The Garbage Can World That

God, Freedom And Love Have Created

You can't read the news, or watch the TV, or even go out for a drive, or a trip to the store without feeling violated, in some way, today. If you're old, like I am, you even feel it worse: everyday, the bills increase and the services decrease; instead of feeling more a part of life, you feel more and more alienated and cut off from the world. And, yet, we Americans live in what was supposed to be the best country on this earth!

The people around us just do whatever they want, without any thought of whether it bothers or hurts others. We spout truisms about Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, while our actions reflect the reverse. We have unconsciously turned the Golden Rule1 into Capitalism's �Hooray for me, and to Hell with everyone else!� We have become mindless brutes, so caught up in ourselves, we can't even see how far our own actions have become everything we were supposed to abhor in others. We are the ultimate hypocrites, so eaten up by hypocrisy, that we cannot even see it, when it comes back to destroy even our own lives!

Oh, it has gone far beyond even hypocrisy; it is a type of suicidal mania, that cries out to us: �destroy as many as you can, so you can get even with them.� We have ourselves become unknowing terrorists, bound and determined to destroy a worthless 'garbage can' world that we see as our enemy, instead of our salvation.

Yet, what were the motives that drove us into this fix? How can such lofty ideas as God, Freedom and even Love produce a world so low and vicious? Let's examine these concepts; first God:


The easiest way to look at God, is as a builder of sorts: a First Cause. Every cause always produces an effect; and each effect itself becomes a cause � that is how science came to be. But there must have been a beginning to this cycle3, and that is what we term a �First Cause�. And that is, what the idea of God is: a something that gave rise to everything else. We cannot know anything about this First Cause4, except that, by its very nature, it is unexplainable and unknowable; except in the way it starts the ball of creation rolling!

So we can characterize it as a builder or creator, of sorts � a First Cause!

Now, does it make sense that a builder would destroy its own creations? Further, if it set the ball of creation rolling, why would it let the ball fall down a hole, so to speak; or destroy itself?5

First of all, life is not the way we would like it to be; the injustice6 of life hits us from the moment we take our first breath outside the womb! What we do find though, is that life obeys certain unflinching rules, that never change � causation, the laws of science7 (outside of us), and the dictates of reason (within us).

These two things create a world that, although essentially hostile, through its very nature, can still be largely tamed, and thus, allow us to live manageable lives. Although there are many things in the universe we may not know, or comprehend, we can still possess that, through which a livable life can be achieved.

What I have just said throws all the burden of living on us. In contradistinction to this, is religion, which creates a group, which follows a God, whose will is that which, essentially, determines that burden of life for us. But God can only make His will known to the group, through the intermediacy of a clergy, through which, God's will is interpreted. �Interpreted� is the key word here, because the group gets this interpretation through the hierarchy the Church has created. Since all of the preceding rests on faith, or belief, in the religion, we see that corruption is easily introduced, since interpretations are easily created to conform to the wishes of that intermediary clergy, who as humans, are easily corruptible, as past history has confirmed.

So why is this intermediary clergy needed at all? In point of fact, why is even a group needed? Again, religion answers all of this with �faith�! Faith cannot and should not be questioned � ever! But then another mystery emerges: humans are questioning creatures! We question everything, by our very nature, as human beings. Why has God, our very creator, created us to do something His religion tells us we must not do? One would think this open, loving God, would especially answer the questions His own creatures ask about Him?

The God of religion has many questions to answer, yet He answers them with mysteries instead of answers! Yet the most striking answer all religions give is one very strong one: believe what we tell you, or risk damnation, hellfire or just plain destruction!8

This is the loving God of religion?

Now let's get back to why we began talking about God in the first place. We spoke of how such an idea of God could be so heavily imbued in the world today, and yet the world have become the vicious and malignant place it is. This intermediacy factor explains this discrepancy.

God, the creator, should have an open and very private communication with its creations. And, this line of communication should be built in, so to speak; built into the very innards of this human creation. This all seems very natural, and, in fact, the Bible itself points this out to us in that part which reveals the New Covenant, as the placing of God within the human heart itself � the Christ, Himself, being the fulfillment of this New Covenant with God � a man, fully; yet fully in communication with God, Himself a part of God! But somehow, religion interposed itself between God and man � becoming God's interpreter. As the past showed, and as the present is showing, yet again, religion is the weak link, that should be done away with entirely. Why, because God is a part of the human itself. There is no need for any interpretation, or, for that matter, any intermediary to interpret God.

This makes all human beings the same. No divisions because of God; because He is a part of ALL!


How far does freedom stretch? Where does it begin, and where does it end? Can we be truly free, and still live in a society?

There are problems with freedom today � we are seeing more and more of them, with every passing day.

