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Freedom is Killing America!

(The Rise of the �Vicious Little Pricks�)

�Then one of the twelve,
called Judas Iscariot, went unto
the chief priests,
And said unto them,
What will you give me, and I will deliver
him unto you? and they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver."

The Holy Bible, King James version. Matthew 26:14,15

�And he cast down the pieces
of silver in the Temple, and departed,
and went and hanged himself."

The Holy Bible, King James version. Matthew 27:5

�... taming the beast is never easy,
but anything is possible for a God."

J A Macaluso, Essay Potpourri: Interconnectivity

"For in the final analysis,
these two facts are our only certainty:
perception and love.
The straight jacket of perception
which forever binds us within
a very private universe of our own;
and the liberation of love,
which frees us to become
a part of everyone else�s universe.

J A Macaluso

You know them; I know them; we all know them, because at times all of us act like them; yet we despise them even more for that very reason. In a way they are the beast in all of us, coming out of us when we�re angry, out of sorts, or depressed. But some of us have taken on this form full time; in fact, today we see these people everywhere we go. They have grown out of proportion today because �freedom� has given them the strength to cause more harm then ever before. The ancient Chinese 1 called them the �Inferior men� (Note: men, here, is genderless), I call them the �vicious little pricks�. It doesn�t really matter what you call them, their actions are always the same, and their conduct ends in one result: hurt.

They are mean, petty, vindictive, and insidious in their actions. They never face their opponent, but attack behind his back with lies, character assassination and slander. They are the epitome of what America is becoming under a freedom that allows their type to thrive; a freedom that allows such creatures to have the power to hurt others indiscriminately. They are the TSA agents harassing people just �because they can�; they are the crooked cops and politicians, taking bribes and looking the other way as their benefactors create misery and pain for the populous through corrupt contracts and drug deals. They are the CEO�s and COO�s, and the alphabet soup of the corrupt capitalistic business structure that makes huge profits through controlling supplies, inferior products and price gouging. They are the oil magnates that have stolen all their wealth from the American people, and have created Empires on their backs. They are the politicians who have caused wars to fill these same pockets, over the graves of the millions of innocents they have slaughtered. They are the �Mithradates The Greats� 2 who in Caesar�s day slaughtered because he could. They are the mean and corrupt newscasters and talk show hosts who lie, and warp the truth with the garbage that distorts freedom into the power to hurt. They are that new kind of citizen that comes to America with the idea that they can do anything they please, no matter who they hurt. The kind of citizen who believes that we should just kill off anyone who doesn�t agree with us; and that that is the kind of freedom America represents. 3 They are all of us, in the sense that we have forgotten to see that any freedom is worthless without the responsibility it needs to balance its effects on society. Freedom without that word �all� is not freedom at all.

That is why freedom is killing America.

The ancients knew that the inferior men must be tolerated, because we all become them at some point in our lives. We cannot kill them off or punish them for in the end we would be killing and punishing ourselves. The only way to deal with these �vicious little pricks� is to stop giving them the power to hurt others, and in the end, hurt themselves. For the greatest damage they do is to themselves. When properly controlled these �vicious little pricks� can be turned around into useful members of society. So what is the proper control?

The ancients said that the inferior man prospered most when under the control of the Superior man. That Superior man was often the leader in ancient cultures, but in Rome it became the voice of the �Senatus Populusque Romanus�, the �Senate and People of Rome�, in other words, the government. The government is that �all� I have spoken of, embodied in democracy. It and it alone, through its fair and just laws can guide the people toward a society that will allow all to prosper; not just some.

Our government has today come under a cloud, for it has been taken over by the inferior men with the power that Big Business has created. It no longer represents the ALL, but only the FEW. It has become this way because Big Business is outside the law, which was meant to keep it responsible in a free society. The license of capitalism has become the responsible freedom of democratic government, and the refuge of the vicious little pricks.

How can we once again make our government responsible to all of us, instead of the few �vicious little pricks� that it now represents?

Our government is a government of laws; laws that create our society, and shape our civilization. But our laws don�t reach out far enough. Through the pretense that freedom represents the license to make money, by any means available, in other words, by pretending that a free market can only exist when people do whatever they like to create profit, business has been put outside the law, and this has resulted in the abuses that have caused the increasing disparity our society has built.

Our constitution protects us from the abuses of government that deny us our inalienable rights. But these inalienable rights mean nothing in the workplace, which is the dictatorship of the capitalistic bosses, and the true determiner of our prosperity. In the workplace, where we spend 90% of our waking time, and which determines our prosperity, we have no protection at all; and are under the whims of the same �vicious little pricks � that have kept government from controlling them. Yet our political parties keep us from understanding this true violation of our freedoms by playing on the greed that all our �selves� proclaim so loud; and the hope of �making it big�. Greed is the lifeblood of these �vicious little pricks� that have stolen our freedom from us, and they use it to beguile all of us into thinking that we can never do things differently, because poverty and disparity are inevitable; because monopolies are the way to go; because our forefathers who framed the constitution wanted it that way.

