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I Accuse!

Zola's famous: I Accuse!

America: The Land without Freedom

(The Hypocrisy of a 'Freedom' based on Preference)

�I have already intimated to you the
danger of parties in the state� Let me
now take a more comprehensive view, and
warn you in the most solemn manner against
the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.�

George Washington �The Farewell Address� (italics are mine) *

In the Human being, the greatest danger to true freedom is the fact that in its attainment lays the essence of its end. Freedom that does not know any bound becomes license, and either degenerates into chaos or anarchy, or becomes a tyranny. It lies in the further paradox that the human is not a solitary creature, but a social one. Perfect freedom lies only in the one, never in the many.

So what is the poor human to do, when it has been given a free will, but must also become a part of a collection of beings, all of which exhibit that very same free will? History shows us that the human is still groping for the right answer. His past shows us that the way of handling this freedom has always ended the same way: partisanship and preference. Even Gods 1 have become the same, discriminating among their creations, choosing one over another; preferring one group to another. Why?

Ahh� the perennial question! 2 Freedom implies no boundaries, yet when more than one �free� will exists within the same scope, freedom must give way to compromise or extinction; boundaries are already formed, for more than one �free� will implies the boundaries that keep them separate and �free�.

The important word above is �compromise�. If more than one �will� must exist within the same scope of �freedom�, than each must grant the very same freedom to the others, if all would continue to live together within the same scope. All of this shows us that if we want a �free� society we must give up some freedom to allow all others to become free. This is what I have referred to as responsible freedom. 3 It is acknowledged in all societies by the imposition of laws and law enforcement; this is, in essence, society�s way of committing all to the compromises which freedom entails. 4

If the above holds, than all would seem to be right with the world, since the imposition of laws would guarantee the same limited freedom to all, and all preference would be extinguished. Yet we have seen that preference and partisanship has, instead of becoming extinguished, indeed become the actual essence of all democratic societies that now exist, again, why?

You don�t have to look far for the answer: social classes, economic preference and the resulting political preference, and even religious preference!

Here in America, �the land of the free�, where democratic freedom is supposed to exist: it doesn�t!

What good are laws limiting freedom when there are no laws to reign in the ways people make a living, or the fair production and distribution of the necessities of life, the life blood of the survival and prosperity that this democracy guarantees? How much freedom can there be when the very way in which a person gets a job is dependent on preference; or to what groups you belong? How much freedom can there be when happiness and prosperity are measured by income and wealth, or how good the economy has treated you, in other words preference? 5 Look at all the monopolies; just try and sue one, then you will see first hand what real preferential treatment is; or if indeed, the Liberty Bell doesn't sound a different note for them and their lobbies!

Do you see the contradiction here? We created a democracy to do away with preference and partisanship, and give a responsible freedom to all; but what we have is unlimited partisanship and preference; a society so divided with haves and have-nots that it is on the point of collapse! We have gone so far that we even create special interests, to rid ourselves of the same... take a look at all the groups that civil rights, women's lib and gay rights have created... special interests to rid us of special interests! We are all people, and Americans, so why isn't that enough? What happened to that unity of purpose we once fought so dearly to preserve? The purpose of America was to bring unity from diversity... instead it has become the land that creates diversity from unity!

America, the land of the free, has become America the land of the master and his slave, or the land of the special interest!

As long as we have parties, right and left, rich and poor, young and old, conservatives and radicals, and the thousand other contentious groups that show preferential treatment, our freedom and democracy does not exist. It is an illusion that the �special interests� have created to blind us to the fact that their existence is the very proof that freedom does not exist!

In America, today, the very ones crying freedom the loudest are the very ones who have deprived us of all our freedom!

When there are no poor in America, then there will be freedom!

When there are no rich in America, then there will be freedom!

When there are no unemployed in America, then there will be freedom!

When all Americans can share the same dream, then there will be freedom!

When all Americans share the same purpose, then there will be freedom!

When there is no preferential treatment of any kind in America, then there will be freedom!

When there is no greed in America, then there will be freedom!

When there is no longer a "Free" economy, then, and only then, will there be true freedom in America!

What good is a democracy when there is no freedom?

Freedom to starve is not freedom; it is the callousness of a �free� society that has no freedom; it is the hypocrisy of a society that says �hooray for me and to hell with everyone else�; it is the sickness of a society that sees �charity� as a cure instead of what it is: the reconciliation of a guilty conscience; it is the hypocrisy of thousands of religions that believe love is a �contract� instead of a gift to all; and it is the discrimination of religions that believe that God is a monarch with His own preferential �chosen�.

While preference of any kind exists in America, it will not be that free country it continually proclaims itself to be; it will only be the hypocritical society it is, which will continue to divide itself into oblivion under its hypocritical monarch God! Remember the words of Washington as he left his office; the warning against the very same (parties) factionalism we have adopted.

While there is preference, or any method which ensures preference, there is no freedom. Our whole society is riddled with preference, of one kind or another, and they all stem from the same two causes: economics and religion. Only in unity can we find freedom, and we can only find unity through creating a unity of purpose, which neither our religions, nor our economic system offer us at present.


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* Government in a Democracy assumes a unity of purpose; that is, a single purpose that all in society share. That purpose is to preserve and protect this �unity�; to solve the problems of the society, and maintain and preserve this same society, and the rights it guarantees under its constitution. When partisanship shows itself, it assumes that there is not this single purpose, but only the platform and ideology of the �party� which �should be� the purpose of all. Thus it denies the people of the ideological freedom they look for in a Democracy, which allows many ideologies without preference to any.

