Economic Solution 3

The Tyranny Of The Workplace,

And The Failure Of The Unions

(The FRAUD of both the �Right� and the �Left�)

Where do average Americans spend ninety percent of their waking time? I�ll give you a hint: the same place they go to make a living. That�s right, the workplace! Yet the direct consequence of this is that although those Americans live in a democracy, all the time they spend in the workplace is spent in a strict tyranny, where even the most basic rights of free speech and free worship are denied them! How can this happen in the very place where freedom rings so very loud, and is treasured as something equally given to �all�?

Even more paradoxical is the fact that this paradox also occurs in an economic environment that touts its own freedom in the words �free enterprise�!

But this paradox within a paradox is easily resolved (note: I say resolved, not legitimatised) by noting the �who� these two freedoms include; the freedom of democracy includes all citizens, but the freedom of free enterprise includes only the subset of owners in that previous �all citizens�; after all, that is what capitalism is all about: capitalists; that privileged class of owners. In fact, ask a Tea Party Patriot about this, and they will tell you that these same owners don�t have enough freedom!

Neither does �Big Brother�, in Orwell�s �Nineteen Eighty Four� have enough freedom. He, like most businesses today, doesn�t have enough freedom, except the freedom to almost own you, and everything about you, known to man! Those businesses can spy on you all day, record your image, voice, know every piece of information about you, and even take samples of your urine for drug tests; they can even monitor your beliefs and habits, and if they don�t like them, they can throw you out on the street. But this isn�t enough freedom!

But what about your freedom � a big zero! Why? Because �he� has the job, and �he� can make any rules �he� wants for the person �he� hires, if you don�t like it, somebody else will! Now, tell me freedom isn�t bought and sold, in the land of the free!

And the same thing happens when you�re looking for a job: �But you have too much experience!� or �You have too little experience!� or �We hired someone internally!�, in other words: �We�ll hire whoever we damn well please! If you don�t like it � tough!�

So there we have it in the flesh, so to speak: the racket that took the �all� out of democracy�s freedom, and, in turn, sold that freedom to that few, who could buy it � an alternate definition of today�s �free� enterprise.

When we look at it in this way, suddenly we see that slavery never really went away at all, it was only rearranged to hide it from view; in fact, now, that slave population has become most of the supposedly free population, black, white, yellow and red � now, everyone has an equal chance at becoming a slave � ain�t freedom GRAND!

Yes, that�s how the word �freedom� can mean what we all think it means, yet really mean its exact opposite at the same time!

Is this a conspiracy � no, not at all � it�s a mindset; a way that the mind seeks out its own benefit, and actually rationalizes its own benefit as also everyone else�s benefit. It replaces the �all� that actually gives freedom its real meaning, with the �self� of the individual, and � voil� � freedom becomes a type of slavery! That�s how disparity is explained away; it�s not a fault of the system � God forbid � it�s the fault of the individual; after all, look at all that freedom he has!

This was all known early on, when this duplicity first showed itself, at the turn of the last century; in fact, that�s how the term �robber baron� came to be. And we supposedly fixed it with something called Unions. So now we will chronicle the story of these White Knights called Unions!

Once upon a time, there was a White Knight, whose mission was the cause of freeing the world from that slavery that the lack of the word �all� had produced on the definition of freedom. This White Knight attacked through a weapon called the �strike�. It was a powerful weapon, that made �all� again have the power and legitimacy it once had in relation to freedom. And it accomplished some good things too, like the end of child labor, and the elevation of wages generally, for the lowest classes of laborers. But as time went on something happened; the solidarity that was supposed to unite all the laborers, united only small groups, and mainly in the public sector jobs in government itself. The leaders themselves forgot what the word �all� that was at the core of their purpose was; suddenly they were doing the same thing the �robber barons� were doing, only on a different section of the population. They, themselves, had turned freedom into the same slavery it was for the people they fought against, by dropping that important �all� from their crusade. Now the only people who prospered from that dreaded weapon, the strike, were their own small groups; and, lo and behold, the general population, whose mission it was for them to save, now became their victims, through inflated prices in the private sector, and increases in taxes in the public sectors to pay for equally inflated pension plans for their members. The Unions had themselves fallen to the same deception to which the Masters had fallen. And now two groups, each with their own private agendas, further enslaved the �all� they said they represented 1 .