Nonsense! Our greatest leaders 4 hated the ideology of parties and factions, they understood that democracy was found only in that word ALL, not in the SOME of capitalism, and the parties it breeds. They railed against the military industrial complex, and lobbies that our present government has endorsed and expanded. Patriots are the representatives of that ALL, that today�s pretenders of patriotism have abandoned. They endorse the true responsible freedom that despises a so-called freedom that abandons the poor and middle classes. Preference is not a part of freedom or democracy, yet preference has become the watchword and symbol of America today; the preference of Masters, over a society of slaves.

Trust is something the vicious little pricks will never understand. They do not trust each other any more than we trust them. They have created a society without trust, and have in the end only destroyed themselves by it. They have destroyed themselves because they can never feel safe; because in knowing themselves they realize that there is nowhere to hide. 5 They see everyone as being the same as they are, and as a result can never enjoy the ill-gotten gains they caused so much hurt to get. That is the punishment that they reap by their actions, and that is the punishment we have reaped by creating a society that allows them to rule over us through their government outside of government.

America has reached a turning point where all of these �fruits� of the capitalistic windfall are beginning to show up. We are still on the brink of much worse. The recession may still turn into a depression, and the total collapse of government and the havoc of Civil War. All the corruption and the false foundations of the house of cards that capitalism built are beginning to take effect on society. We can start to work together to fix it, or we can just stand by and go to �Tea parties� that will make it all collapse. The choice is yours.


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1 This is the Chinese Philosopher Confucius.

2 Mithradates The Great, King of Pontus killed some 100,000 Romans when he invaded the Roman province in Asia.

3 This type of attitude is being seen more and more in American society today. And it is being condoned in the media, by the TV shows that portray how it�s �all right� to torture suspects �to make them talk�; or use other techniques of coercion to make people give information, because after all �he�s a bad guy�, which make it all, perfectly acceptable. It�s not acceptable! Freedom doesn�t mean that killing off everyone that doesn�t believe what you believe is right and proper. That is where American conservative attitudes are leading. Attitudes like, �Oh, they are just poor slime; why should we let these parasites feed off our tax dollars!� Yet these same people believe they are the upholders of the constitution! First of all, America is the place where you can believe whatever you like, as long as you DON�T hurt someone else with that belief. If we are going to preach freedom it must be the right kind of freedom; freedom to hurt is not freedom, that is why we have laws. Responsibility means that all in society share the burden of that society equally; but it also means that businesses must employ their own citizens, and not let society make up for the failure they create through seeking greater profits in foreign labor, or foreign markets. Parasites exist at the top as well as at the bottom, in fact, the parasites at the top are responsible for the parasites at the bottom even existing.

The same goes for illegal aliens protesting their �rights� to break our laws. The people of this Nation make their laws to benefit the citizens, if you don�t like them, then go somewhere else; we are under no obligation to accept you if you will not accept the rules we set out for our citizenship. This attitude (of "Do whatever I please freedom") comes from a serious misinterpretation of what freedom means; it doesn�t mean, �I can do whatever I please no matter who I hurt, or what laws I break.� This �NEW KIND� of immigrant understands freedom as only taking from society and never giving anything back. These are the same kind of citizens that have destroyed the society they are trying to run away from, exactly because they are creating a society of anarchy because of this attitude. Mexico is now suffering the chaos of this kind of freedom, because that is exactly the kind of freedom that capitalism is pushing: a freedom that makes people run away from the responsibility that freedom entails.

4 George Washington (see his farewell address to the Nation where he warned of Partisan Politics; see my essay, "America: The Land without Freedom"), Abraham Lincoln (see quote on Democracy, in essay "The Elimination of Poverty The Modern Slavery") and Dwight D. Eisenhower (see his farewell address to the Nation where he warned of the Military-Industrial Complex and its effects in the introductory essay to this series) The following is a another pertinant part of his speech:

"...In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together..."

We are now seeing these influences exerting themselves in the wars started in the Middle East; wars started to favor the fortunes of vast Oil Monopolies, that are now profiting from the huge profit margins they have created at the expense of the lives of American servicemen and women, and at the expense of the American tax payers, almost to the point of totally bankrupting this country.

5 We are seeing today in Mexico the result of the loss of trust that disparity breeds; the masters are unable to find anyone they can trust, and must keep their own private armies to protect them from the people's wrath. While the people unable to trust their own police and government have begun to distrust each other. Crime and anarchy are the result. Thus the fruit of the vicious little pricks will eventually destroy them, and the society and government they corrupted.

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Originally Published:

May 23, 2011


June 29, 2014