Democratic Government actually negates the need of "party" in that it is created from all the citizens to represent them without preference to any. That government representatives represent party views show that there is already a disunity of purpose, and that instead of representing the people who elect them, they represent other interests. As George Washington knew, a Democracy riddled with parties is no longer a Democracy, but an oligarchy, or a government that represents the �few� not �all�.

Democratic Government must be �problem� oriented not �party� oriented. It's purpose is to preserve and maintain the unity of the society it represents, not to follow any �philosophy� or �dogma�. Again, today even our �free� governments are being overwhelmed in �dogma� arising from the mistaken notions of religion and its warped concept of love that is steeped in moral dogma.

Today we have a democratic government that represents �special interests� under the idea of a government representing an ideology, instead of a society of many ideologies. Again, democratic government is meant to preserve the society, not any moral or social dogma or ideology; instead, it supports the welfare of a society of many ideologies, with preference to none.

Thus the preservation of responsible freedom is the one and only ideology of Democracy; and it alone is the unity of purpose its citizens share.

It is not a question of "too much" or "too little" government; it is a question of enough government to allow all its citizens the prosperity and opportunities that a responsibly free society and its constitution confer.

The purpose of any government is to maintain its society; the purpose of society is to allow all its people to prosper; the purpose of a Democratic society is to allow all its people to prosper through the utilization of responsible freedom which its government guarantees to all equally.

1 The heathen Gods of Homer�s Iliad and Odyssey show the preferential treatment of the Gods toward their human favorites, as the whimsical frivolities of mischievous children; yet the God of the Jews, and even that God of the �loving� Christians show the same type of whimsy at work. A ruthless jealous God who rewards and punishes by his whimsical favor on the one hand, or a God that gives and withholds His love merely at whim, on the other. Or perhaps, it is not the �Gods� themselves at fault; only their whimsical adherents, lost in the "whimsy" of their fanatical devotion to their own ideas? If God has favorites, in the manner in which today's religions have portrayed Him, then truly the world is lost!

2 The Philosopher�s question: Why? For more on this, why it�s important, and why we must not only ask it, but find its answer, see further comments on this in Errata

3 Democracy is in essence the �economy� of society, in that it ensures the free will of each and every individual member of society its maximum scope of operation. Its basic premise is the dependency of all individual citizens on society for their overall sustenance, and the dependency of society on the actions of each individual citizen to maintain society. In contradistinction to this, capitalism assumes that the individual can attain all its wants regardless of society; in other words it denies the basic fact that the individual is a dependent creature. Yet in actuality it assumes that there is a trust between individuals to carry on business between them �fairly�. In essence it assumes two contradictory premises: that the individual can and should do anything he likes to attain profit, but that he should do this �fairly�, so that others will do business with him. Trust is based on a favorable predictability of action; yet capitalism relies on the opposite of this to ensure the success of its venture. Democracy sustains society, while capitalism ignores its effects on it, yet relies on it; in other words it preys on society, like a parasite slowly devouring its host. Yet today, all democracies rely on this parasitical system as their economy, the results are: poverty, the disintegration of societal trust (both intra- and inter- National), familial breakdown, social class disparity, crime and wars.

4 Many parties today warn against the threat of over-regimentation by government, leading in its turn to the society predicted by Orwell in his �1984� book. This �Orwellian� outlook, is today being created not by government per se, but by the monopolies of our so-called free economy which are creating an economic regimentation of our privacy and overall economic freedom through the use of credit reports and databases invading our individual privacy, and, in effect, selling the data of our personal lives as their products; thereby denying us the protection guaranteed by our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Further, the military industrial complex that modern democracies have created through political lobbies, is creating the shadowy sides of government, in their secret spy and intelligence networks to supposedly quell �National threats�; yet in reality, they are garnering power to create incidents, and even wars, to feather the beds of lobbies they support in private industry. A truly �free� democratic government has no need of �spies� or �intelligence�; it is open and free with nothing to hide, because it shares the unity of purpose of all its citizens. The existence of this shadowy side of our governments is the actual existence of the tentacles of capitalism, and its special interests, corrupting our governments through officials that have (individual greedy) purposes outside the united purpose of society. The Orwellian society is looming on our horizons not because of the curtailment of freedom by government, but because of the absence of regulation of the unlimited freedom of business, and the resulting corruption of government which this has caused. Again: when government hides its actions from its citizens there is corruption present, the corruption of greed.

5 There is no doubt that the purpose of belonging to a society is the attainment of the survival benefits it confers. Yet all societies in this world today, contain large segments of their peoples that are living on the verge of extinction, while others are living like kings and potentates. This disparity, referred to as the familiar �Haves and Have-nots� is glossed over as something inevitable. But its existence in supposedly �free� societies shows a very great flaw in this supposed �freedom� they tout. This crack in the �Liberty Bell� has come about through changing the right to �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness� into one of �Hooray for me and to hell with everyone else� which capitalism is so fond of. Instead of the absence of preference which true freedom touts, we now have not only the preference of wealth, but also the preference of pure chance at work to create the survival potential for our citizens.

I Accuse!

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Originally Published:

July 16, 2009


June 26, 2014