Does Decency Still Have A Chance In America?
(YES... I Keep Writing!)

[Social Media spreading slander, gossip, hate, bullying and �swatting�1 attacks � even causing suicides, among the young and impressionable; �Fake News� causing mayhem, and further division between groups; Religions causing division, hate and injurious judgment through Gods that are Kings and Tyrants; Hacking, and a million phony schemes trying to dupe people out of their hard earned savings; people (even Military Veterans) sleeping in the streets, while others live in mansions... even a �President�, picked by a rich minority, instead of that �Majority Rule�, Democracy was suppose to be all about... does any of this sound anything like, what this country was created to accomplish? Why has decency died in America? Was this what FREEDOM was suppose to do?

In fact, does it even sound like freedom, at all?

Yes, I keep harping on �ALL�, because that was what America was suppose to be! It's hard to keep silent, when everything, that we created this country to be, has been changed into its opposite, by something called �freedom�, that really has nothing, at all, to do with real �FREEDOM!� What it is, is LICENSE; a license based on a greedy, vicious type of �me only� mentality, that destroys everything good, this country was formed to accomplish!

So, I keep writing... ]

I think many people think that I keep writing the same things, over and over! Well, in a way, I do. See, the same facts can be presented in many different ways... and, that has to do with the different ways, people perceive things. We don't, all perceive those facts similarly. Our viewpoints color our perceptions, with very private meanings. The same essay may be interpreted quite differently, by two different people.

Think about a car. Basically, a car gets you from point A to point B. But, there are many different kinds of cars out there, and some people like one kind, while others like another � because of style, price, convenience, any number of factors; like, maybe even, how well the radio sounds! Cars all do the same things � but some resonate with certain people; and, others resonate with other people. So, I try to rephrase my message, so that, perhaps, the next essay will resonate with the people, the previous essay did not resonate with!

Perhaps, that infuriates the readers looking for something very new, the next time around. Well, I can't help that, because, to me, it is important to see as many people, as possible, get, at least, a part of that message.

The young, often do not see things, the same way, the old do. Age is an important factor in interpretation. The old (like this author, himself), often find that they tend to cling to the traditional ways, the people of their generation, see things. That very fact can keep people's minds static, and not receptive to other ways. I try to keep myself from falling into that trap, by trying to phrase things differently, so they resonate with different age groups.

The introduction to this essay points out that the USA has become something much different from what it was meant to be; the primary reason is because decency has seemed to die, in America, today! It's funny, even the dictionary doesn't really give a good definition of what that term, decency, really means, by equating it with "propriety": �the character or quality of being proper; especially accordance with recognized usage, customs or principles�2.

Well, to me, decency means giving everyone his or her due... allowing us all to get along with, and not take advantage of anyone else � the heart of the golden rule: �Do unto others, as you would have them, do unto you�; in other words, it is what society is all about; to actually make itself possible through citizen interactions.

But, today, the economy has nullified decency; as the art of �the Deal� has taken over; and, what I outlined in the introduction, has made true decency obsolete!

But, as I have said before, and showed in my studies on the ancient Roman Republic, and its downfall: with decency went something else: trust!

When decency died, trust died. And, trust is the most essential thing that society depends on, to function! A society, without trust is one doomed to disappear; just as the Roman Republic disappeared, when Julius Caesar was assassinated! What is very scary, today, is that we seem to be headed in the exact same path: the end of true Democracy, and the creation of a Corporatist dictatorship! A dictatorship fueled by the technology, we created to achieve the very opposite, of what it has achieved: the loss of privacy, decency, and most of all, trust! The �behind your back� society that social media has created, has killed everything that society was meant to achieve, so a few billionaire gluttons could get rich on the misery, they caused everyone else! But, even worse, they have undermined the whole structure of society, itself, and set up the same Corporatist Dictatorship, Mussolini wanted to create with Fascism. President Trump's Presidency has created the first steps toward the loss of all true freedom in America. We are under siege! The false freedom that this Corporatist's Capitalism has created across the world is again killing everything that the Democracy, we created, was suppose to further. Even worse, it is killing true society, and replacing it with a State:

Where freedom is: you work all your life, and never truly own anything!
Where snoops and gossips and backstabbers are killing decency and trust!
Where privacy is gone!
Where Rulers, once again, rule over the majority, even destroying Majority Rule!
Where business is scheming and cheating, instead of working to benefit society!
Where government is of, by and for the Special Interest, instead of The People!

Everything that Revolution of 1776 produced, has disappeared, so the schemers, swindlers and cheats � the people imbued with �The Art Of The Deal� � could cheat everyone else; and live off society's work, without working themselves!

Decency is society, that true society, working for that ALL, this country was made to serve; not the FEW that have cheated everyone else, out of their freedom, by making freedom a predatory function of an elite, created by wealth!

So, America is NOT �one people, under God�, but one people, who see the value of every single human life � and, see freedom, as that ability to treat everyone, with respect and decency � as they, themselves, would be treated!

As I said in another essay3:

Those, who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.


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1 �Swatting is the harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing an emergency services dispatcher) into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person's address. This is triggered by false reporting of a serious law enforcement emergency, such as a bomb threat, murder, hostage situation, or other alleged incident.� from the Wikipedia article: �Swatting�.

Recently, a swatting attack caused the death of an innocent person.

2 Taken from: �The Readers Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary�; The Reader's Digest Association, Pleasantville, New York; 1966.

3 See the essay: �The End of the Roman Republic � The Decline and Fall of Trust�




Originally Published:

January 4, 2018


January 4, 2018