God to do, essentially, whatever it liked; thus the conquest and subjugation of the New World (the Americas) and the African continent occurred with their pacification through religion.

8 It was really, not a book of answers, but a book of questions!

9 These rules are the rules of culture and society; the manner in which a people become a homogeneous whole, united and able to live harmoniously together.

10 This Rabbi was Jesus Christ.

11 The point, here, is that the Christ had heralded the New Covenant, foretold in the Bible, where all humans would find God and all his rules imbedded in their minds and hearts. It had, more or less, done away with the religious government that the Jews had created, and created a religion within each human being. Yet, Christ�s followers took the essence of what Christ said, and created yet another organized religion! They had totally missed the essential point of Christ�s teachings: that religion was a part of the heart of every human being (as was prophesized in the New Covenant), not an organization that divided people.

12 This is not a doctrine, but a fact acknowledged through human observation and rational scrutiny � for it is this fact which created societies.

13 "Bellarion" by Rafael Sabatini, "The Writings of Rafael Sabatini" vol. XXI, Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1926.

14 See my essay: �Interconnectivity�.



Originally Published:

September 1, 2014


September 7, 2014