A Question For Our President:
What Does �Make America Great Again!� Mean?

A new American President will soon be sworn into office. His campaign ran on the slogan: �Make America Great Again!� But what does this phrase mean?

The definition of �great� has quite a few meanings; those, more pertinent here, would be:
1. More than ordinary; considerable.
2. Of unusual importance or consequence; momentous; significant.
3. Marked by possessing loftiness or nobility of thought, action, etc.
4. Unusual in ability or achievement.
5. Distinguished, renowned, illustrious.
6. Impressive, remarkable.
7. Much favored, popular.
8. Proficient.1

First of all, how does a country become �great�? Number 1 and 2 above would seem to mean that that country is significant; momentous or of unusual importance to the rest of the world. It stands out for an attribute that all countries deem as very important. Since a country is really only a society, it would seem that that attribute of greatness would be its momentous or considerable (�great�) care and concern for that society; in that everyone of its citizens was allowed to live abundant and meaningful lives, free of oppression, bigotry or poverty. A country, truly, of, by and for its people � ALL of them! Is that your meaning Mr. Trump?

Or, perhaps Number 3 or 4, better fits what you mean as a �great� country. One that upholds that loftiness or nobility of thought or action � or unusual achievement; whereby every citizen is of equal and considerable value. Or �no citizen left behind�, as today's political correctness terms it. This would, indeed, seem most relevant here, since so many of our citizens of all races and ethnicities have, indeed, been �left behind� in a Nation, supposedly dedicated to abolishing that very thing! But then your very station belies that premise, since you are of the FEW, not of the MANY or ALL, this country was dedicated to.

But then maybe you see greatness in Number 5 or 6 � a renowned or illustrious country! That would, of course, fit in with your previous stations in life, where great fame and renown, in a showy extravagance, made you stand out! A country that makes a great show of itself on the world stage with military might and wars about nothing, as our involvement in the Middle East has so aptly demonstrated. The American �Boss of the world� wagging its nuclear armament as a deterrent to contradicting us, or you, as our leader! Yes, America, once again, the �Boss of the world�!

Or, perhaps greatness lies in once again displaying our popularity and proficiency in this world, as in Number 7 and 8 above. A country impressively bringing about world cooperation and brotherhood through helping forge an example for the world to follow? A country proficient in making the world a better place for all, despite ideologies and profit motivation!

As that word �again�, in the above phrase, proclaims, whatever that �greatness� was, we have lost it; and you would bring it back! So, that is why I ask you to tell us, specifically what it is!

But then, perhaps that greatness means all of these things; because we have indeed lost all of them! And, what is it that has erased all these things?

This web site has, again and again, delineated the answer to this question:

the economy, by dividing us into the FEW and the MANY, based on the glorification of material gain, instead of human values;

religious conviction that has created Gods steeped in rules and regulations � dogma and judgement;

and finally, political beliefs that turn citizens against each other, so one group can prosper over all others.

All these things have destroyed our �greatness�, as delineated above, in so many ways. The term �country� shouts out for one people; one culture, open to all its citizens; one way of life, including all! But is that what we have? Ask the people living in their cars; or the homeless living in the streets; ask the people in the ghettos and slums; ask the people in the suburbs or gated communities living in luxury and plush splendor, like those in Trump Tower! Ask the hard working lower middle class people living in the cities and towns across America: �Is America great for them?� The answers will not be the same, because America has left so many behind!

America was built on a greatness of spirit � a spirit that makes us one, and leaves no one behind2! Built on �E Pluribus Unum� (From Many, One) not �In God We Trust�; it showed us that unity and brotherhood built from diversity and free thought, trumped those religious beliefs and dogmas that separated us! And, it showed us that there was one human family made up of many races, with diverse ancestries, but all built on the same humaneness that made them �humans� � love!

So, Mr. Trump, I ask you, again: how will you �Make America Great Again�?

I'll tell you how I would do it: by making America, and the World, a place that leaves no one behind; by changing governments into solutions3 that make up for the �free� in free enterprise; and guaranteeing a minimum subsistence level for all in this world! America showing its �greatness� by leading the whole world into a prosperity that includes all, not just the FEW, like yourself!


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1 Taken from the �Reader's Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary�; Reader's Digest Association, Pleasantville, New York; 1966.

2 See the essay: 'What America Really Means:�I've Got Your Back!�'.

3 See the essay, �The Final Solution�.



Originally Published:

December 31, 2016


December 31, 2016