The Monster, Democracy Created,
In The Name Of Freedom1!

History shows us that �freedom� is a word that can take on many meanings. And, can cause great hardship and horror, for many lives, along the way.

Most of the time, these monstrous consequences are hidden by that term �freedom!� Just as crime is, itself, really only a type of freedom gone, shall we say: berserk! The good meaning of freedom is the freedom that Democracy was suppose to give us � a freedom that built community, solidarity, respect, rapport, consolidation and, most of all, shared responsibility that gave the word ALL, its Democratic meaning: a Republic, where all were perceived as equal, and equally important.

But, because government workings became highlighted by party ideology, and an economy, where the exact opposite of this, was deemed important, through the glorification of the �self� above all else, we have come to a point, where the opposite is true � freedom has become totally devoid of the ALL, it was created to serve. The FREE in �free� enterprise has made the freedom of crime and racketeering, again, become its true meaning, as the corporations become kingdoms, enthroning a super-rich elite that prides itself, as above all others, whom it deems, its slaves! Indeed, it has even changed the meaning of ownership itself; as debt and budgets have paralyzed that one solution, for the unpredictability that the economy thrives on: government.

Now, to �own� means to pay for, for the rest of your life! The �subscription society� has truly become the very thing that that old movie �The Godfather� heralded it to be: a racket � but even worse, a racket within the law!

The racketeers are not only the above mentioned corporations (and the Unions, another Corporate entity) and their Wall Street henchmen, but even government, itself. The FEW have once again become the rulers of the MANY; everything, we created this republic to do away with! And, most importantly, they use the term �freedom� as the way to do this very thing: enslave us!

But do we really have a true Capitalism, where ownership no longer exists; where we have to continue, for a lifetime, paying for what we own, because of out of reach prices, or government taxes, or maintenance rental fees? As I mentioned in a former essay, Capitalism has truly become a form of Communism, where government spawned ideology, like �In God We trust� and bought candidates, who lose elections, yet win those same elections, has totally changed the nature of both Democracy and Capitalism, and made government into a type of religion, and the economy, a legitimate racket made to support a ruling elite. With the coronation of King Trump, we have reached the pinnacle of the absurdity, and the loss of freedom, this totally �un-free� economy has given us.

Freedom no longer means freedom, but a subservience bought for life, where you actually never really own anything! So, this is the capitalism, the corporatists have bestowed on us, in the wisdom of their profiteering frenzy � a tyranny, called a Democracy, that is anything, but that! A Freedom that is really a ghost of the true freedom, it was suppose to be, where an elite rules, instead of ALL!

Today, The Corporations Own Us,
And We Own Nothing!

Can we fix all of this without raising, once again, the tri-color cockade of true revolution; or will our own stupidity, only allow this travesty to grow and grow, until poverty and disparity makes the frenzy of revolution, the only answer left! We are one people, conceived in Liberty and Justice for ALL � we must never let the economy make this statement, a lie!

The Economy Has Become A Monster,
Out Of Our Control!2


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1 I write this essay to show the young, the kind of world the economy is forcing them to inhabit. A world where equality and freedom are not what they were meant to be; and the Horatio Alger myth turns everyone against everyone else. Your generations will face a world much more enslaved then it is now � a world where everything centers around wealth and status, instead of equality and fellowship. �Watch Your Back� will be the slogan of that time, where no one can trust anyone else! So, it is up to you, to either let it happen, or change it, so everyone looks out for everyone else, and trust once more becomes the slogan of the American Dream!

2 See the essay: �It's Time For All Countries To Start Taking Care Of ALL Their People! (THE LIE OF TAXES AND GOVERNMENT DEBT IS EXPOSED!) � on how to rebuild government as the economy's true solution.




Originally Published:

June 22, 2017


June 23, 2017