Freedom And The Human Being

(Finding The �Sapiens� in Homo Sapiens)

There is more than one way of understanding freedom; indeed, perhaps, that�s one of the problems that have led so many to understand it as something, which is its opposite.

Freedom is a way of knowing and understanding. It is a way to breach the straitjacket through which the self encloses the mind, and hinders it from joining with other human beings in knowing themselves.

As I said in the essay �The New Paradigm�: �We understand as others understand, and see all uniqueness as a type of freedom instead of a restriction to freedom.� This is something totally at odds with the contradiction that the religions of the world have made so clear in restricting this same freedom by imposing �rules�, and �regulations�, which a God has created, to restrict the very same freedom that this same God originally gave the human being.

The enigma of the �free will� has always plagued humanity since its inception. Why has a God who created humanity with this �gift�, at the very same time, not given it the wisdom to know how to use it? This seeming contradiction is easy to answer: He has!

This wisdom lies in the very same freedom which prefaces this will; it lies in the freedom to open our hearts to others, and know all humanity, by learning to know ourselves through others. In knowing others, and their ways, we learn to know ourselves, and learn the essence of the love that any God taught the world. In learning their shortcomings we learn our own, and learn, in turn, to curtail judgment, and the straightjacket it presents to the very same freedom we have been given to enable us to become men and women of wisdom, instead of creatures subservient to the desires and narrow mindedness the self presents to us.

And in gaining the freedom to truly know ourselves, we unite into one humanity, free of any distinctions, but the distinction to truly be free � as free as that God whom we have created to imprison us.

Yes, we have created Him; we have made Him in our image, just as imperfect, arrogant and judgmental as the mortals He supposedly rules over. A God that has denied us all freedom, because He has created a type of love that creates separation instead of unity. A God that has given us the narrow minds that can never find freedom, because they are buried in the imperfections and separations the mortality of the self has given us, instead of the unity and true love the perfection of true freedom enables us to achieve.

For a true God can never separate, but only unite us; just as perfection can never contemplate anything but the unity, and oneness it is. Just as the Golden Rule unites all men and women by erasing the petty distinctions between them that the self and its religions create. The true God lives in all, and is a part of all, for the �ALL� is God.

The separation and the mortality of the world, have given us what we term �evil� by allowing the self to steal our freedom from that �free will� the God we all know has given us. Evil is the greed the self creates, and the actions it precipitates. Mortality is the imperfection of the human organism, and the separations which deny us the perfection our minds enable us to contemplate, yet never know except in contemplation.

But that contemplation is the freedom the will gives us to free us from the evil of the world. An evil, which binds us to ourselves, and denies us of the ability to know others as we know ourselves. It is that very same freedom that gives us the Golden Rule, and allows us to create the love which unites all humanity. From this, we learn even how to learn; we learn that learning is not immersion in the self, but the ability to cast off the self; the ability to see and feel as all other parts of the world see and feel; to understand from many viewpoints instead of only one; to bring back unity from the separation ignorance fosters. For learning is a type of unity, a type of freedom that unites through the knowledge of what is not us; and in knowing what is not us, it is not us any longer.

And �God� is the eternal wisdom in all of us that makes us seek out true learning, in trying to make all that is not us, a part of us � a greed that denies all greed, by allowing the self to know the true freedom of the will that unites instead of separating.

Wisdom is the freedom to accept and learn through becoming one with others, through seeing with their eyes, and understanding their motives as our own. Through this unity, we attain the will of a God, to bring all creation together; to unite what seemingly lies apart, and find unity even in the most disparate and alienated things of this world.

In seeing this way, we bring back together what the world has driven apart, and create one people from the many, the alienation of the world has created. This is what God is � the force of bringing together what lies apart, that eternal gravity, which the tempering of the mind through its connection to the heart fosters in all of us.

Therein lie the hopes and dreams of all humanity; and the true freedom we base these hopes upon. Therein also lies the trust of all society; and the cooperation it must foster to make it grow.

By ourselves, we are nothing; but through the trust and cooperation that the human race grows through society, we all become truly �human.� This is not the stupidity of any creed or �ism�, but the end result of the free will we all possess � the ability to become God-like in giving humanity the unity of purpose that is a part of its heart, and the substance upon which its hopes may grow.

In losing the �self�, we gain it. In accepting, we find the true freedom that makes us, once again, human, and makes �homo sapiens�, once again a �wise� human being.

But all of this is useless unless our species can bring back to it the unity that made it one species. And this �unity� is falling to the same 'freedom', which was supposed to bring back this same unity.

Factionalism has done this. It has transformed the freedom that unites into a freedom that separates and divides. It has replaced cooperation with competition, and has replaced acceptance with books of rules, and the dogmas of beliefs and prejudices.

It has even gone so far as to create Gods in the image of the narrow-minded people who fashioned them with their own bigotry. God�s that have turned religion into a farcical type of prejudicial and tyrannical government, instead of the unity of all, through the freedom love brings to all.

Because of this social factionalism, and the dogmatism that it has generated, the human race has stagnated into isolated groups which cannot progress from the quagmire of alienation they embrace. They have stopped all evolution, and built a new �dark� age, which has taken the �sapiens� from homo sapiens. Their religions duplicate this same situation, by further dividing through the worship of rules and regulations, and the insistence on modeling Gods in the image of rulers or monarchs.

In destroying the freedom of the will through ruling the freedom of thought, humanity has destroyed all the freedom that can allow humanity to progress from the same deplorable state it has been in since ancient times. Thus humanity continues to find solutions in destruction instead of harmony, and fashions freedom into a type of bondage, which allows no evolution from the quagmire of division it has created.

The solution lies in the very same ideas that fashioned all true democracies: �e pluribus unum�, �from many, one�. The idea of allowing diversity, and the freedom of opinion and viewpoint it fosters, to fashion the unity of the human race. To keep free and �inalienable� the freedom of thought; and fashion the freedom of action in laws and governments that protect �all�, and keep �all� harmoniously interacting.

And for religions, it means allowing Gods to once again embrace all of their creations, through divorcing themselves from the stagnation and contention that their partisanship has created. For a God that divides is not a God in any sense of the word; it is, in fact, the opposite of God; what divides brings forth alienation, hate, judgment and contention, the antithesis of God, for God lives in unity, perfection and acceptance, the essence of love, and the harmony it creates.

True freedom lies in the ability to progress, to stop the stagnation of repeating the same mistakes again and again. We cannot progress until we once again, realize that same wisdom our species is named from, the wisdom that allowed us to progress from the barbarism of the clan to the civilization of society. Today, we have come to the same crossroads: we must choose between a learning that keeps us divided, or the wisdom that allows us to progress beyond the stagnation and bondage we have lived in for thousands of years. It is the choice between true responsible freedom, or the slavery of a will that does not know what true freedom is; it is the choice between �all�, or the mindset that keeps us focused on only �some.� It is that �all� that is freedom. It is also that �all� that gave our species its wisdom.



Originally Published:

February 6, 2012


January 1, 2014