"Judge NOT... "

[More killings in New York this week, by an Islamic �Wacko�! Hate seems to have become the by-word of what most people call �God� today. It's a shame, we can't think of a supreme being without rule books, or the idea of a judge, measuring everything, we do in life, according to His own rules. Wackos killing even people, who they do not know: who knows, perhaps those killed, loved Allah, as well as that Wacko does? May the true God, the God of love, have pity on all of them, especially that Wacko, who thinks that killing pleases God!

No, this isn't a religious or moral essay, in itself. But it is an essay that examines how we affect, who we are, and how that relates to others in our human family.

After reading my essays, you may come away from them feeling that the �wealthy� are the real problems with today's world; that they have sabotaged the world, into making it think that all worth is centered in them. But that is not the real problem; the real problem is one of process; a process that has ended in such drastic differences between people that have, in effect, negated the very worth of the term �humanity�, itself! This �process� includes how we affect each other, and how we bring this out, in society; a society, which today is making itself a non-society; and, effectively turning the human species into something non-human (as that Wacko above, so amply demonstrates).

So, with this much said, as a preface, let's now, particularize, all of this... ]

�Judge not, that ye be not judged�1 or, as I knew it, in my youth: �Judge not, lest ye be judged�, this famous phrase, from the New Testament of the Bible, given by the Christ, in His Sermon On The Mount, really sets forth the whole purpose of religion, and even society, itself � unity, not division!

Religions interpret it, as the following phrase from Wikipedia, does: "The moral lesson is to avoid hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and censoriousness."2 But, they fail to understand that the religions and even societies must truly practice this, or always face the very same thing that this �hypocrisy� entails.

Religions cannot talk about love, yet make judgment, the whole purpose of their organizations, and even create Gods, whose, whole purpose and being, resides in judgment! Love does not divide people, as the religious organization (or, better yet: �exclusive club�) does! So, also, with society, which is the club that its government rules, letting judgments, decide which groups of its peoples, it serves. The results have been seen throughout History, and even still, today: religions slaughtering those outside their belief systems; and, governments serving only the concerns of its elites, instead of all, its citizens! Wars and unending division are the overall results achieved.

The problem began with religions � mostly, those in the Middle East. God was created, as a supreme judge. The �chosen�3 people were those, he favored, instead of all, indiscriminately! Thus religion was founded in judgment, and thrived on this very thing. From this, dogma and ideology kidnapped religion into something founded �of, by and for� judgment, and judgment alone! God, Himself, being the ultimate judge, practicing the law, in the guise of Heaven and Hell, instead of love. Even Christ was seen speaking with two tongues: one that condemned judgment, as mentioned above; and the other that even portrayed God, as the ultimate judge! In short, religion, itself, became a form of judgment: �practice my rules, or be damned for eternity!�

It's offshoot, Christianity did the same: �God is love�, as St. John said; but Heaven and Hell were still the effects of that �non-judgmental� God's retribution, through judgment � and, for eternity, to boot! Is that LOVE?

But, the forked tongue of religion continues to �judge�, yet �not judge�, all in the same breath; and, every year more and more people die, because of this non-judgmental attitude that divides people through: judgment!

From religions arose states and countries � all segregated by their own beliefs and foibles; the most disturbing being that �judgment� of those, outside the group! But then, as I said in another essay, the Liberty Tree4 fostered the beginning of the Democratic Republic; but was judgment left behind?

No! Liberty only furthered the very spread of this very thing, which ended in the parties and ideologies, concerning what government, itself, should be. Once again, the word ALL, which was the center of what true Liberty was in a Democracy, was left behind, in a government �of, by and for the economy�, instead of its peoples! Democratic governments were just another commodity to be bought by its people, whose payments determined just how many of the ALL, it took care of. Thus the economy had changed liberty into judgment; a judgment that stopped people from solving the very problems government was created to solve!

So, humanity became a race full of division, and the inability to solve the very problems it created for itself; all because it refused to leave judgment behind!

Now, there is another side of judgment: Law. Law is judgment, initiated to allow the ALL of society to prosper. How does it differ from what I said above?

Society must have a way to keep all of its different participants related and non-belligerent with each other; that is what the law accomplishes. Without laws, we would be no longer a society, but bands of citizens fighting each other. But, this is a furthering of harmony and tranquility within the group that makes up society, not the type of judgmental division, that religions create through seeing others as different. In fact, that is why Democracies were created: to allow many different groups to all live together harmoniously, through the laws that they all promoted, for this very purpose.

The human race is diverse: we come in many types and with many different ways of living. But, it is a part of that humanity, itself, which allows us to forget the differences and emphasize our sameness, as humans. That was what Democracies were suppose to accomplish: states that could be made up of different peoples, all determined to allow those different others, an equal share in that state � non-judgmentally! That is why religious freedom is so important, because today's religions are the prime sources of the divisions between humans, through the judgments of those �different� others, they further. That is what the world, today, has forgotten; that is why countries still see themselves as different than other countries. Judgment continues to extract its toll on this world and its peoples. Instead of a single human race, we have become many different humans, who see only their own, instead of all. And, it is the process of the economy that furthers this even more, in creating people, who are better or worse than others, because they are wealthy, or poor.

Judgment lives in differences; differences that thrive, because of the illusion that being �better� is inborn, instead of the end result of tolerance and forbearance, and the construction of a system that allows all to respect and tolerate others, as they themselves would be tolerated. We ignored all of this, when we replaced ALL, with the FEW, and a system that allows that FEW to prosper on the backs of all others, through judgment!

The Christ understood this; but His disciples twisted it into the same system, He chastised, because they could not see a world that could exist without making everyone the same as they were. We still feel the results of this today, as religions and the governments, they produced, see only one way � their way! So, judgment still rules, and we all suffer in the division, and, seemingly, never ending quagmire of futility, it engenders!

We have even, unknowingly, added the economy to this: a way to divide, instead of unite us. In fact, we have made this the greatest �judgment maker� of all, by making it the way, we actually judge people: by their wealth!

So, judgment has seemed to have ensnared every part of our existence. Do I have a solution for all of this � no, not really! But, knowing it (and thinking about it, as we are, in this essay), is, in a way, that very thing � because, in knowing it, we see things more clearly, and that, in itself, is the primary solution to all our problems today: seeing things clearly! So, with this, I end this essay, as I began it, in the clarity of: �Judge not, lest ye be judged!� "Not judging" is being humane; acting like a human should act toward every other human; yes, it is that simple � and, that is where the real idea of "God" comes in: "God" is what is in us, that makes us act like a humane human should � not like an animal in the jungle!

So, here's to humanity � the true humane humanity that keeps judgment at bay � long may it wave!


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1 The Holy Bible: Matthew 7: 1-5.

2 See: the Wikipedia article on "The Mote And The Beam".

3 I use the language of the Bible (or Jewish Torah) here, but all religions use this same concept of their group being the �chosen� of their God.

4 See the essay: �How The �Gimmick� Destroyed America!�




Originally Published:

November 1, 2017


November 1, 2017