An Insane World!

[Christmas 2012, as our economies, worldwide, drive us into an economic maelstrom]

When did humanity lose its humanity?

Not at birth; at least, ontologically speaking. Humanity did evolve, in a progressive way; both ontologically (as a developing organism) and phylogenetically (as a developing species)� yet that progression was lost somewhere, and the pro- in progression became a re-, as in regression! Is that the reason the world has �gone off the deep end?�

It�s hard to believe the world we now live in; but, what is even harder to believe is how, with every passing day, it only seems to get worse!

We are robbing, cheating and deceiving each other, now, with such regularity, and even such efficiency, that we are beginning to take it all for granted. The more knowledge we gain, the more we use it to leverage our advantage, instead of using it to help build a barrier from the huge grave we are digging for our world. Have we merely given up? Or, have we merely seen the problems as so intricate and ingrained, into the very fabric of our existence itself, that we see no hope whatsoever? I think it is because we all know deep down that we all have lost what was once so precious and vital to us � that same innocence and trust we were born with, and which will forever haunt us for driving it out of us. We are, in short, a sorry and pitiable species. We are a species, literally, adapting itself out of existence. And, maybe, that is exactly what we need: self-extinction; so that some other species can start out making a brave new world from the rubble of the one we so thoroughly destroyed.

Where did the problem begin?

We created, and I mean literally �created� Gods 1 , to try to find something to guide us through this self-made world we cannot manage. A world that springs totally from us, yet is seemingly totally out of our control � a world where, we are God, yet even as God, we cannot control even ourselves, let alone the world! Has this schizophrenic 2 existence, perhaps, been what has literally driven us over the cliff of life?

Even our protections and safeguards, we have turned into our own destruction. We have so botched up society that it is now the enemy of humanity, instead of its salvation. We see each other as enemies, mainly because we cannot even trust ourselves anymore. We parcel and package everything, including human beings, and even our beliefs. We have divided ourselves into so many groups that we now have almost as many groups as individual human beings! Yet, we all know this is so � and that is exactly what makes it appear so pathetically hopeless! Rationality was supposed to be our triumph; instead, it has become our endless torture, as we watch our whole world destroy itself with the very same progress rationality created! But then, as I mentioned above, how can progress actually be regress? This is still, another enigma we have created to torture ourselves.

As I have shown in other essays 3 , we have turned love into its opposite, and most of us don�t even know that they have done that; and that alone tells us how oblivious we are to our own knowledge of ourselves. Perhaps that is why we are bent on destroying ourselves � because we cannot tell the difference anymore between love and hate! Perhaps, because we have become so use to both, living within us, at the very same time, we cannot tell which is which anymore? That is a sad commentary on a species, whose only truly distinctive quality was suppose to be the production of love!

Yet, as our economies, societies and even religions prove, again and again, we most certainly, outwardly, show how we truly love ourselves! But, is this greedy love of self, we have turned almost into a distinct religion of its own, a love or a hate? The consequences are really destroying us, instead of furthering us, so is this greed really love at all? In fact, can greed really be termed love, even if it furthers that self it seems to further; for true love does not only further the self, but also, all others it contacts. But greed, actually hurts all; for it isolates the one it furthers, from all others. Sad to say, there is no one lonelier than a greedy person.

The hypocrisy of society lies in the existence of poverty, for that very same reason � for poverty cannot exist without greed. That is why charity is such a hypocritical scam; a way for the greedy to seemingly make excuses for the greed they cannot acknowledge to themselves. That is the very thing society was made to cure � excess and depletion � both of which cannot exist without the other. Destroy the excesses of wealth, and you will concurrently destroy the depletions of poverty. So where does that leave religion � in the hypocrisy it has become; a hypocritical scam that believes that charity is the main purpose of life, and thus implies greed to be a true necessity!

But underneath, we all know all of this; as Freud showed long ago, we deceive not only the rest of the world, but that deception actually is also within us, ourselves. We, ourselves, are the true victims of our own deceptions. In fact, one might term our lives as nothing more than the acclimatization of us to ourselves � thus the hardest ones to live with is ourselves. Unfortunately, by the time we have learned to live with ourselves we die! So, then we have instead decided to take the world with us � and, we are doing an excellent job of it!

Perhaps, as Dr. Freud did with his patients, we should formulate a diagnosis of the human race: chronic universal paranoia, brought on by chronic delusional schizophrenia; and the following prognosis: poor, and growing ever worse; to the point that the death of the patient is imminent!

But, Herr Doktor, is a cure possible?

Perhaps; but the patient must begin to believe in himself! Ahh! � belief in oneself � but how can that ever be attained, when that is the very thing that has caused the disease in the first place?

Perhaps, we can attain the unattainable, by giving the heart more emphasis than the brain; by shifting the importance of things, and determining that with only a short time on this earth, we can remember when we had the right emphasis, because we all had that emphasis when we emerged from the womb at birth. It was that emphasis that sustained us during our childhood, before the superiority of rationality claimed us, and split off our loyalties to ourselves. For that is when we stopped trusting others, and let greed devour us. Before we can find solutions to the economies, religions and governments of the world that are threatening our societies, we must turn to solutions that will reassert the proper attitudes we each have for ourselves, that, in turn, affect the attitudes we have toward each other. There is no easy fix, except the hardest one of all, examining ourselves, and facing up to what we find. The choice is ours� or the insanity of this insane world will claim ALL of us.

(12/14/2012) AFTERNOTE:

Only two days after I posted this essay on my site, twenty-eight people were slaughtered by a gunman in a Connecticut school; twenty of them young children. This tragedy has grown out of the same mindset I described in this essay. We are a very sick society, and we are even spreading this warped mindset around the world. Yet, people continue to delude themselves; they blame guns; they blame people; they blame everything but the sick society and the delusional mindset we have created that is killing the human race.

If we continue to alienate our citizens from each other; continue to divide ourselves into irreconcilable groups, like our religions and our political parties have; if we continue to increase the disparity between rich and poor, and follow an economy that does not support its own society; if we continue to abandon the old and the poor; and, if we continue to look to charity as the universal cure for every ill, we will turn society into a chaos, and become the same as the lower animals from which we are descended.

Yet the media talking heads continue to fan the flames by blaming everything else; and people continue to ignore these dire warning signs of a society, even a world, on the point of dissolution. We are a people with no trust either in ourselves, or anyone else; and even the world has taken on this attitude. The outcome of this attitude can only worsen the occurrences of tragedies like these. A world without trust is an insane, lost world, on the point of collapse, and we can only look to ourselves to fix what is broken � but first, we must acknowledge it as broken!


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1 This has nothing to do, necessarily, with the Gods of religion; but are the Gods that reflect the bigotry, fanaticism and biases of the mind of the individual creator. A God that confirms that creator as right in his beliefs.

2 Schizophrenia is a mental disease where the personality (the patient�s overall identity) is split into many known (conscious) and unknown (unconscious) parts. This fracturing of the personality causes a world that is also unreal, or out of touch with the real world the patient must interact with, thus causing problems in this interaction (a psychotic, delusional or paranoid reality). I touch on more of this below.

3 See the following essays: Do We Need Organized Religion? An Answer For Today!; That Great Chameleon, GOD (God, The Idea); The Geometry Of Faith (Finding The Correct Foundations)



Originally Published:

December 12, 2012


June 29, 2014