The Nine Muses The Philosophy of the GOOD


Section I

Introduction to the Formal Theory of the GOOD

�� let justice be done though the heavens fall.�

Immanuel Kant     The Metaphysics of Morality

�Churches have become institutions that group
people by belief and rulebooks; by rewards and
punishments. The result is separation, hate and
soceties without trust. The truth is that man creates
his own truth, and religions their own Gods. There is
one God, above all of this, his name is Love, and he
lives in every heart without exception. If we follow
Him we will find the only real truth, we can ever
know. If we build our societies around Him, we will
experience peace. Muslims, Christians, Hindus and
Jews have all lost sight of him in the labyrinths of
their doctrines and dogmas; they have lost the point
of religion in the details. As St. John said: 'God is
love'; that is the truth.� 1

J. A. Macaluso    July 6, 2008

A little while ago I wrote a novel on the early life of Julius Caesar. I did this spurred on by incidents in my own life, which in many ways mirrored his, and also because of the course of evolution the world was currently following. It had occurred to me that certain very ominous signs, in the overall transactions of the world at large, were very similar to certain signs that Roman society, at the end of the Roman Republic, had shown, which had finally led to its dissolution. I thought that I had found an answer to the many ambiguities in the life of Caesar, which led him to take the somewhat bizaar course his later life had followed. In the midst of this, I realized that there were many of the tenants of the ancient Greek philosophers in the motivations I thought he exhibited in his overall strategy. This led me into a further investigation of these principles, not only in his day, but also as they applied to our own time, and the consequences, which we ourselves would face in failing to see these principles as a fundamental part of the fabric of the individual and society.

What these essays, especially the first essay on Ontology and Epistemology, try to show is that there is a basic absolute moral law built into man. This is what I call the Good, and further, it is simply based on the idea of �love of neighbor as self� or �do to others as you would have them do to you�. This is, for humanity, the only absolute it can ever know. All other truths obtained by humanity are created within the reality of the perceiver itself, and therefore relative to the �I� of the individual will, or to the collective will of its immediate society. In the implementation of human society, this absolute is further reconciled within the society and culture of the group of perceivers who make up this society and their culture. Together they create the implementation of a societal morality that all in their society must conform to. For example, Caesar was a man who was aware of the Good, and tried to further it, but his overall moral actions were still tempered by the culture and society he was raised in. His actions were far in advance for the time he lived in, but he was still a man of that time. We cannot judge him by the morals of the society we now live in, since much has occurred to broaden our views. His idea of justice was not congruent with our idea of justice, because society still has a say in the moral action of the human. That is why we should strive to make society emulate the morality of the Good as far as is humanly possible.

Societies build governments, which are used to both order and perpetuate their particular societies, using this societal morality as their basis to create their laws and customary mores. The stumbling block to this implementation has always, throughout the history of humanity, been the processes by which the society chooses to distribute the necessities and resources of society � the economy.

Because the economy has such a powerful hold on the society � indeed it is the very essence of the survival of the individual and the society � it can overwhelm the very purposes of government and corrupt and destroy the society it was meant to support. Indeed the capitalism 2 that has been the economic system throughout history that has caused all the problems, wars and inequities in human society, has today, as it has in the time of Caesar, posed the very same threat to our society, and threatens us with the same dissolution as then, but even on a wider scale, the global destruction of society and culture.

The problem with capitalism is plain, and it doesn�t take a genius to see that it is a logical contradiction to the foundation of all societies. Societies are built on the concepts of Equity and Cooperation, while capitalism is founded on Personal Gain (greed) and Competition. Of course it creates prosperity, but only for a few, while it also ensures poverty for many.

Even worse, people today (especially illegal aliens, and immigrants out for gain) seem to think that this economic system is the same as Democracy. This is the old fallacy of mistaking apples for oranges: they are two different things! I will make it plain � Democracy is a government based on laws and responsible freedom, which ensures the same freedom and rights for all � capitalism is a greedy supply system based on unlimited freedom, or license, which results in a type of tyranny, not freedom. Democracy is a government whose purpose is to preserve and perpetuate the society it supports. Capitalism is a method of distributing necessities, based on individual gain; it only supports the individual capitalists, not society, and is the origin of all the inequitable distributions of necessities that we see in the world today � in other words, it is the cause of all poverty.

