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Issue 1:

EARNING Democratic Freedom


Are there any real reasons for starting wars today? 1

Can a true democracy have any reason for war, except that obvious one of defense against an attack by an enemy?

Today, wars are initiated primarily because of three main causes, and none of them have anything to do with attacks by an enemy nation: 2

1. The intolerance of other beliefs, especially religious ones. 3
2. The cause of spreading a �democratic� form of freedom
3. The commercial cause of widening international trade.

Intolerance of beliefs is one of the things that our democracy was created to end. Beliefs are free to all, as long as they do not hurt others, and in a democracy they are the inalienable rights of all citizens. 4 So apart from them (beliefs) causing attacks on others to defend against, we will not consider them, and count them as identical to the only �acceptable� 5 cause of war, the defense against an outright attack by another nation. 6

This essay primarily examines causes, two and three, above; and if, indeed, they are not separate causes, but really, only a single cause.

The United States has been involved in many of today�s wars, and the 'proclaimed' reason seems to always be the same: protecting, or spreading democratic freedom.

There is a real problem in this particular excuse for initiating wars, especially for a democracy to be using this reason to invade other countries.

One reason is that democracies respect the rights of individuals to resolve their own problems among themselves. We would not be happy to have foreigners come into our country, and tell us how to resolve our problems. We would immediately say, they were imposing their wills on us, or restricting our freedom.

In fact, the real definition of democratic freedom, or any social freedom, for that matter, is that it concerns only the society that it pertains to, and no one else. After all, that freedom affects only those people and their groups; it is not a world freedom, as many understand it to be today.

The facts are plain, that we are a world of Nations, and therefore, a world of distinct societies that have determined to rule themselves, and ONLY themselves! Democracy, more than any other governmental form should understand this freedom of self-determination for every Nation on earth.

So why do people still think that democracies should help others achieve a democratic form of government?

I have touched on this problem in other essays, but here I would like to show it plainly, for the hypocritical statement it really is: the hypocrisy of trying to pass off self-interest, as an interest for others.

All the trouble resides in the fact that wars are a moneymaking venture today, not a method to right wrongs done to societies or individuals. Freedom, as it pertains to the people who initiate wars, is something that enables one to widen an economic market; to broaden an economic sphere of influence. This type of venture is not about freedom at all, it is, in fact, all about a type of tyranny � a way for a few people to deprive many people of their freedom.

Capitalism is no longer just an economic method, or type of economic system; today, throughout the world, capitalism has become a viewpoint or attitude that people have learned to associate with democratic freedom. In this �globalized� world it has created, it has removed the national borders, and removed even the governments of the world, which are supposed to be the wills of the people of their respective societies. Even societies no longer exist, as such, since people are no longer people with �wills�, but only consumers with desires controlled by the wills of the corporations that will satisfy those desires. By eliminating the people�s wills, by turning them instead into �wants�, only they (the corporations) can satisfy, they have created a type of global tyranny, that actually poses as a type of freedom.

This freedom, the freedom to buy and sell things, is fundamentally a type of slavery to that part of the self that sees survival as the one and only goal of life. Social freedom, fairness, justice and anything that pertains to the harmony of the nation or group is forgotten, and only the individual�s survival matters. There is a real deception here, a deception that deceives even the deceiver himself, for it makes him blind to the fact that society is still there, and at the core of what keeps this greedy system that is trying to do away with it alive.

Society, which with everyday is becoming more and more invisible, even though it is on everyone�s lips, is losing the trust and responsibility it must have to continue to exist. This deception that is removing all freedom from society, by essentially hiding its freedom under the freedom of an economy that is itself a tyranny of wealth, is destroying society, and will in its turn destroy itself.

So the excuse of starting a war for the purpose of �spreading� or �instilling� democratic freedom is a lie, because only a society can control itself, and control its own freedom, which is the responsibility of its own society and only that society. Freedom cannot be given away; it must be earned, by its own people through their sacrifices and their own responsible actions toward each other. The real cause of wars today, outside of the religious intolerance of other belief systems, is the spread of the economic control of the marketplace by an economic system that hides tyranny behind the fa�ade of a false freedom it calls �democratic freedom�. And the excuse for war is just an excuse to exert that tyrannical control over a potential new market.

The �free� in free enterprise is the freedom to destroy the freedom of society, by exerting a preferential freedom or a privilege bought at the cost of other citizens� freedom. This spells tyranny not democracy. And it has transformed the democratic freedom of this democracy into the tyranny of a privileged group that respects no freedom but their own.

So the next time you hear the politicians talk of preserving the �freedom� of another country through a war, be advised that what they are talking about is the same old tyranny that all the tyrannies throughout history have proclaimed as the method of freeing people. A lie that has made freedom something bought and sold to the highest bidder � not a freedom that rests on equality, fairness and trust � the hallmarks of real democratic freedom.


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1 See my related essay in the �What Price Freedom?� series: �Shazam!�, which has to do with the new forms of government waste.

2 We have gone to war in Afghanistan supposedly because they shielded a group of Terrorists that attacked us; but this was not an attack by a Nation, but by a group in a Nation. Could this not have been handled in other ways? Ways, other than a full scale war against a tribal Nation that had no real army per se? Especially after we had already provided help to insurgent groups fighting the futile invasion of Afghanistan by another Nation (the USSR)!

The invasion of Iraq was a war really caused by reason three above, since there was no attack against us, but an attack against a �monarchist� ally (Kuwait), which was used as an excuse to start a full scale war. Did this war really affect the welfare of our people; or, more likely, the welfare of particular business interests, which used our war making machine for their own pecuniary interests?

3 This includes wars within a country�s own society, a revolution. The USA's Civil War was an example of this. To date, the USA has not used this cause as an excuse to fight a war (except for the Civil War), but it has aided its other allies in the world to fight their wars caused for this reason. My point in this essay is that a democracy cannot aid another country's faction fight their internal wars, because they concern the people of that Nation, and no one else. Revolutions should concern only the people of that particular Nation, and no one else, if 'self-determination' as pertains to democratic freedom is the goal. A people determined to be free, must only look to themselves to free themselves; otherwise self-determination becomes "might makes right", or tyranny by a faction, the opposite of democratic freedom. A people determined to be free will eventually earn their freedom as we have recently seen in Russia and East Germany. A freedom bought through looking to others, is not freedom, but the tyranny of a faction that gains its way through other people's might. This, rule by a faction, is the very thing that made Aristotle brand democracy the worst of all governments.

4 I will talk about the issue of beliefs in a forthcoming essay in this series: �Issue 2: Beliefs Belong To ALL!�

5 This would be a �quasi� acceptable cause of war � relative to today�s situation in the world. But in an absolute context, there really is no acceptable cause for wars, as we know them.

6 According to Mr. Obama, our current President, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, �right makes might�, and therefore the way to peace is through war; see my essay: �Mr. Obama And The Nobel Peace Prize�. It�s also no surprise that The Nobel Prize Committee also believes this, since today�s Universities are all funded by the modern Military Industrial Complex to promote this attitude; see the essay: �The Decline And Fall Of The University�



Tai-Chi Tu
Tai-Chi Tu

Originally Published:

March 27, 2012


June 26, 2014