"Everything For A Price!"
"God Is On My Side!"
(Is This What's Killing �Humanity�?)

[Something is happening to humanity: instead of progressing, it is retrogressing � humans are becoming less human! The process of Natural Selection* for the human is its society; as opposed to the wild, which selects other animals; so it seems natural that this is what is creating the human organism, through a process of �societal selection!� This essay will discuss this strange enigma � and this possibility of humanity naturally selecting out its own humanity!]

Need help? It's gonna cost you!

If you don't believe what I believe, you will be damned for all eternity!

Think about why a society is formed; think about why people live together, instead of living alone; think about that word �empathy� � what does it mean1; why are there so many people without it today?

More killings � in Kalamazoo Michigan2 � for essentially nothing!

What was suppose to distinguish humanity from all the other creatures of this earth was something called �empathy�. It soars even above intelligence, because intelligence without it is pure evil! Yet today, there are many people born into this world without it. An old movie, �The Bad Seed� and a recent movie �Gone Girl� highlights this weird type of �human� that essentially has no humanity within it � �it� has no empathy! �It� is a human, without humanity!

This seeming living contradiction, is very prevalent today. Yet, unbelievably, it fits right in with the kind of economy Democracy has created! Both Democracy and Capitalism tout freedom, yet one is humane, while the other is inhumane!

The Capitalist is an �iceman�3, when it comes to the competitive marketplace. There is no remorse shown in business � it's survival of the fittest!

Yet, this is the very same economy, which Democracies have chosen to support their peoples! Society, which is suppose to be the exact opposite of this, was created to allow all, to prosper � in �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!� But it is the economy, which is the process that allows that society to exist. So, is it any wonder that a type of human has evolved, who is the biological ideal for such a process! No pity; no remorse; no empathy � merely, kill or be killed! Considering the number of poor and homeless in this world, is it no wonder that this type of human, without any humanity, is being bred and nurtured? The economy is, in a very real way, naturally selecting this type of human personality! Natural Selection in reverse � breeding the animal back into humanity!

And, why: because it is this type of human that makes the best businessman or woman � go for the throat, no holds barred! Society (through its essential institutions) is breeding this human aberration, as the human of the future. And, we are seeing more and more examples of its specialty � killings; atrocities; mindless or mindful acts of violence against innocents � rage at the world, because it cannot attain what it wants to attain; and remorseless actions for revenge, and just plain delight in hurting others!

Yes, we are creating these creatures, these humans without humanity by the millions, through an economy, which has become itself a breeding ground for making humans, non-human!

But what is even stranger is the fact that religions are doing the very same thing � breeding the very same �ice men (and women)�, whose beliefs kill that very same empathy, and create a God that likewise endorses this kind of human! For example, the Islamic religion of the followers of ISIS in the Middle East; once again, survival of the fittest, is selecting a retrogressed human, who has essentially lost all the traits of the true human being � natural selection in reverse; retrogression instead of progression! This human is the "true believer", who believes only in himself � and, that God supports whatever he or she does. Again, no remorse, no empathy; only the actions of a human without any humanity � God's chosen! Here we see a selective process that the family raised and nurtured through these beliefs, producing humans without empathy, to excell in religions where only dogma rules! The natural selection of the family and its beliefs, selecting out humans without any humanity, to be the humans of tomorrow!


If we look closer, we see this to be true. For today these are the types of people who breed and create our next generations (while the middle class, so touted in this country is instead dying out). Those at the top, who made it through the viciousness of Big Business, because they have no humanity in them; and those at the bottom, who breed and survive because of this very same viciousness � Natural Selection at work, breeding the humane out of humanity! And, the economy and religions are the selective pressures used.

It was thought to be the intellect that brought humanity out of the wild. But there was and is another factor: that human empathy, which created the group and later, a working-together society. But modern business and religions are killing that, and causing instead the humans without empathy to be the breeders, who bring forth children with the same traits � less of the humane, and more of the animal; the human without humaneness!

But, at this point, since society has not totally gone that way, we see now only the growing number of aberrations (killings and atrocities), because these �humans of the future� are still trapped with the human majority, who still show the empathy they were born with! But what will the future bring? Will the �iceman� truly cometh? Will the humanity of the future, be a humanity without any humaneness? Are all these killings the signs of the true future of humanity; an evolution out of everything humanity was supposed to be? It is something to think about; especially in countries that were created to do the opposite!


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* The process of Natural Selection is the biologic theory that Charles Darwin formulated to explain the evolution of the different species of living things that now populate the earth. Variations in organisms that are advantageous in the environments where they live, tend to be perpetuated over other variations, which are non-advantageous to them in that same environment. Thus, the human organism continued into this present day world, because of its intelligence; while species like the dinosaurs became extinct. This essay speculates that the societal environment we have created on this earth may become a natural selector for variations, which can actually do away with the most precious of human traits: empathy, the basis of love in humanity!

Also, today, this natural selection is also being hidden in the political correctness being touted by the political parties of the civilized world; which only makes all of this more of a tragedy in the making; since we will not try to stop it before it goes any further. We must see it for what it truly is; and put aside the false causes that are hiding it today, like blaming inanimate objects, like guns.

1 Empathy: �Intellectual or imaginative apprehension of another's condition or state of mind without actually experiencing the feelings of another.� From: The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary; The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville New York, 1966.

Empathy is the basis of the Golden Rule; so without empathy we become like the animals: �kill or be killed�. But that is just what is needed in business today, for �survival of the fittest� rules there; and empathy is a handicap. Also, without empathy, there is no remorse for what is done, since what is done improves the situation for the doer, even if that thing done is a heinous crime.

2 A suspect shot six randomly chosen victims in the recent shootings in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There still does not seem to be a motive.

(The day after I published this essay, another shooting, a workplace shooting, occured in Kansas... up to 20 people injured and killed!)

3 The term �iceman� is a term given to a psychopathic killer, who shows no remorse. Is that the kind of human the future will produce?



Originally Published:

February 24, 2016


February 27, 2016