The essays and the outline of the Ontology and Epistemology given below show that we can no longer tolerate the tyranny of the individual expressed by the archaic economy we have continued to allow to rule our societies over the wills of the people�s governments. WE MUST bring back the focus on to the collective � society � if we will indeed ever ensure the rights of the individual. My mission is one of instilling awareness, not one of corrective action.

Correction will not be easy, since the disease has progressed so far, as I have outlined below in the societal essays; every aspect of our societies have been enveloped by this system and its consumer oriented viewpoint. Even the schools and religions have become imbued with the ideas and terminology of this system, utilizing companies and corporations to describe themselves or their methods, and charities as their main goals, instead of human dignity and worth, through concerted cooperation and labor. Charities will never cure poverty; but we can eliminate poverty, and the miseries it entails, by reforming the economic system that ensures its existence. We have indeed been kidnapped and brainwashed by greed and its technological economic minions.

There are two possibilities as to the corrective actions that can be taken to reform this system. One of these or the other or perhaps a combination of both would be the way to accomplish the reform:

  1. The system itself can be changed to make it more in line with the principles of democracy.

  2. Or government can, through laws and taking over the distribution of the capital, bring into this system the equity and cooperation it needs.

In any case, I am confidant that correction can be accomplished. Let us take old Kant�s words above as our battle cry, in the pursuit of the ideal that Plato and Socrates, and even Caesar sought so long ago!

Indeed� �Let justice be done though the heavens fall!�




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1 The Love, which is God, is �selfless� love; the most perfect love there is. In man it alone is the presence of God in man. One might say it is the embodiment of �perfect will�, a will that can take in all viewpoints at once; it is a will without self that serves all purposes.

All of this might actually give us something of a definition of God: �A spiritual embodiment of perfect unity, which exhibits a purely selfless will.� In essence God has no purpose through embodying all purposes in the Universe. He is the ultimate Unity derived from all plurality. He is The One in The Many.

Compare all of this with the Taoist definition of the Tao in the I Ching :

�Straight, square, great.
Without purpose,
Yet nothing remains unfurthered.�

(from: �The I Ching�, by Richard Wilhelm, Cary F. Baynes, Bollingen Foundation, New York, N.Y., 1950 )

or compare this with the Vedic wisdom in The Bhagavadgita:

�He who has devoted his self to abstraction, by devotion, looking alike on everything, sees the self abiding in all beings, and all beings in the self. To him who sees me in everything and everything in me, I am never lost and he is not lost to me. The devotee who worships me abiding in all things, holding that all is one, lives in me, however he may be living. That devotee, O Arguna! Is deemed to be the best, who looks alike on pleasure or pain, whatever it may be, in all creatures, comparing all with his own pleasure or pain.�

(from: �Man and Spirit: The Speculative Philosophers�, Saxe Commins and Robert N. Linscott)

2 See the definition of capitalism I use in the Terminology section

Today in America, if you criticize capitalism people immediately think you are a Communist or Socialist. I am neither. But I don�t want to see our Democracy be destroyed by a system that with everyday, comes closer to being an economic form of Fascism. Even our so-called leaders don�t seem to understand the difference between Democracy and Capitalism. They go on and on about a system that is becoming a tyranny that will soon overwhelm our Democracy and bury all of us in a tyranny of the rich. Every Democracy of the past has fallen to this very same system. We must keep the ideas of Capitalism: private property and even private enterprise; but we must make the system fair and do away with the predatory and parasitical attributes that create monopolies and institutions like poverty, economic slavery and war; the same attributes that have killed some fifty million people in the last century, and has caused, and still causes all the misery this world knows. If you love our Democracy, as I do, please read on, and don�t be beguiled by the names and lies that the enemies of real freedom will throw at you. And always remember it is not Democracy that is failing America; it is the greedy form of capitalism that is now being promoted by the enemies of freedom.

Originally Published:

January 25, 2008


June 26, 2014