Thus the �right� that original one percent, also known as corporations, and the �left�, a new one percent called the Unions, both represented �all�, by enslaving it!

So now, with these two powerful factions having created a freedom without the �all�, a societal freedom must have, we have also lost something else that true freedom includes in its definition � choice!

We have two choices in America today: the �right� that represents the slavery of the corporation, and its monopolization of the economy under capitalism; or the �left� that represents the slavery of the Unions, and what I call �The Freedom To Live Off Others� (see below). Neither represent the �all� of American society, yet both would rule over that �all� through enslaving it with their own brand of freedom, that is, in fact, the same � the freedom of a FEW over the ALL of society!

[The �Left� and the �Freedom� to live off others ('Internet' or Anarchist Freedom) 2

This is not the parasitism that the �rightist� continually rails against in his phrase �the welfare state�, but a different form of parasitism used by big business.

As opposed to the �rightist� freedom of capitalist extortion and parasitism, the �leftist� movement has given us the other choice of a type of anarchism, which ends in a similar slavery to special interests that are even more deceptive because they hide real slavery under the guise of freedom. This is not new; it is the same old �freedom� that communism and anarchism used to enslave a major segment of the world for almost a century. The �free� touted here, is the free use of the people�s privacy and labor by small cliques to enslave the masses and enrich their own privileges. Weather you call it �Communist' freedom or �Internet' freedom, it�s the same: a clique that has enriched itself using the others� property, labor, information, and, even now, their lives: it is, in fact, George Orwell�s BIG BROTHER posing as the great emancipator!]

So, both end the same way: Masters and slaves. Both sides creating monopolies, and privileged special interests, although one side calls them �free� monopolies!

The benefits of society, no longer lie with the people, but with these two, supposedly different �Masters�, that have created benefits for themselves that the �all� pay for. Freedom, in this new definition that they have created at the expense of all, is a hegemony of two groups that lead in the same direction: NO FREEDOM AT ALL; AND EVEN NO CHOICE!

So once again, Abraham Lincoln�s famous sentence points us squarely into the face of the duplicity, created by losing the most precious part of democratic freedom, THE �ALL� THAT GIVES IT LEGITAMACY:

"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master � this expresses my idea of democracy � whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."

What Lincoln describes here, is the true responsible freedom of the democratic society. A freedom bounded by the bounds of others' freedom. So now that we have cleared up the great paradox within a paradox that robs democracy of the �all� that gives it legitimacy, and creates a freedom that is the opposite of freedom, we must bring forth solutions to fix this enigma that greed has brought forth, which has caused a once most promising solution, the Union, to be itself another problem of the same kind.


[Any, and all solutions must bring forth the very important point that both the economy and government must pursue one prime directive: to provide the survival of our society � and especially that crucial �ALL� that it is.]

