Economic Solution 2

(The Continuation Of Economic Solution 1)

Curbing The Artificial Growth

Of The Production Of Duplication and Waste

One of the original advantages of capitalism was supposed to be the innovation and new methods that free competition would create. This was supposed to bring on the unlimited growth that this spirit of innovation would foster, and that capitalism thrived on. Instead the opposite has occurred; today�s, �innovations� are duplications, with a twist to them, and mostly pure waste. The result of this is the rise of �third parties�, doing nothing but feeding off the original service transactions and products to which they have attached themselves. This �artificial growth without innovation� has made the prices of these products and services skyrocket, and has resulted in sending even more urgently needed jobs overseas to places where labor is cheap. This �artificial� creation of jobs, and whole industries, whose whole purpose is to fill the pockets of speculators and politicians who measure things with crooked measuring sticks, which make things appear like they�re working when they aren�t, is part of the new capitalist mindset to grab as much profit as you can, and then pull out. We are now seeing this artificial growth in the fields of Medicine, the Law, the Military, and even Higher Education. We have seen it in the past in the IT industry that promised so much, but because of the rise of so much duplication and spurious innovation has caused all the jobs to be outsourced to the third world, and has caused the continual retooling of industry because of the advent of �new� systems that are merely duplications of the old ones with the �twist� of profiting the companies that produce this �planned obsolescence.�

True innovation has been turned into a new Tower of Babel that builds waste instead of innovation, and profits from doing the same thing a thousand different ways, only to have them continuously redone for no other reason than to make more profit. This inefficient �efficiency� that is bankrupting the people at the bottom so the people at the top may profit, is now called �growth�. The same growth that the perpetual motion hucksters sold to their na�ve, unwary rubes a hundred years ago, in carnival scams. Now this scam has become big business throughout the free world.

This economic growth, through duplication and pure waste, is now the norm throughout the capitalist world. Instead of a system driven by the true needs and wants of the people of society, as Adam Smith envisioned, it has become a system driven by the profit needs of the aristocracy of �Big� owners in the top one percent of earners. This economics of waste has become the new capitalism the corporatism of �Big Business� has created. They have implemented it through their virtual ownership of the standards and methods by which the needs of the people, and even the small private businesses transact their business. Thus they have created a planned obsolescence without innovation that is strangling society into needless duplication in all areas of services and resources, and even causing needless wars through the business of modern Warfare. Even research into the study of diseases is becoming the same thing; creating diseases that do not presently exist, just to sell the forthcoming vaccines that will kill or disable millions for nothing, but more profit production. 1

The needs and wants of society should and must be the force driving the economics of a country. By focusing on these, a society can provide for its own, yet still grow by not allowing the prices of these needed services and resources to price themselves out of existence. The production of waste and duplication is the method through which modern capitalism has created the unlimited growth and profits the few Masters at the top need. But in distorting the basic business transaction of commerce into this artificial one, driven by the few at the top, instead of the �all� it was meant to be, it has distorted the concept and process of free enterprise into a tyranny of the Corporatism capitalism was never created to be.

In my essay �Defining The Problems Of The Economy�, I outlined the major areas that need to be fixed in our economy. This problem I am now reviewing is the cause of two of the problem areas I showed to exist there:

  1. Aberrant business practices which are harmful to society:
    1. Business transactions that have become extortions, causing the extreme inflation of prices of necessary resources.
    2. A parasitical economic growth that ensures an endless spiraling of costs for society to the point of collapse. [Three areas are most important here: Health Care costs, educational costs and pension fund costs.]
  2. The economy not supporting its own society.
    1. The mingling of investment banking with depository banking, and the resultant increased risks to the public (especially in 401k�s and pension funds).
    2. The existence of bond and monetary markets, because of the many monies now in existence.
    3. The use of outsourcing, off-shoring and visa workers by businesses. Also the rise of a migrant (or guest) worker class, subsisting on substandard wages is also of concern.
    4. The mingling of investment banking with depository banking; and the existence of bond and monetary markets, because of the many monies now in existence, resulting in the control of these markets by speculators and the moneyed class.

It has come about by subverting the major premise of free enterprise: that the markets control prices through the supply and demand of needed services and resources. By introducing monopolization into this balance, and the stranglehold over the free production of these supplies and demands, the monopolies have not only taken over control of the supply, but even the demand by making �upgrades� to their products and services a sine quo non, for their customers. This has become a new kind of planned obsolescence, a planned obsolescence of �process�, whereby needed transactions in business itself hinges on getting these �needed� upgrades, which are only really the selling of waste and duplication, and the spiraling of costs into the economic bubble that will one day collapse the economy itself, as I have mentioned in 3b above. Further 4 above shows how this has resulted in the economy not supporting its own society.

Thus we are seeing how the motivations of greed, not cause and effect, are creating market pressures, which determine the welfare of our society (now, in fact, our global societies; see footnote 1 above).

The primary solution I see, as I have outlined in my essay �Economic Solution 1�, is not one controlled by our nation alone, but a solution that must be implemented by the whole world (on a global scale), if it will succeed. This is the implementation of a single monetary system worldwide, and the elimination of money as itself a commodity, bought and sold on monetary markets. This will be the first step in making national economies support their own societies, and take away the motivation to outsource jobs, and offshore plants and companies to a third world where labor is cheaper because of its geographical location.

The next step (which I hope to show in an upcoming essay) will be to reform the work place in America, by reestablishing the same rights there, as all our citizens are guaranteed in our democracy. This will include breaking the back of monopolization by limiting the size of companies, and therefore reestablishing the needs of society as the force behind market pressures, instead of the greed of a few Super rich in letting their motivations determine the demand of the products they sell, which their monopolization has made essential to on going business transactions, thus driving up cost while they profit.

The fostering of true innovation, and the elimination of the army of �third parties� will create jobs truly needed by society, instead of jobs driving up costs for all, unnecessarily, while creating economic growth through producing duplication and waste.

An ending note:

[I hope that the failures of both the private sector businesses, and �a bought and paid for� government in serving the people of this country, as recently noted by the dissatisfaction of all segments of this country, will bring together both these sides, estranged through supposed political partisanship; whether �Tea Partier� or �OWS Occupationist�, we must begin to see that our economy is destroying the hopes and dreams of all our people � we are one people, Americans � lets begin to act that way!

The spiraling costs, the vacuum of jobs, and the artificial growth of waste and duplication, are the problems of ALL of us, that we must face and demolish together; or, that next �bubble� that bursts will bring us, ALL, down and out for the count.]


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1 This has been shown in the wanton creation of deadly diseases in the laboratory, so that new vaccines can be made to profit the drug companies against diseases that don�t even exist, while needlessly endangering the population of the whole world. These recent disturbing headlines are also creating new causes by which the business of Warfare may create new excuses for wars blamed on enemies who will turn these discoveries into weapons. Remember, the last �supposed� pandemic that created so many vaccines that were never used. Now they want to create diseases that don�t even exist in order to make vaccines for them! Do you see a force at work here, making society need something it doesn�t even want, let alone need?

This is an horrendous example of an economy out of control, and totally at the mercy of the demands of a few global conglomerates.

This immediately, brings up the idea that this corporatism is some kind of global conspiracy. I don't believe this at all; just as Mussolini started out trying to truly solve the problems of Italy through Fascism, he was gradually roped into the troubles he caused the Italian people through the megalomania that eventually enveloped his thinking. So these modern Masters probably feel that everything they do is also in line with business ethics that their own greed tells them is ethical and morally neutral.



Originally Published:

December 31, 2011


June 26, 2014