Just Another Problem, In A Sea Of Problems,
Instead Of Their Solutions!

[Can we even trust our own government? This week, we have watched partisan dealings cast a shadow on just what government is, in today's world1. And, what is worse, it makes us truly see how vulnerable we have become to this lack of faith in ourselves � for that is what government is: we, ourselves, working for ourselves!

But then this is the age of Billionaire �Populist� Presidents, elected by party cliques, instead of the popular vote; and a Billionaire, who was never even in the military, christening a new war ship, named in honor of the capital of his State!2 Does this sound like �Populism� � �of, by and for the people�? Or, more, like: �of, by and for the moneyed FEW�!

If wealth, once again rules, then true Democratic ideals have been destroyed. Equality cannot exist, when �freedom� has become the ability to, once again, create slavery. The transformation of Capitalism into a Corporatist Empire of wealth, threatens to once again bring back the Empires of old, which true Democracy was suppose to do away with! The lack of choice, this past Presidential election showed, is the symptom of a growing disease throughout this world; a disease, where, once again, tyranny replaces freedom; where preference replaces equality! Government was the solution to all our problems; or... has it just become one more problem? See more, below... ]

With the appointment of Trump to the Presidency, by money dominated party influence, despite his loss of the popular vote, government, the supposed solution to all of this society's problems, has become itself, just one more problem: the rise of a �democratic� dictatorship, dictated by the wealth of the International Corporatist Billionaires.

Today, even the idea of �country� has been nullified by a globalized �Fascist� empire of corporatist influence that is founded only on wealth, thereby nullifying all government solutions for countries' societies. This is brought about by leaving government under the same structure, it acquired under the previous Monarchical (Kingly) rulers of the past, instead of truly creating a government of, by and for its own people. The result is a people paying for the very same work that they do for themselves, under their government. Thus government acquires a �size� in monetary value, which hinders it from solving its own peoples' problems; and, allows groups of special interests to grow, calling themselves �parties�, with ideologies that favor their own particular group, through the benefits, they allow government to confer on them. As with religions, that created �Gods� in their own particular images, to favor only their own particular groups,�Democratic� governments have gone through the very same transformations. The end result is a growing class of rulers, who were never suppose to be rulers, tyrannizing their peoples, using the �freedom� of a globalized economy, to deny those same peoples, their freedoms!

The Purpose Of Democratic Governments:

�ALL�, was the purpose of a Democracy.

Simple: a government that solved all of its peoples' problems! But, somehow, its structure did not change from the tyrannies, it sprang from (or, perhaps, is once more becoming); and the result was that a government of, by and for its own people, still had to pay, through taxes and debt, for that work, those very same people did for themselves � just like they did under the tyrannies! The result is: the futility of modern Democratic governments, because they must pay for what they do for themselves! In other words, government can't solve the very problems, it was created to solve!

You see, the economy is not Democratic; it is a tyranny, dictated of, by and for wealth! If you embed government into this non-democratic structure, you essentially eliminate all the equality, it was suppose to represent; and, instead, produce a tyrannical representation, where solutions become too expensive to enact! Further, the introduction of parties and ideologies, makes what little, it does do, only a benefit for those same special interests, instead of that ALL, who is even now, still, paying all the bills for government! So, once again, government is not a solution, but another problem for these same people!

Why can't we fix our problems that we, ourselves, create for ourselves? The problem is that we can, but we don't, because the payment for the solutions is too expensive � but the solution to this is simple: eliminate the payment!

Yes, it is that simple!

Political Science is not a science at all, but Political Stupidity! A stupidity practiced by the �true believers� that see parties and their ideologies, as only the benefits, they can reap, at other peoples expense! That is not what Democracy is! �Of, by and for the people� is exactly that: people, in the guise of government, working to solve all their own problems, that they, themselves, make for themselves � no payments needed!

But then, there was Wall Street! The way the �Masters� made their own �government� that needed no payment whatsoever, and only paid off these �Masters�, with endless profit! What government couldn't do, they could always do � print all the wealth, they will ever need! Thus tyranny became legitimate, because we have to pay for our own work, while they are forever paid for doing no work at all � �How sweet it is!�

So, the Masters rule, and we pay, and pay and pay... thus has Democracy been warped into its opposite, by a swindler's economy, where other people's work only pays off, for those that do no work!

The answer to this is, let us finally be one people, committed to finding the answers to the problems, we ourselves make for ourselves. Let's make that into reality, instead of the fantasy, it now is, by taking government out of the economy, and letting it solve all of its people's problems � NO, not �one people under God�; but, one people determined to solve all the problems of their society, by making government, the work that they do for themselves, finding solutions, without having to pay for those solutions, except for the work that they invest in them!

No more Putins...
no more Jong-uns...
even, no more Trumps...




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1 "President Trump on Friday approved the release of a memo�prepared at the direction of House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes, R-Calif., over the objections of Wray and Justice Department leadership. In an unusual statement this week, the FBI�issued a public statement expressing "grave concerns'' about the accuracy of the memo."
From the article: �FBI chief Chris Wray rallies bureau after Nunes memo release�, by Kevin Johnson - USA TODAY - Saturday, February 3, 2018

2 See the article: �Warren Buffett on hand as Navy commissions newest warship�, Associated Press - Sunday, February 04, 2018.




Originally Published:

February 5, 2018


February 5, 2018