Freedom affects all aspects of our lives today. Freedom is the core parameter that all aspects of social interaction rely on, yet it is also a means through which social interaction can be destroyed, or distorted into anti-social behavior. Freedom must be considered to stretch only as far as social considerations allow it; beyond that it can cause harm.

The family, the basic unit of society today, is a prime example of how freedom must, at one and the same time, be curtailed and enjoyed.

Freedom is unlimited action or expression. But it must always be applied within the bounds of its particular context or situation. Although democracy touts freedom, it is a freedom framed within the bounds of laws, and the mores of society. These �mores� are a particularly troublesome aspect today, because of the many groups a free society represents, ethnically, racially, religiously, economically and politically. Free societies, today, are not homogeneous.

The corruptions of freedom we are seeing today, will guide me in my presentation of this topic.

Firstly, freedom of speech:
Free speech allows people to express their ideas and opinions to others. It promotes discussions and interactions between people, and the promotion and development of new ideas. But we are also seeing this freedom promote hate, bigotry and bullying. The Charlie Hebdo case is an important instance of how free speech, caused a mass murder, due to religious interpretations. Did Charlie Hebdo go too far? Yes and No!

Yes, because the publication almost pushed itself as a challenge to the fanatical group, whose response should have been inferred from the very beginning. No, because the challenge of groups, in written or spoken word, or by cartoons, is not the same as the bullying, hateful, or hurt-inducing taunts against individuals through slander or libel or malicious mischief. In this particular case, the cartoons actually taunted the hateful actions of this group � so were themselves trying to dissuade hate instead of encourage it.

Free speech must be used with caution. You cannot say anything you like, with the aim to hurt or bully individuals. This is not free speech.

Next, economic freedom:
Very simply, we created democracy in order to do away with hierarchies. But free enterprise recreated them on just about every level in today's free societies. And what is more, it created them on the most trivial of pretexts: how much money you have (even totally ignoring in what manner this wealth was obtained)! Under the pretext of freedom, the economy did away with the most basic freedoms: the freedoms that made all equal and free of the privileges that the lack of freedom conferred.

In the same way, it destroyed the benefits of supply and demand interactions; by creating monopolies. Today this has also spilled over into the technology sector and the Internet, where monopolization has turned a free medium into a commercially controlled one.

Lastly, does free enterprise mean buying and selling literally, anything? Can we literally put a price tag on everything! In the past, we have seen how prostitution and pornography were made into businesses. Today, things have gotten much worse: illegal aliens paying to be shipped (like cargo) into other countries; price gouging, energy and much needed supplies, by suppliers who have cornered the market in these commodities; the rise of websites, on the internet that sell illegal drugs, or, much worse, contract out to have people hacked or libeled online; all of this shows just how the pushing of free entrepreneurship, has instead fostered the loss of basic societal freedoms. I could go on endlessly with this corruption of our economic freedoms; but, I think the reader will get the point from these examples.

Next, Political freedom:
As I mentioned above, in regard to religions, the introduction of an interpreter, between God and the human being, led to corruption and the influence of power; so also in politics. Political Parties have become the interpreters between the people and its free government. The result, a government that is not only not free, but even not representing the people who it serves. Thus the corruptions of power and influence, which have killed the people's trust in a government they no longer see as representing them. Also, the economic monopolies have destroyed the freedom of the people to freely pick candidates, because of the influence of lobbyists and economic power.

Finally, legal freedom:
Law is an important aspect of any society. It is, unfortunately, a must in society, because some people tend to often think that freedom should not be controlled, especially in the areas I covered under economic freedom, above. So the enforcement of law is necessary. Today, we are seeing this questioned under the pretexts of prejudice, political correctness and rabble rousing, to create media sensationalism. Sure, there is a certain amount of truth to these things, in some individual cases; but also, there has been much exaggeration. This exaggeration was done on purpose; not for the purpose of allowing more freedom to be had by the people who are affected, but, in order to pit our society against its own legal establishment. The effect: to further divide our people, and institute laws that actually take social freedom away from them. For instance, the Ferguson problem only stirred up a lot of trouble, especially for local businesses that were destroyed, and finally proved nothing. Like the �March On Wall Street� movement before it, it merely showed how divided this country really is, and, in the end, brought about even more division in a country where freedom was supposed to create the opposite.10

And Finally, Love11

Love is the glue that holds the human race together. It is the one, and most important thing, that makes a human, humane! The love I talk about here is not romantic love, which primarily centers around desire and sexual attraction, but the kind of love that is often regarded as spiritual. Only humans can show this kind of love; and it can, in many ways, be characterized as a type of innocence, in the young; or a type of unlimited acceptance, in the old. It is the kind of love that religions all seemed to work towards, but never really achieved, because of the organizational and dogmatic aspects they chose to emphasize.

