The New Definition Of �Genius�: Wealth!

If you are rich, you must be a genius! In fact, that is what �genius� is defined as, in the USA today: a wealthy person, who duped everyone else, out of their wealth!

After all, we live by new standards today: hypocrisy, duplicity, lying, cheating, swindling, defaming (especially behind others' backs), stealing, tyrannizing, trolling, swatting, hacking (the deceptive kind), back-stabbing; in fact, everything, we use to think was wrong, is, now, the true characteristic of �genius�! After all, the �art� of �the Deal� is the only thing that really matters! And, wealth is a characteristic of just how great that genius is!

Those FEW geniuses that have duped all those other �fools� out of their money, are the great innovators and harbingers of the future, a future filled with truly great prospects: wars, dictators, power mongering, poverty, and most of all: wealth (unending wealth for the FEW)!

America has become the true �shining star�, of what this kind of �genius� is. Take a look at Hollywood: �Tinsel town�, where �Moguls� (the true embodiment of genius) can treat women like dirt, and get away with it! After all, women are just �toys� for men's amusement; they are not really important! And, genius is more important than the lives of the MANY; that many, that the geniuses use, to become geniuses on: like all those people, who are homeless, and sleeping in the streets!

But, the geniuses are �giving back�! They give and give and give, to those other non-geniuses � that poor MANY, that they feel so sorry for, and guess what: they even get richer! YES, THEY GET RICHER! These genius �Moguls� get even richer, giving all their wealth away! The Billionaires are, now, becoming Trillionaires! This is true genius, in action!

So, what is that characteristic of the USA that has created all this genius? Freedom! Freedom to lie, cheat, even steal your way to the top! Oh... and, the greatest swindle ever conceived: TAXES AND GOVERNMENT DEBT! A way to keep a people from solving all their own problems, so a FEW geniuses can become ever richer from those same problems! Like those Wall Streeters, who just keep printing more and more money for themselves, literally, from �thin air�, while the workers work so hard, just trying to make ends meet � now that's true GENIUS!

Finally, I remind you where this country came from. In 1976, on the fourth of July, at the celebration of the bicentennial of this country's birth, I (as a college, work-study student), as a tour guide, led a three star General and his entourage, around Fort Mifflin, the Revolutionary War fort, in South Philadelphia1, that held off a British fleet, and allowed that war to set this Nation free, of a Monarchist's tyranny. Was, what I describe above, as the definition of �genius�, what these brave men and women fought for � or was it the opposite?

Think about it! And, think about what has happened to �of, by, and for the people!�


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1 See the History of Fort Mifflin Here.




Originally Published:

January 7, 2018


January 7, 2018