Has The Manipulator Become The Manipulated

And, By It�s Very Own Inanimate Creations?

�If ALL must be Gods, then there is no God!�

Homo sapiens, the manipulator � that is what made our species special, and made it master of the earth � the wise human that manipulated the earth to do its bidding, and therefore became the master of its world; that "God", who created the world around it, for its own pleasure and amusement.

But has this ability of manipulation, merely become itself the pawn of its own creations? Has this, one time, "God", only become the thing manipulated by those very same things it created � the inanimate non-thinking processes manipulating the animate thinking being, in a strange reversal of the process of creation itself?

Yet look around you, proud Homo, at the world of matter, you created through mind; has it instead become your master? Has the very processes you created to make your world yours�, instead made you, theirs�? Is that the process of mind in action?

How has this come about?

The inanimate cannot manipulate, for it is inanimate; things, without purpose or motive; things available only to the animate, thinking things that created them. Yet the human race has fallen victim to these very things. Our processes and possessions, wholly inanimate things, are indeed controlling us � making us their pawns � the once manipulators, now the manipulated! Look around at them! They are all around you, and all bound to those processes, you, yourself, created. Take, for instance, that one called the economy. Yes, the economy, which you created to free you from the very same things it is doing to you: elitism, poverty, misery and even slavery, in the guise of an ever growing disparity; human-made inanimate processes, manipulating the very same thinking beings that made them� the manipulated, manipulating the manipulators!

Remember society, another of your creations, that was made to unite your species, but has instead, separated it. Not the cause of harmony, you thought it should be, but the cause of wars, destruction and horror. All, the result of separation, society's result that you created society to destroy! Yet there it is, alive and well! And, you do nothing to change it, because it is now manipulating you!

Why are these things happening?

Better yet, how are they happening? How can the non-thinking manipulate the thinking?

Processes do not think, yet these very same processes, that we created, and even control, are instead, controlling us, because we find ourselves powerless to stop them! But is that the case � can we not change the very same things we made?

The answer is the word ALL!

A human is not a single being, but a species; and most importantly, it becomes a manipulator only through realizing the overall results of that manipulation on ALL of its kind! Without ALL, we are individually nothing!

We reign over this earth because of the ALL we represent � the very same ALL our economies, religions and governments have forgotten in the dogmas, doctrines, beliefs and party processes they have become subservient to � the manipulated that have now become the manipulators!

The only thing we have forgotten is the word change! What we have made we can change! That is what distinguishes a manipulator from that which it manipulates � we can change, while the thing or process cannot.

But change cannot have the proper effect unless we weigh the benefits of that change, and the benefits of that change can only be effective if they affect all of us the same way. Quite simply: in a world full of Gods, there are no Gods!

If we would take on the status of a God, then we must either be all of the same mind; or relinquish the title of God! For Gods set against one another are powerless to change anything, and become the pawns of their own creations and processes, just as we are right now.

Change distinguishes us from what we have made; and what we have created to benefit and serve ALL, must indeed serve ALL, if we expect it to do what we wanted it to do for ALL. So we must change it, if it does not respect that ALL requirement we have set for it.

Our economies, religions and governments are failing in that respect; they have all left the ALL behind, so they must be able to change, because they are creations we have made for ALL, not just some. They do not manipulate us, because we created them � WE ARE THE MANIPULATORS, AND THEY ARE OUR MANIPULATED � that is, after all, what made Homo, sapiens!

Religion is a process most particularly about ALL, because it is most particularly about love, the one special attribute of higher life, which was brought to perfection in the human. Love does not divide, but unites; but somehow religions have lost themselves in rules, that were made to divide, not unite; so how can they bring us together? Religion is the process, which brings ALL humans together through a process that lives in all of us � LOVE. Love is its own set of rules that unite ALL, instead of partitioning ALL, as rules generally do, because love cannot be divided from the ALL that made the humans, human. But religions have instead emphasized the rules, and have divided their makers into warring factions, bent on destroying each other, with a love that judges, instead of accepting. Religion, the process, has, by this very process, warped the human love that created it, into its opposite, hate!

Humans cannot exist alone. So society was created to bring ALL humans together. But somehow, along the way, many societies sprung up to defeat the very purpose societies were made to serve � to bring ALL humans together. To further complicate this, humans formed a method to share resources, so that societies could survive as such; that process was called the economy, an inanimate proceeding, which allowed the humans in society to bring what they needed to ALL, through the labor ALL contributed, to finally let ALL live through the progression of the aging process from youth through old age. But somehow, the process ruled its makers, and created the exact opposite of what it was created to avoid: too much for a few, and too little for most. The freedom it conferred was not freedom at all, but oppression and license disguised by the word freedom. Again, the process ruled its makers, because the ALL of society was left out.

Societies needed safeguards to order them, and keep them from perishing. Governments were created to do just that. Through the process of law, society found a way to allow ALL to live together without allowing chaos to rule. But at the highest level the word freedom was turned into partisanship, and politics wrangled special treatment into the mix, through using the economy to leverage this cronyism into government. Again, the process ruled over those who created it, and the process warped the motives of the humans who created it. Law became the law of the few, in a land of, by and for ALL.

So in this essay we have shown how the unthinking processes have indeed ruled over the humans who created them, and manipulated their manipulators.

The way to change this insane scenario we have created, is to again bring the ALL back to the fore, it was meant to be, in the religions, the societies, the economies and the governments, these processes themselves have perverted. For processes cannot think, only humans can; and humans cannot change these processes, because they have not seen that these processes were not made just for them alone, but for that very same ALL, they all espouse, yet totally ignore.

Humanity must live through these processes, but these processes are still under our control. So why have we not changed them, so that they benefit ALL as they were supposed to? Because only the outlook of ALL can do that, and we continue to ignore it.

Again, "If ALL must be Gods, then there is no God!"



Originally Published:

March 14, 2014


March 14, 2014