The Bright Side
The Right Side?

�Put on a HAPPY FACE!�

Doom and Gloom!

"It's just DOOM AND GLOOM!" That's what they're saying!

But problems will not fix themselves, or become any better, if we just ignore them!

Today, we are seeing problems swept under the table, because people see talking about what is wrong with the world, as too gloomy or depressing to follow up. Instead, they are telling us to put on a happy face; and view life from the hopeful side, NOT the depressing and gloomy sides of life.

Unfortunately, all is not right with the world; and ignoring our problems, especially the ones we can fix, doesn�t make the world a better place; but instead, only allows what is wrong to continue to be wrong. This attitude has given way to those half-fixes I talked about in other essays 1 , where Politics, that smiley face that always shows the brighter side of everything, takes over, instead of the real incentive to make things better.

The bright side is a cop out, when it suppresses complaints that need to be made, and real actions that need to be taken. We created societies for that very thing: to fix the problems that plague us when we are by ourselves; so society put us all together, to fix whatever needed to be fixed for ALL. Doom and Gloom has its place in the world when the things causing that Doom and Gloom are taking their toll on human beings lives! Life is too short to have to wait to the next life to find a solution!

Are things getting better? YES; but does that mean they are the best they can be? NO! People living in poverty, don�t want to hear that �things are getting better�, that old politician�s credo; what they want, is to see their lives improved to the point they have roofs over their children�s heads, and enough food to feed their children and themselves. It doesn�t comfort a person dying in poverty to know that �things will get better someday�, if that happens after they have died! If pointing out the things that are wrong is Doom and Gloom, and the pessimistic side, but it causes action to take place, and needed fixes to be made NOW, not in ten or twenty years from now, then Doom and Gloom is something we need plenty of today, because there is plenty wrong all over this earth, right now!

In many ways capitalism has fixed some things; but it has also caused us to try to forget just how bad things are in this world of ours. By profiting off the bad things, like drug addictions, lack of medical care for all, smoking, crime and law enforcement, non-transparency in government and the justice system, a government that is too expensive, poverty, blighted cities, unemployment, outsourcing, the loss of all privacy, the selling of other�s information, the existence of a Third World, Religions that have replaced love with judgment, etc, etc, etc; we are just putting off the real solutions to these problems, and have actually created �solutions� that force the original problems to continue!

Austerity is not the solution for an overly expensive government, because that is exactly what government was created to prevent! Crime cannot be treated by punishment and incarcerations, but by stopping the motivations that lead people into it. Mass killings are not a result of the misuse of weapons� control and ownership, but the result of a societal attitude that has estranged and alienated a large part of its population. Poverty should not exist at all in this modern world; yet it is everywhere you look today! We can NEVER cure poverty with handouts; yet that is the primary way it is handled today, and large businesses have grown up around it that depend on its continuance! Medicine should be free and accessible to all citizens of every country on earth; instead it has become a big business that preys on the very ones it was created to help! Private property is the hallmark of capitalism; yet people are buying and selling other people�s most private property: their identities! Love is not judgment, but acceptance. These are just the tip of the iceberg of problems simmering in our modern societies!

Yet it is DOOM and GLOOM to mention them � we are suppose to just put on our happy faces and grin and bear it all!


The solutions we need are not trivial ones � as the one�s we�re now getting. They are solutions that will change our ideas and even our thinking about things. They will even change us, and our view on life. But we have to remember that what we must change was not given to us by God, or cast in the stone of existence itself � IT WAS MADE BY US, AND THEREFORE IS NOT INEVITABLE OR UNCHANGEABLE IN ANY WAY.

These changes may take away the glitter of power and riches; and finally, take away that exclusivity 2 that blinds us to the problems of others; but they will finally accomplish what we created Democracy to accomplish in the first place: a society that truly leaves no one behind.

It is up to us to make life better for ALL of us! We can no longer wallow in the half-fixes and the sham of pretended fixes that change nothing. It is time for Homo sapiens to put on their thinking caps, and prove to the world that they are the one truly sapient species on this planet; a species that confronts and fixes its problems, not with scams and half-solutions or wars, but by changing even their very outlook, if that�s what it takes. THEN WE CAN PUT ON THOSE HAPPY FACES FOR REAL!

�All's RIGHT with the world � NOW!�

All's RIGHT with the World � NOW!

Eliminate Poverty once and for all, see the Final Solution!


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1 See the essay: "Playing One Side Against The Other, When Does It End?"

2 See the essay: "Exclusivity: The Downfall Of The Human Race"



Originally Published:

June 3, 2014


June 21, 2014