Has Even The Law Become Broken?

�If God didn't want them sheared,
He wouldn't have made them sheep!"

The Mexican Bandit Leader,
From the film: "The Magnificent Seven"

Now that Democracy has become an Aristocracy of the rich, has their power even perverted the law?

Two very disturbing cases have been highlighted in the news this week; one1 where a teenager was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter, for encouraging another teenager to kill himself, thus making speech a way to kill. The other, a mistrial, where the case of a rich Hollywood elitist, who, allegedly, drugged women to have sex with him (at least 60 different women are said to be involved*), brings up the issue of statutes of limitations on this kind of abuse.

Free speech is one of the most vital issues of our Democracy. Now, there is no doubt that encouraging someone to kill themselves is not something good; but in this case, we have teenagers, not adults. And, both of them, were having issues with depression, and what they considered happiness in their lives. Also, such a verdict runs the risk of being interpreted to actually let law squash free speech altogether. So, say, saying things that encourage revolution or strong changes in government, might allow government to charge one with treason or worse � even though our Declaration of Independence encourages us to act against a government that wants to deprive us of the freedoms, �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness� guarantees us ("That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it")! With the rise of the Trumpian Kingship, our country is now suffering under; and the lack of freedom to pick candidates that �WE THE PEOPLE� want, because money now buys the candidates, instead of letting the people choose them, we are threatened with a real oligarchical tyranny depriving us of all our rights and freedoms! This case can set a really dangerous precedent that will make the law the handmaiden of the oligarchs.

The second case2 not only shows how low the respect for our women has gone in this country, but also shows how money can make crimes �go away�, at least for the rich and famous!3 The problem is �statutes of limitations�. Can crimes become so old that they are no longer considered crimes? Do the women, this rich and famous, alleged, �monster� molested, have to feel shame, for what he did to them, while they were in a stupor from the drugs, he gave them? This person was a black icon; a person all black people (and even white people) were suppose to look up to � so is that suppose to exonerate him from his, alleged, monstrous actions? If a white person had done this, they probably would have beheaded him � especially with the politically correct �Black Lives Matter� screaming bloody murder, in non-ending torrents! Well, I'll tell you something � �ALL Lives Matter!� Yes, and the white women (along with the black), this man, allegedly, molested, have rights too � so why are they being ignored?

Crimes are crimes; and whether shame or hurt keeps women silent for even twenty years, or more, makes no difference to the justice and retribution, they deserve. An old, blind, alleged, monster is still an alleged monster � and he should be punished, if he did these things, even if our Trumpian "King" thinks, women's private areas are his, for the picking!

Law is something beyond the economy � no � law is something that better be beyond the economy, if not, then we should definitely raise the storms of revolt, in this oligarchical democracy, capitalism has perverted!

These two cases test the mettle of our freedoms; and even the respect, we should all have, for each other. If these cases are not settled with justice and fairness, then, perhaps we should consider another 1776! We are not those sheep to be sheared � and, there is no seven to protect us, so we must do it ourselves!

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1 This the Michelle Carter case.

* Another point of law might be: can there be any "reasonable doubt", when so many accusations of the same crime, for the same person, are involved?

2 This is the Bill Cosby case.

3 The jury in this case came to a deadlock; so another trial is needed.

Afternote "Woman gets 15 months in jail for urging boyfriend to commit suicide" By Travis Andersen and Jan Ransom - The Boston Globe - Thursday, August 03, 2017

"FALL RIVER � Michelle Carter was sentenced Thursday to 15 months in jail for goading 18-year-old Conrad Roy III into committing suicide in July 2014, but she was allowed to remain free while her appeal is pending."

To me this is a real miscarriage of justice, and a dangerous precedent. You cannot kill someone by suggestion. Yet that is what the court says this young lady did. It takes a decision in the mind of the perpetrator to finally kill. Therefore that decision can only be in the mind of the perpetrator, not anyone outside his or her mind. This can't even really be considered an assisted suicide; again, because it is the suicide recipient, who makes the final decision. And, a suggestion is not involved in the final act itself. Both these two people were probably suicidal at this time, although Miss Carter did not finally do the act. If anything, I think that this young lady needs help, not punishment. Also, assisted suicide is legal in other countries; but this is not even that, since only the perpetrator did the act. Killing by suggestion is ridicules!



Originally Published:

June 18, 2017


August 3, 2017