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LGBT Issue

" L G B T ":
An Issue That Shouldn't Be An Issue!

[�Be all that you can be� is a phrase that distinctly characterizes the American character today. But, some Americans are not only hated and reviled for this state of mind, but bullied and made to feel inferior to all others, because of it. I'm referring to the LGBT or Gay community; because they merely want to be what they are, they are made to feel like second class citizens; and that is what this essay highlights!]

What a person feels, thinks and experiences is basically what "he" is. Notice, I used the pronoun �he� here, because the writing convention makes us use one sex (male) over another (female), for indicating one or the other, when sex is referenced in an unspecified generality. The reason for this was, very simply, because our language has a bigoted origin. The issue of Bigotry is really the subject of this essay; and that is, because this "issue", we today call LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) is really an issue of identity, probably our most important freedom. Even more, identity, as to who we are (especially, who we are, in relation to ourselves), is a freedom so personal and intimate that it shouldn't even be questioned as an issue at all � especially in a land that is supposed to value freedom and rights above all other things in life.

So, why is it an issue? It seems that that �sacred� institution of marriage has become involved with this; and, of course, in a country that has created an aristocracy built on the �virtue� of wealth, there are also monetary considerations involved, since, if marriage is considered only a contract between a �man� and a �woman�, less benefits will be paid out to those, who benefit from this, cohabitational contract, called marriage!

Also, there is another reason: religion. In another essay1, I called religion, what it has really become today: bigotry! Everybody seems to know what God wants today! In fact, the will of this absentee landlord, who made us all, seems to be even working its way into a government that was created to represent all its citizens equally and justly. So lets tackle this first.

First of all, religion believes God made us all. In fact, He (also, notice the convention of using the capitalized masculine pronoun he, as: �He�, for God; obviously, God is a male! Obviously, there is an even double bigotry here!) made everything. Now, in addition, God is �perfect�, in other words, He (sic) does not make mistakes! But somehow He (sic) seems to have made quite a few mistakes (since there seems to be so many LGBT people around... OOOOPS!). In another essay, I described the reason for this: �God's Interpreters�2! Yes, these are the guys, who know God's mind, inside and out3!

What is also interesting, especially, in the Judeo-Christian religions, is that in the Old Testament, God created a �New Covenant� with the human race, where, He, would place Himself in every living heart4. If this is true, why do we need interpreters of God? Or, for that matter even religions?

Here we have the great enigma of religions (all of them): God made us all. God even put Himself, inside of us. Yet, we need a religious Interpreter, (the Clergy) to interpret God for us! But even worse, is the fact that religions (especially Judeo-Christian ones) are suppose to be based on love, yet their dogmas estrange and alienate any and all, who do not follow them. But one thing religions do do, very succinctly, is the perpetuation of division, bigotry and hate. St. John said: �God is Love�, and even the New Covenant of the Old Testament confirmed this, yet religions have made God the biggest bigot in the History of the human race!

So, lets sum this up: God made us all. And, God is perfect, and makes no mistakes. Yet God has made millions of mistakes, according to His religions, because they do not accept LGBT people! Do you see something wrong here? God, also, gave us all, a brain, which I'm sure, He wants us to use. If we use it correctly, we will see that this is not God talking, but some bigoted human being, namely, those same Clergy, who always seem to know, what God wants us to do.

Now, you may refute this by saying, as many true believers do, that God did not make these people this way, but that they themselves made them that way. Again, they are forgetting something; why would they drift in that direction, if God, who, as the New Covenant says, lives in their hearts, would not want them to? Free will, of course! But then, these people are not choosing this, but merely following the natural impulses that are built into them. There is no question of will here, but instead deep seated tendencies. Even science has shown that that is the way these people are made. But, even if it wasn't, say, do we have the right to make people be other then the way they want to be, when that �want to be�, deals only with their own innermost desires, needs and wants? Of course not, especially in a country, where the rights of individuals are supposed to be valued above all else. �We The People� is not just some of us, but all of us!

Now let's look at the monetary issue of marriage. There is no better, excuse for bigotry, in a country where greed, and �small�5 government seem to prevail, than trying to limit marriage. Personally, I feel that if two people make a contract for life to live together, and love each other, then they should be considered married, regardless of what their sexes are. But, again, marriage has been colored by religion as something under the control of God. Now, God made marriage to have people �multiply�, and create kids, that will be raised in the proper way (according to the tenants of the said religion, the voice of God.) But government considers marriage a contract, between consenting adults; should that always be between a male and a female? There is no reason for this, except a preconceived prejudice. If people want to have kids they can adopt them. So whats the big fuss? Money, of course! The insurance companies and even the governments will have to put out more money for retirement benefits and medical care, etc., if marriage becomes non-discriminatory. But is this right, in a country where the rights of the individual are so important? Of course not; we are not a religious dictatorship as yet, although our government seems to think that belief in a God is a necessity for Americans; and are thus, already discriminating against the beliefs of a large number of its citizens, in a country where everyone's beliefs are suppose to be hallowed ground!


"LGBT" is a choice that people have a right to make, because that is the way they are; if they do not force this on others, there is no reason for them to not be respected as normal citizens, with all the rights and protections of such. In a country where the freedom of the individual is paramount, to deny these fellow citizens their right to love and marriage, and even identity, as they like, is a heinous form of discrimination, akin to the discrimination of race. And, as for religions, they should be more mindful of their ultimate purpose on this earth: to bring all people together, in love! LGBT is not a sin, or evil, but the way certain people were created by God to be. The evil in this world comes not from them, but from self-righteous hypocrites that can broach no other views, but their own; hypocrites that want to make even God, in their own vicious image!


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1 See the essay: �Religion: Is It Becoming Just Another Name For Bigotry?�

2 See the essay: �The Clergy � The Enigma Of Religion!"

3 But, remember, God put Himself (sic) inside ALL of us! It seems very queer, considering this, that He (sorry, I'm sick of these sics; this is the last one!) only talks to a few of us. I guess He is also showing us His �Hollywood Star� attributes! It's no wonder He hasn't put up a Heavenly newspaper yet; of course, that is what religion has really become today anyway!

4 The Holy Bible, King James Version, Jeremiah 31:33-34: �But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; � And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.�(The Christ showed that law to be Love, not Judgment; Italics and emphasis mine.)

5 Government, according to some political beliefs today, seems to be best, when it is as small as possible. Of course, they tend to forget that the whole purpose of government was to be as big as the people it governs need it to be. But, today is the age of �austerity�; as the Greek crisis has confirmed, so making people pay twice for the services they provide for themselves, through taxes, is suppose to be the norm. After all, the rich have to live too, especially, on our backs! See my essay: �THE FINAL SOLUTION�



Tai-Chi Tu
Tai-Chi Tu

Originally Published:

July 8, 2015


July 17, 2015