"In God We Trust"; Which God?

(The Reaffirmation Of A Motto, Or The Loss Of Freedom?)

The motto of the United States of America has once more been reaffirmed by its �leaders� � �In God We Trust�. But nobody seems to know to whom this trust mentioned in this motto is pledged. Who is this God? Does it mean the God of the Jews; does it mean the God of the Christians; does it mean the God of the Muslims, or even the Gods of the Pagans, Taoists or Buddhists; or maybe the God, the atheists refuse to believe exist? And why should a reaffirmation of trust in God, whoever He is, be made at this time when the word trust seems to be at its lowest ebb ever in the land of the �free�?

Perhaps �trust in God� is what our �leaders� seem to think will rekindle a trust in them? Or maybe, they themselves have forgotten what the word �United� in the words �United States� really means? Maybe they have forgotten what the word �United� really means, especially when the term Democracy seems to have become synonymous with an economic system where the word trust doesn�t even exist? Or, perhaps, that God mentioned, is the God of the gambler: Chance? That would fit perfectly, in a Nation where diversity is guaranteed by law, but denied in practice; where the trust implied in the word �United� has become synonymous with �survival of the fittest� in a Nation where freedom excludes all trust, but that denial of it that the word �chance� connotes?

Why, at this time, in our Nation must we reaffirm our trust in a Supreme Being, instead of reaffirming our trust in ourselves? Can there even be any trust in �any� God, when our trust in each other has fallen so low?

All of this is not surprising; it does �reaffirm� one thing that is evident in our Nation: fear!

Fear that the hypocrisy that has crept into a Nation, whose only ideology is the affirmation of no ideology, has been discovered, and proclaimed. Fear, that the lack of choice that abounds in a Nation where �Choice� is suppose to flourish, has been discovered by a people, who realize who has taken it away from them. Fear of a bunch of �leaders� whose leadership takes the form of preference and greased palms, in the very same Nation where such things are anathema! Or perhaps it is just another reaffirmation of how far hypocrisy can go. The same hypocrisy that keeps religions from uniting this world; that keep peoples from trusting their own governments; that even keeps love from being love, by including the word judgment in its definition?

Love is the only word we can never really define; yet it is the one word we can always know without error. We can characterize it, because it includes both the words �trust� and �unity�. And it is the one thing that actually defines the truly �human� in each of us. It always brings together, and never divides � that is why it also includes the word trust, for trust is what allows it to exist. And trust is all about the freedom to choose. The freedom to choose our fate, the freedom to choose the way we live and die, the freedom to even choose our God, the freedom to make a society where choice is always possible, and denied to none.

If the God in the phrase �In God We Trust� is love, then it has relevance; but then why use the word God at all? Why not just say, �In Love We Trust�?

Our Nation was founded and is maintained by people, not Gods of any kind. Faith resides in people, and that is where God, in the guise of that very same love we mentioned, also resides. Our unity comes from the trust we find between ourselves to provide the prosperity we mentioned in our Declaration of Independence, and in the Golden Rule, all people of any faith, or lack of it, acknowledge. If our Nation must have a motto, then let it reflect ALL our people, in the same freedom it guarantees to ALL; not an ambiguous sentiment that rests on a particular dogma, that all define differently. What the United States of America gave uniquely to this world, was its belief in the freedom to be different, yet the determination to be united and whole � the one from the many (e pluribus unum). That is what makes us strong; yet our �leaders� have forgotten this, and instead would again divide us in the hope to extinguish that unity in the hypocrisy of a bigotry found in a dogma-defined word.

In these days of separation and �Occupy� movements, the peoples of the world need no more uncertainty, or ambiguity � especially in the definition of governments. What they need is governments that once more represent them, and allow societies in every Nation on earth to flourish. In this time of the �only I count� mentality, America needs to find once again the purpose it was founded to produce; the purpose that created unity from diversity, not one that creates more separation and contention. The motto of America should reflect what America means, not an ambiguity that divides her, and contradicts her essence.

If we create a government that justifies dogma instead of the ALL that the word people represents, then America has become itself a hypocrisy; a contradiction similar to the contradiction its free economic system has acknowledged by allowing monopolies to be synonymous with �free enterprise�. America came into being by allowing the "freedom to worship" to be one of its most important freedoms; should we now deny that very thing by adopting a motto for this country that denies that? Especially, in a country where the founder of one of its first states, Pennsylvania, embraced a religion with the loosest interpretation of a deity then extant?

Again, our freedom is not a freedom resting on dogma of any kind, but a freedom of complete choice, for every one of its citizens. Can we find that choice where our motto contains a word that rests on firm unalterable beliefs � dogma?

So, what is this 'reaffirmation' of this motto all about? It is about parties and partisanship. It is about a two party system that has denied our country choice � the very same choice that every democracy takes for granted. It is about a free country that has lost its freedom by allowing a new God to take the stage: the God called money. It is about a people who have proclaimed their trust in that God, and only that God. It is about the bigotry and narrow-mindedness that has transformed freedom into its opposite, because it is blind to all views but its own.

Finally it is about deceit. It is about a kind of deceit that would use religion to deny freedom to anyone that disagrees with its own views. It is about making a freedom with choice into one without it. It is about: Tyranny.

So who is the God in our motto? 1 You decide, and in this decision realize that by deciding you have lost all freedom, by denying others theirs. Realize that the very use of the word �God� is an affirmation that only belief in a supreme being is what is American! And, that suddenly, freedom as we know it, has died!


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1 It is not surprising that the only visible place this motto is really used is on our monetary system, because that GOD, mentioned in this motto, really is the GOD OF MONEY that has been foisted on the American people, and even the world, as their one and ONLY true GOD, by an economic system that wants to erase all freedom, and create a true aristocracy, where all trust resides only in that GOD (see my essays on the flawed way in which money is valued that makes this value vary as to geographical location: �A Step Toward Fiscal Sanity� and "Economic Solution 1").



Originally Published:

November 4, 2011


February 3, 2015