In Solution 1 and Economic solutions 1 and 2, I presented the overall solutions, which will force all economies to support their own peoples, and destroy the false partisanship that has stolen the word freedom from our democracy by eliminating the choice ingrained in that freedom. The first was the elimination of ideological government, and the institution of problem-solving government in the national context; the second was the creation of a single monetary system worldwide to let all economies once again support their own peoples, by making wages and prices the same throughout the world. Of course, this must be a global initiative, agreed to by all nations on this earth. But this is just the start, the initializations, so to speak, needed to start the ball rolling. Further was the elimination of waste and duplication, which leads to the creation of demands out of synch with the needs of the people, and the outright creation of spurious needs foisted on them, which are essentially a racket. The next steps, taken in this essay will make the economy and society have the same overall purpose: the benefit and prosperity of all citizens within society. As I have mentioned above, this affects the workplace, and the rights of workers; also the practice of true �free enterprise� must be addressed by ensuring that enterprises are indeed �free�, which means the elimination of all methods that create monopolies that destroy the true freedom of free enterprise through distorting the �demands� of that free market into the demands of these corporate monopolies instead of the demands fulfilling the needs of the people of society. Lastly, resources that are critical to all must not be monopolized by a few into a type of extortion, instead of the commerce of a free market. In essence, the failings of today�s brand of capitalism is its distortion into a government backed racket that turns our society into its whipping boy by catering to the interests of a few greedy people. So, the following solutions are suggested with these motives in mind: the only �special interests� in any society are the �all� of that society � the people.

1. Make the Unions again represent the �all� they were meant to represent, by making all workers union members. And by ridding them of private leadership, by creating panels of private citizens, frequently rotated, in a manner similar to jury selection; thus giving them a free hand to create and rule over workers rights and freedoms, and set up referendums of workers who through theirs votes will arbitrate workers� freedoms in the work place.

2. Control the hegemony of demand, by bringing the �free� back into the words �free enterprise�. Let the size of companies and corporations be limited; so that demand can never be controlled by those who profit from it, but controlled by the true needs of society, as it was meant to be in the original design of free enterprise. Let the word �Master� be eliminated from an economic system where freedom is paramount � because the two words �freedom� and �Master� are mutually exclusive.

3. Let certain resources and service industries be strictly supervised by government, and kept out of the uncertainty of private enterprise and its market processes, since they are crucial to the survival of society, namely: Health care, higher education and energy resource utilities. The demand of these resources affect all in society, at a most crucial level, and gravely affect the survival of our future citizens (our children) and elderly populations, so they cannot be put under the uncertainty of private sector market speculations, or the unlimited parasitism of third parties whose private gain will spiral their costs. We are all now suffering from the extortion that private sector energy czars have perpetrated at the gas and oil pumps, and the inflation of Medical and higher education costs that are destroying the health care of our society and bankrupting our young. All of this is the result of the control of the vital resources of society by a few who have used freedom to destroy the society that gave them that same freedom. 3

The freedom of capitalism was supposed to be the freedom of free enterprises that were created to serve the true needs of society. Demands were created by these same needs of society, and no company was ascendant through its ability to monopolize this freedom into a hegemony. Today the reverse has occurred: monopolization has not only created a hegemony over demand, through the artificial growth of duplication and waste, thus ignoring society�s real needs, but it has also created a hegemony over workers rights. The result: the workplace has become a tyranny, where workers have no rights at all.

In other words, bring the same responsible freedom of democracy to the workplace. Let the lies and hypocrisy that is practiced by the people who buy and sell our freedom, know that NO SLAVERY, OF ANY KIND will be tolerated in an America, OF, BY and FOR ALL the PEOPLE!

But the loss of private property, and the privacy of the individual is not the answer, as the �Leftist� and �Anarchist� movements recommend. This is an even more insidious and deceptive type of fraud that deprives the masses of all freedom, and enshrines an even more powerful set of Masters, as Orwell foresaw in his �Nineteen Eighty-four� book. The same old communist scourge, living off the blood, sweat, and tears of the masses, yet again, resurrected, as a type of �freedom�!

Private property, privacy and individual innovation are the inalienable rights of all human beings � they are the responsibility and opportunity that real freedom is founded on � not the parasitism and extortion that this criminal type of capitalism has made them. Or the tools of the few to use them as their way to supremacy over the masses, as used by the communists and anarchists. They (Private property, privacy and individual innovation) are not the culprits. The culpability lies in their use, and the extremes, to which they are accumulated; and the influence and power that have become associated with them, the influence and power to corrupt and enslave.

