Equality Within Inequality,
Inequality Within Equality?

[News Flash: The British Royals are becoming the example of �EQUALITY�!

The engagement of Prince Harry to an American �Black� actress, has made the Royals, the example of true �Equality� � or, as I said above, �Equality Within Inequality!� Well, when you think about it, it's the merging of one kind of �Royalty� (the Kingly kind), with another (the Hollywood kind)! But, I thought America didn't have any �elites�? Everyone in America is �equal�! I guess Hollywood can be considered that �Inequality Within Equality!�

Well, that's what this essay is about: �equality�! In a day, when the �con� has ravished the whole meaning of Democracy, with parties, ideologies and "bought" everything, we are going to look at that state of �equality�, today... ]

Here, in the USA, equality was suppose to be everything; it was the very thing that separated this country from the Monarchies that ruled in Europe, Africa and Asia. Unfortunately, it was born in a hypocrisy, of sorts, because, at the very time that this country became �free�, many of its citizens, still, were not free � slavery existed! Later, equality was suppose to mean that people were not �born� special, but created that specialness through the work and innovations, they produced; so, all had the opportunity to make freedom payoff, and create prosperity for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, this only became a new form of bondage, for many � the Robber Barons created the workshops, and the poor workers slaved, day and night, again only, just, getting by!

What �free� enterprise brought to the table, was the idea that hard work would overcome; but, what really overcame was wealth, which, if used correctly, to harness the work of the workers, could place one into the realm of the same Monarchies, where the privileged were once again �special�! In other words, the freedom attained by equality, actually, brought about inequality, once again! But, this time, that inequality was not a result of inborn inequality (like racial inequality), but inequality, through wealth. So, people were still not truly equal! Today we see this getting to the same levels, it attained in the Monarchies, of the past (and, also the present; e.g.: Great Britain), where the workers, essentially own nothing (think of necessities like homes and cars), but the wealthy own everything, even the ability to make the people with nothing, pay for everything, even the wealthy's status, as wealthy, through the ruse of government having to pay for itself through taxes and deficits! In reality, Capitalism has created a new kind of Monarchy � a Monarchy of the Corporations and Unions that, once again, use the labor of the workers to make equality into inequality! And, once this Monarchy is established, they can use the Stock Markets, as the means to by-pass the �work� of Capitalism, altogether, and merely print as much money as their gluttony desires, keeping themselves the Kings, they believe themselves to be!

Also, inequality has been engendered in professions that desire the limelight, such as the entertainment and press industries. These people have elevated themselves to the level of �Royals�, since they are seen by all others as �special�; just like the Royals are! This even gives them the ability to change �inequality into equality�, as mentioned above, just like the British Prince's forthcoming marriage to a Black woman, says: �see, the equality, we entertain; even Blacks can become Royal!� But, this Black woman is not exactly, any Black woman, but a member of the entertainment industry, �Hollywood Royalty�!

What we see here, is the same old thing: freedom, again being changed into its opposite, while posing as freedom. This is the result of money ruling; a far cry from that Capitalist's credo: �Hard work will overcome�, but more like the Nazis' internment camp's credo: �Arbeit macht frei!�

So whether it is: �equality within inequality� or, �inequality within equality�, the same old situation holds, in this �Land of the FREE�: there are people, with EVERYTHING, who think, they are Kings and Queens; and there are people with NOTHING, who are considered worse than the lowest of living creatures!

�Nothing has changed�, shall that be the true motto of this Democracy, of, by, and for its people � ALL OF THEM?

After Note:
I wrote a previous essay, on equality, that is more a Utopian solution, than an actual solution; in other words, it is something to strive toward, rather than, actually achieve: HERE.




Originally Published:

January 7, 2018


January 7, 2018