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By What Name� God!

God! He is everywhere; men have worshipped and adored Him; venerated and extolled Him; shown the best of themselves in His honor; and destroyed and slaughtered each other in His name; they have raised up their own importance and power over others with the acclamation of Him; they have created whole aristocracies in His name, with titles of their own importance: Prophet� Apostle� Pope�Bishop� Mullah� Pastor� Minister�Rabbi� Father; and grand palaces have flourished as His churches, while their human brothers and sisters grovel in the mire of the poverty surrounding them; Laws and Rules, engraven in the images of Holy Books, have set forth His domain among men; mysteries and miracles surround Him, and show forth His power� or perhaps the power of His ordained; He is called by many names: Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Jupiter, Christ�but who is He?

When something good happens to us we call to Him and thank Him; when something bad happens we either curse Him, or ask for His forgiveness� either way He is given credit for all things, one way or another. He is a supreme Judge to some, who sets forth His rules, and sanctions by rewards and punishments; to others He is the boundless freedom of Nature, and the power of Love in the hearts of all. Man�s future resides with Him, either in the eternal torments of a Hell, or the eternal Bliss of a Heaven. He is not only the first cause of man, but also the final end of mankind.

Yet to others �He� does not exist at all; �He� is a bare illusion that hopeful fancies have raised amidst the failings of �His� minions. Fancies that promise hope for those that will never really find any other way out of the misery mankind makes for itself; the illusion with an �end� attached to it, that makes an unendurable life livable.

And for the unscrupulous, �He� is the �gimmick� that allows them to make themselves the rulers of the gullible; �He� is the power of suggestion that builds the Empires that greed fosters, and allows the aristocracy of inequality on the premise of �a solution to all problems�. He is often Satan, in disguise � all that is base in man in the sheep�s clothing of �sanctity� � the �wolf� ready to pounce on the innocent.

He is the elusive chimera, which has metamorphed again, and yet again, throughout History, in untold forms and guises that all finally hold out some form of hope and reconciliation; but who has never stayed put long enough to be caught and realized. He is the phantom present in all dreams, and the solution to all man�s mistakes that never seems to materialize. He is, in a word, Hope itself.

So we have characterized Him; He is indeed man�s eternal hope of something better. He is what the ancients called the power that fosters the �Good�.

But man does not only live in the future; in fact, the �future� is only an illusion for man; the future is a creation which enkindles a final end for all desires, but really only ends in the present. Mankind lives only in the present, and defines the future only through his past, and what the present will turn into his past. Seen in this way, the present is the essence of man; and what occurs in the �present� is the supreme arbiter of all man�s hopes.

Thus God lives with us in an eternal �present�, forging our hopes through our actions, and the interactions of all other men and women.

Mankind is the only species, which creates and perceives �purpose�; purpose lives in man�s minds and thoughts; and thereby through his desires, through the agency of his reason, is it created along with the actions that further it. So his hopes grow in these very things. And therefore God is indeed a part of all, since all men forge hopes.

The present is formed not only for one, but for all mankind simultaneously, and therefore, it is this very interaction of all that creates all man�s hopes that finally become God. So mankind fashions God through the lives of all men and women, who in turn represents all mankind�s future in the hopes of all.

Here we see how it is the love within each of us that allows us to interact harmoniously together, which fashion the overall future of mankind, and thereby the purpose, which is the God that represents all our futures.

So God lives in all men and women, in this very love that fashions their hopes, and the hopes of all.

So does it matter how we picture, or imagine that God?

Not at all; for the same God lives in all; from atheist to mystic, ever creating anew the love, which will finally bring all mankind together as the Hope of all.

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Originally Published:

May 4, 2009


January 2, 2014