Where lies the real problem with capitalism? It lies in its power to enslave and corrupt through greed. It lies in the words �too much�, and the ability of these words to enslave others with the words: �too little�. As the ancient Orientals knew: In life, we live within the mean, and walk in the middle; this is the problem with our commerce: it has left the middle path.

So, let the phony, make-believe parties of the right, and the left know that their hypocrisy is known � that there is NO real freedom, or even real choice, here, in the land of the free; but only a freedom that is bought and sold to the highest bidder � that same freedom of the hucksters, who bought and sold human beings some hundred and fifty years ago! Free our workplaces from the tyranny that still enslaves them. Let real freedom ring, once again, in the land of the free, a freedom that is based on the same equality and justice that brought the many diverse peoples of this land into a unity of purpose that made them one people, with the purpose of liberty and justice for all!

Real freedom is the absence of both Masters and slaves; something we have yet to achieve!


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1 Note that as soon as the unions infiltrated the �Occupy Wall Street� movement the death knell started tolling for them. �Where is that movement today?� � that�s a good question � the same place the hippy movement is!

2 Internet Freedom

The Internet is today becoming an empire creator, using other people's information and privacy; by sweeping into the communications revolution that the 'personal' computer and the networks of the military-industrial complex created. Its use of �free� communication has since been morphed into only another type of racket, where a type of freedom has been created that lives off other people�s information and privacy. With large corporations pushing their way into social revolutions like the one that the internet used to bring down a dictatorial government in Egypt, they have hyped themselves into the guardians of �freedom�, but actually only use this to further their own spread, and the spread of their BIG BROTHER type of freedom that creates a slavery that poses as a type of emancipation. These companies are the prototypical example of the monstrous parasitical freedom of the �Only I count� or "do whatever you like" variety, modern capitalism and its �globalist policies� have spawned. And, it is also a prime example of how deceit can be used to turn freedom into its opposite.

3 What is extortion, and how is the normal capitalist market processes turned into a type of extortion, instead of a way to meet the needs of society?

Extortion is created by taking advantage of the satisfaction of vital needs of either an individual, or groups of individuals within society, by using monopolization of the means of satisfying those needs, as the method of price gouging the consumers of those needs. It is a type of racket that stays within the law, because of the legitimacy of letting the market practice of supply and demand determine the price of commodities. The trick is creating a monopoly over the supply of certain crucial resources that satisfy these crucial needs (the demand) of certain segments of society.

As an example, during the last phase of the Roman Republic, Marcus Crassus, the richest man in the world at that time, saw that the tenements in Rome were in need of a method of controlling the fires that tended to start in these slum area edifices. So he started a fire department, from the gladiators he owned. He made this into a business, where he charged the tenement owners a certain amount to put out the fires that started. But if they refused to pay he made it virtually impossible for them to get any other help putting out these fires (there were those who even said he would start a fire if his demands were not met). This was a type of �protection� racket, where he more or less extorted these slum landlords into paying him exorbitant fees to put out fires, or let the property burn (and he would, as a result buy the property for practically nothing afterwards, at the later auctioning of the burned out property). This extortion was sanctioned because he was a part of the government at the time, and the slum landlords had no other choice but to meet his demands (he had created a monopoly over the �demand� for fire protection).

This was not a business, but a type of extortion racket that took advantage of the satisfaction of the vital �needs� of the slum landlords, by monopolizing the service by cutting out any and all competition. The slum landlords were themselves doing the same thing to the poor families who lived in these hovels, by themselves monopolizing the living space in the city, and charging exorbitant prices for the meager dwellings they made available. The end result was a type of slavery that the poor �free� people of the city endured. The word �free� for them was almost a joke � a mockery of what freedom meant for their landlords and their aristocratic rulers.

So we see that this �con-game� of freedom has been going on for thousands of years always ending the same way: masters and slaves, yet both equally called �free�.



Originally Published:

March 16, 2012


June 26, 2014