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If a society exists, then there will be issues or problems that occur, because the freedom of the individual will, at times, collides with the societal freedom that represents all. In a democracy that relies on capitalism for its economy, these issues will be even more prevalent because this same capitalism, which has formed the economy of all free democracies today, thrives on the buying and selling of freedom through the power wealth confers. In other words, wealth creates the influence to divide society into many groups around the benefits that a bought freedom confers. The result is a society divided into groups at odds with each other. But, as I have shown in other essays, democracy always represents all equally. If this is the case then benefits must be factored over the ALL that is society. And all must share the burden that the responsibility of social freedom incurs. And every group must share the same amount of freedom through decreasing the disparity that has resulted in giving more freedom to only that group that has purchased it. Society must look upon all similarly, regardless of wealth, because when it does not do this, it has lost the democratic freedom upon which it was founded. We must begin to understand that once we create an aristocracy based on any particular attribute, we no longer have a democracy. Democracy and aristocracy are contardictions; and at odds with each other. In fact, the very idea of democracy was created to do away with the superiority that an aristocracy confers.

In reading these essays, see things as citizens of a democracy must see them, with the perspective of not allowing their solutions to create a group divided from the whole � losers are not tolerated in a state where all rule, contrary to the dictates of an economy that does the opposite.

Benefit belongs to all equally in a democracy, or it belongs to none. That benefit is not the benefit of wealth, but the benefit of opportunity. At the same time, when the benefit of wealth encroaches on this benefit of opportunity then we no longer have a democracy, but a tyranny, where opportunity belongs only to those who have bought it, instead of to all equally.

So in deciding issues, we must decide if we violate the benefit of opportunity that democracy holds so dear � a benefit that equally belongs to all regardless of their beliefs. So lets start analyzing those issues that we find so difficult to deal with; and in deciding those issues, always keep our own benefits from denying others theirs.

Also, the major institutions of all free societies today, their religions, governments and economies, have organized the issues of societies into what I call �Package Deals�, or belief sets, which define the solutions to all of society�s issues through a particular dogma, a certain political theory or an economic philosophy. These �package deals� try to keep citizens from exercising their freedom in deciding individual issues, by instead giving them a �packaged� solution. This �package deal� is keeping people from thinking, and has divided us into implacable groups that allow a few to rule over all of society. Please preface this series by reading my essay: �Why? (The Story Of The �Package Deal�)�

Issue 1:
EARNING Democratic Freedom � NOT BUYING IT!

Issue 2:
Beliefs Belong To ALL!

Issue 3:
"Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness"
(Health Care)

Issue 4:

Issue 5:
The Supreme Court Of The United States

Issue 6:

Issue 7:
The MEDIA And A FREE Society
(The Anachronism Of A For-Profit Media)

Issue 8:
" L G B T ":
An Issue That Shouldn't Be An Issue!

Issue 9:
Birth Control And Abortion

Issue 10:
The Draft
(And, Should Women Be Included?)

Issue 11:


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* The TAI-CHI TU symbol (the symbol illustrating this essay series): This is the symbol of the interaction of the Earth and Heaven through their representative forces YIN and YANG; the one changing into the other through the constant perpetual cycle of change.

Notice that the TAI-CHI TU perfectly symbolizes this in the small dot of the complementary force residing in the sea of its complement. As this small dot of complement enlarges it gradually replaces the larger presence of its complement with itself, thus becoming its complement. Thus black replaces white (YIN replaces YANG) and white, black, (YANG replaces YIN).

Please Note:

The logo at the top of this page is an animation of the TAI-CHI TU symbol. It uses a small Java script routine to change the images that create the animation's motion. If you do not see it; or see a double image; or your browser warns you of it; then you must allow it to run, or turn on Java scripting on your browser.

The animation of the TAI-CHI TU, in the logo at the top of this page, illustrate this vividly; and this dynamic diagram illustrates how change is the medium of their (YIN and YANG's) action.

Further note that each is a part of the whole and neither can usurp the diagram by taking up more than its share; thus although they are opposites they must complement each other to form the whole. At the end of a cycle each is still present although its position has changed.

This can be thought of as a model of how society resolves its issues � in allowing no segment to be out of proportion to any other. All segments work together to find the correct balance that will allow all to prosper. There are no real sides, since all work for the betterment of ALL! Thus I use this symbol as the representation of this series � the resolution of issues so all may prosper equally in the society all share equally.


Tai-Chi Tu
Tai-Chi Tu

Originally Published:

March 27, 2012


May 24, 2016