What To Do Away With:
No, Not GUNS;
But: Social Media, Rumor Mongering,
Trolling, Gossiping, Backstabbing, Price Gouging!

[With the horrendous shooting, down in Florida, that took such a terrible toll on innocent school children1, the Anti-Gun Activists are, again, trying to do away with the primary way this country keeps its freedom � the threat of armed insurrection!

As I will show below, today, more than at any time in this Nation's History, we need to keep those would-be monarchists under control. As our true freedom is nibbled and partitioned away, with the destruction of privacy and the loss of real equality as human beings by slave type institutions that are turning liberty into monarchy, we must at all cost be vigilant, and show that we will fight for that heritage that that former Revolution brought us, ALL of us! See more, below... ]

Free Enterprise is killing the mainstay of all societies: TRUST!

That is what is causing mass killings today! We have become a society of outsiders and insiders; failures and succeeders; those with nothing, and those with everything to lose; all trying to hurt each other, and devolving back into those animals, from which we came! Free Enterprise has created such differences between our peoples that they look on each other as enemies and competitors, instead of friends and fellow human beings; in short: we have lost the attributes that humanity was suppose to confer on us: love, fellowship and, most importantly of all, trust in each other! We have become a pack of animals trying to destroy each other!

Our three main institutions, religion, government and the economy have become the complete opposites of everything, they were suppose to be.

Religions now breed division and hatred, instead of love, compassion and unity.

Governments have become the way to create problems for their societies, instead of solve them; and protect, and give unlimited power to the wealthy.

The Economy is destroying societies, instead of sustaining them, through creating poverty and wealth of such magnitudes that many people are starving and homeless, and a few others bask in the splendors of an exuberance reaching the level of Kings and Queens.

Societies of people with Everything or Nothing have created a freedom that destroys all freedom, and mimics the Monarchical Tyrannies of the past; in fact, trading slavery, for a poverty that is a type of slavery. This is not what the freedom of Democracy was suppose to do. Choice, the mainstay of Democracy, is now bought, instead of the preference of the majority of the citizens of this country. Parties have created a government of, by and for the special interests; while the workers have lost all privacy and trust in each other, setting them against each other, because of partisanship. We have become a nation of groups, irreparably tearing each other apart so that our own interests are served, better than that of others.

Even Free Speech has become, instead, a bought speech; where the only ones heard are those, who have enough money to make themselves heard. And the News is filtered and purified, to accentuate and highlight the events that favor the owners of the press! Freedom has been corralled to the whims of wealth, so that everything that happens is made to favor the opinions of the reporters, instead of the individual opinions of the readers! So even our minds and thoughts and opinions are now controlled, by those rich enough to control them!2

It is pertinent to remind the reader of where this country came from: Bloody REVOLUTION!

Understanding this, and seeing how this Democratic freedom has, today, been subverted, by the power of money; we see that the same old tyrants still exist, today! That is why our guns are needed; that is why they are an imperative, not a luxury! They do not cause the killings, but the subversions of this society that I have mentioned above do, by making people feel as: outsiders; misfits; losers; total failures; people with nothing to lose, since they are living lives unworthy to be considered livable or even human!

Who is to blame: WE ALL ARE!

We have let the illusion of wealth and luxury distort the reality that we are a society, with each beholding to all others. That is what the UNITED in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA means! That is what our Revolutionary War forefathers got us with their war against the very same tyrants, we are, ourselves, today, becoming. THAT IS WHY WE NEED THOSE GUNS, EVEN TODAY!

Society is us, working of, by and for OURSELVES! Just as our government either represents all of us, or none of us! Let's make every citizen count � let's make every citizen important � just as we ourselves would be! No, not �One Nation under God�, but One Nation that understands the humanity of making everyone feel a part of this Nation, and the humanity, it represents! And, let the threat of armed insurrection be always there, showing the would-be oligarchs that they better not mess with us, for we have learned the importance of that word ALL!

Postscript (added: 3/25/2018): �Money, money, money�, once again, at work!

The �March for Our Lives� movement that surfaced this week, is, once again, the result of Big Money, and the �BOUGHT� Free Press, it now controls, creating movements and protests, by using people, who have no idea what any of this is all about � our kids!

Sure, this author advocates strict background checks, and keeping the guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable; but that should already be a given. What this march is doing is prejudicing guns in the minds of people, who have no idea what any of this is all about. Their aim is to remove the populace's ownership of guns entirely, thus letting only government and the criminals access them. In other words, an open door to a corporatist dictatorship, and the end to all freedom in this country.

Also, this same week, we have seen how the real culprits of all the shootings: SOCIAL MEDIA, has used its users as scapegoats by taking all their privacy away, in the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has recently surfaced3. Once again, the billionaires are the ones behind it all, using us as their way to create all their billions through our travails! These people are the ones creating the school shooters and homegrown misfits, that have been terrorized, and back stabbed by Social Media's trolls and miscreants. They are the real villains, allowing our kids to prey on each other, using their slimy Social Media, for defamation and creating outcasts out of vulnerable children, like the High Schoolers, who took part in the above marches. These miscreants are the real culprits, NOT THE GUNS!

It's time this country faced its problems, by seeing the damage that money and the power to buy freedom has caused. The problems, we have recently seen surface, are not the result of inanimate objects, but the result of power hungry greed; and, the end of that freedom Democracy promised us!


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1 Schools can be protected, just as our Court Houses are: with one entrance and exit, protected by an armed guard, and through which all must pass through a metal detector.

2 This has even been furthered by the technology that our computers have introduced, and an Internet that has been perverted by Social Media sites.

3 See the article: �What you need to know about Facebook & Cambridge Analytica� CBS News, March 20, 2018, 12:40 AM




Originally Published:

February 23, 2018


March 25, 2018