Mad At Yourself?
Take It Out On Society!

No, it wasn't terrorism � in the strict definition of the word. It was someone's hate of what, he found himself to be!

The recent slaughter, at a Gay Nightclub in Orlando, should make us aware of potential problems that are becoming all too prevalent in today's �fractured� societies. A gay man, who could not reconcile his own �gay� sexual tendencies, within himself, ended up finding a religious excuse to take his own anger, at himself, out on others! The result: another needless slaughter of innocents, because of mixed up values and prejudices, and a society that leaves too many behind!

It's called alienation. It's what happens, when people are alone, and feel estranged from the society and groups to which, they were suppose to belong. It is becoming far worse today, because even religions are estranging people, because of the hate, they generate, by the group prejudices, they form.

Society was suppose to include ALL; that was its very purpose, to be a shelter to everyone, who claimed to be a member of that society. But today's �group mentality� that is fracturing all societies, because of the religious, political and even social prejudices these groups generate, is isolating and alienating many individuals in society; and generating a hate that these isolated individuals are unable to handle, except through committing a type of retribution against society itself, by killing as many members of society as is possible. Thus, these individuals �liberate� themselves by �getting even� � and, essentially, going out in a �blaze of glory� � since, they know that today's �sensationalist� media will make them into some kind of perverted �hero�, by endlessly calling attention to their crime.

Couple this, with an economy, immersed in extortionist methodologies, that make products like gasoline, ink and coffee into �precious� substances, sold at extortionist prices; and services, like Medicine and Education, things to be payed for endlessly; and all personal and private property to also be payed for, for life, even though �owned�, because of taxes; and, you see that there are many that are not only being socially isolated, but even financially isolated and estranged, because of debts!

Suddenly, we see a whole society �on the brink�, so to speak, not because of the �politically correct� problem of Gun Control. But because of the insane values, society, itself, has created that allows it to estrange, marginalize and torture its very own citizens!

At the same time, we are also seeing the rise of another �aristocracy� in the very same Democracies of the world that were made to do away with all aristocracies, permanently. And, all of this, the result of an out of control �free� enterprise that, on the whole, makes �kings� out of pure human slime, and paupers out of simple, honest people!

Indeed, these are the effects, the �GOD� of money has had on society! Truly, IN THAT GOD, WE ALL TRUST; because, otherwise, TRUST has become an alien virtue in today's Social Media controlled �free� societies!

But, getting back to these estranged and marginalized individuals; what can we do to fix these problems? How do we reintegrate these people, who we have marginalized, with false values; economic instability; and, just plain hate?

First of all, we should examine what love and hate are, and how they integrate and alienate human beings.

True love never alienates. If it does, it isn't love, but its opposite, hate! And, that is precisely what groups do. They exclude; and, as a result, they create a form of hate, both in those in the group, and those estranged from it. You cannot love what you feel alien to; what you can never identify with, or feel a bond with. And, that is the big problem with religions, and the idea of God today � they create a God with rules; a God, who purposely estranges people from Himself! Thus, this �religious� God does not love, but hates! He hates and estranges the very creations that are suppose to be a part of Him! This is not love!

If anything God1 is a part of the human organism and condition. He does not estrange or alienate, but brings even people of different types together in this humaneness, he has implanted in everyone of them, through implanting Himself in them, as this thing called �love!� The lower creatures of this earth do not know this, except in the innocence they show. Although they cannot know love, per se, they do, in a way know it, by not knowing hate. A lower creature does not hate, per se, but only shows a defensive attitude to that, from which he feels fear. This is the result of that survival instinct, built into them, to keep them alive, and reproducing themselves, for the sake of their species. On the other hand, humans recreate fear as a type of hate; and offer a defensive, or aggressive attitude toward those they fear � a type of hate.

Hate can become internalized within the human being. A human can hate itself! And, this attitude of self-hate, becomes a major vulnerability in those alienated or estranged from society in the ways, I have mentioned above. Like the Psychoanalytic school of Psychology has shown, internalized hate can become externalized, as hate against others. Thus the Orlando shooter, showed the hate, he felt against himself, for being a homosexual, as a hate against other homosexuals � and, he found the prejudice of religious hate, in Islam, as the perfect excuse to justify and act on this hate. For him, he was doing the world a favor, and proclaiming, at the same time, �I AM NOT A HOMOSEXUAL!� So, he took advantage, of others' prejudices, to prove to himself, he was not, what he was! And, the result was, he became an atrocity that also �got him even with society� in general!

But the same thing is also present in all the other people that our society has alienated today; like the homeless; the simple schizophrenics, that our society has alienated to the streets, instead of placing in hospitals; the drunks, in skid row neighborhoods; and all the drug addicts, whose mania has left them so vulnerable and dangerous to themselves and others. Today, we are creating hate everywhere in our society, because we marginalize people, and, as a consequence, make them vulnerable to the hate they feel against themselves, but show, against others, as a way to get even with society!

And, yet, our government hides behind �gun laws�, and the pretense that banning weapons makes us safer, from the failures, they have perpetrated, by creating elites, and impoverished failures everywhere, in a society driven by gain, instead of the most human of virtues, love! It is because that God, they trust in, is more concerned with making money than caring for His own creations! So. �From Many, One� (E Pluribus Unum), the true motto of this Republic, this Republic has fallen to trusting in a God, who only knows and cares for those with money � in a �subscription society�, where private property is no longer owned, but rented for life; another contradiction, for an economy that supposedly thrived on ownership! So, �From Many, FEW� has crowned our society, with the ultimate contradiction of what Democracy means � as the disparity between rich and poor ever widens, and the meaning of �society� gets harder to prove, since the number of outcasts get ever larger!

And, the slaughter just goes right on... and on... unless we fix these glaring contradictions, I have mentioned above!

[06/23/2016 After Note: Right after I wrote this essay, a shooting in Germany was reported at a cinema by a �disturbed person.� The problems in today's world go far beyond �terrorism�, because �society� as such, is not what it was suppose to be! There are too many �disturbed persons� today (and they aren't all immigrants) in all societies! Again, the same three institutions are causing the problems � the same ones that were created to solve these problems! I reviewed this problem above. The solution is very easy: make society, again, the place for ALL, it was suppose to be, by its very definition!]


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1 Here, I use the term �GOD�, not as a religious being, but as an unknown �First Cause�, which has created the human organism through a process that has evolved love; therefore He is Himself, as the process itself, a part of this love.



Originally Published:

June 22, 2016


June 23, 2016