So, how could love, create a world without love; in fact a world often centered about its opposite, hate? Again, religions come to the foreground here � because they changed the very meaning of love itself!

Today, many people see love as a type of judgment; and, this is exactly what religions did to it � they changed it into a rite of passage into the religious club. It thus became a membership proviso that made a person a member of that religion. Because of this, instead of the unlimited acceptance the Christ heralded as love, it became a way to distinguish believers from unbelievers. If you follow the �rules�, you are practicing love; if you aren't, you are an outcast, an unbeliever and castoff. Thus a line was drawn in the sand, that divided the believers from the outcasts.

This is how religious love divides instead of uniting. This is how religious love creates hate, instead of love! Christ said: �judge not, lest ye be judged�; yet religion, itself, is judgment; even worse a judgment based on love! The result: the hate and discords that all religions have created even into the present day!

So religious love transformed love into a selfish type of judgmental hate that divided people in societies: if he doesn't love what I love, then I will not have anything to do with him! So the world became a world without love, in the name of love!


So the "Garbage Can World"12 was created, in the name of many Gods; endowed with a freedom to rob and cheat and destroy; all the while relishing a love that mimicked hate and division! A world engulfed in wars and slaughter; destruction and disasters; revenge and chaos; and complete and utter uncertainty as to what tomorrow will bring � the complete reverse of everything human societies were created to achieve! Thus the Doomsday Clock13 ticks ever closer to total destruction, while technology and knowledge grow.

The human being has become its own worst enigma; a species that works harder and harder to destroy itself!

The only way we can reverse this trend is to recreate the three concepts, I mention: God, Freedom and Love, into what they were meant to be: the salvation of the human race!


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1 The Golden Rule is: �Do unto others as you would have them do to you�.

2 Please notice that I use logic to define God, and the First Cause He is, as such. Human beings have no other way to approach these concepts, except as beliefs. The problem with beliefs is that they are essentially outside the realm of reason. They are accepted, usually because they have been introduced in childhood by our elders as something unquestionable. Once introduced, they become ingrained, and outside the realm of questioning by logic or human thought. They are, in fact, a type of brainwashing. Here, I try to approach the concept of God through reason, to see if we can keep God as a part of humanity; not something apart from it. Also, this will allow us to break free of the mindless way in which religions use God as a method to coerce people into following the rules they impose on their followers.

3 The beginning I mention here is necessitated by reason itself, for reason must always begin with something. See the essay: �The Contradiction That Is Humanity�.

4 Being a First Cause, it is outside of creation itself; it is uninvolved with creation, except to set the process going. Notice here, that I do not characterize it at all, because it is essentially unknowable. This is a fact, religion refutes through the use of �beliefs�, and the rituals that religions introduce to create these beliefs.

5 What I am getting at here is that the God that religions present to us is a contradiction; in that it is all powerful and all virtuous, yet it allows things to happen, which, if this is the case, can easily be avoided. Yet it still allows these things to happen! This is the question that the man Job asks in the Bible, which the Bible answers, totally irresponsibly, by more or less saying: God can do whatever He likes; and we should not question Him in any way!

6 Although Bertrand Russell thought the God of religion untenable for many reasons, the simplest was essentially, because children suffer and die; what �God�, in the sense of a just and caring (religious) God, would allow such a thing to happen!

7 These �laws� are all derived from the basis of causation � cause and effect, and the link joining the two together.

8 This is the corruption that is eating the world up today: POWER! Power to divide and cause contention between the contending groups, in a way that makes the human see others who do not believe what he believes as different and irreconcilable.

9 Where does freedom begin and end? I have written a few other essays on this topic:�Responsible: A Troublesome Word�, �Is Privatization Freedom Or Its Opposite� and �Freedom, Democracy And Economics�.

10 See my essay: �Gossiping, Rumormongering And Rabblerousing (The New American Frontier)

11 I have already written quite a bit on the subject of love, in fact, a whole Series of Essays, called appropriately enough: �A Series Of Essays On Love�.

12 �Garbage Can� is a fitting title for a world that deals primarily with waste; ruled by a species, that has become a total waste!

13 �The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock face, representing a countdown to possible global catastrophe (e.g. nuclear war or climate change). It has been maintained since 1947 by the members of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, who are in turn advised by the Governing Board and the Board of Sponsors, including 18 Nobel Laureates. The closer they set the Clock to midnight, the closer the scientists believe the world is to global disaster.� as quoted from Wikipedia. NOTE: As of today, it is set at only, three minutes to midnight!



Originally Published:

February 8, 2015


February 16, 2015