�Divide And Conquer�

(Why Diversity Is Turning Into Division)

�E Pluribus Unum� (�From Many One�) was once the motto of the United States of America 1 . We prided ourselves in our diversity, and the ability to recreate from that, a unity of purpose and a unity of commitment to the equality of ALL. For democracy was that unity, achieved in that same purpose and commitment to ALL. But something happened along the way.

First of all, diversity became division! Yes, diversity and division are not the same; especially as they apply to documents like the charter documents of this country, the United States of America.

Many may not see the difference between these two words.

Here is a definition of diversity: �1. The state or quality of being diverse; unlikeness; difference; also an instance of this. 2. Variety; multiplicity; a diversity of interests. 2

In contrast, here is a part of the definition of division: �1. The act of dividing; separation. 2. The state of being divided. �� [Here I have included only the relevant section of the definition, which is quite long, and mostly irrelevant for our purposes 3 .]

Something that is different or diverse, in some ways, from something else, does not necessarily mean that they are divided from each other, as far as not working or existing together. In fact, that is why our democracy was created; to bring together a very diverse bunch of people, and yet have them coexist and cohabit the same country harmoniously as a single people � Americans!

�We The People� is the phrase our founding documents use to mean the complete unity of this diverse bunch of people, in so far as it pertained to their determination and purpose to found a state that represented ALL of them equally.

And, that diversity was great; it included: religions; beliefs; races; ethnicities; genders; political ideologies; abilities; disabilities; � etc. In fact, all the differences that human beings show, in their mortality, as mortal, imperfect beings! Yet ALL could and would be represented as being the same, as far as that sameness included them as members of the state� as citizens of the United States, with the same rights and obligations for ALL of them.

You see that division does not enter into this at all!

So, now we look around us, and ask: has this been fulfilled? Are we truly one people � undivided by this same diversity that was our strength, and that actually brought us together?

We see in today�s news, things like: hate; riots; poverty; unemployment; illegal immigration; political, legal and social accusations; bigotry; abuse; crimes; � in short, we see a Nation divided; not united, as we would assume it would be from the purpose and scope of that ALL our founding documents delineated. What does this mean? It means that division has replaced the true meaning that diversity was supposed to generate to bring unity to this Nation. Our citizens are blaming each other for our problems, because of that diversity; instead of looking for solutions that help all our people attain the prosperity for all that unity was suppose to bring ALL!

Instead of finding the solutions to the problems our society is having because of the defective methods we are using, we are instead, allowing those problems to divide us from each other. Further, we are blowing these problems up, out of proportion, by dwelling on the differences we profess, instead of the illogical methods we are employing. In other words, we are forgetting that in being ALL Americans, we are not different, but the same! So why are we doing this?

Simply, because we believe it benefits us to do this!

See, that diversity that was once our strength is now the underlying cause for the division that is keeping us from fixing things so they do work! We are no longer a Nation, or even a society: we have become a mob; thinking only of ourselves, and the benefit we can derive from what was once our Nation. This is NOT democracy; or anything like it; it is the full effect of an economy that people view as unchangeable, and embrace, even almost as a type of mental illness, that has taken us out of the reality of our Nation and society, and pushed us into a world where we see only ourselves and our benefit, yet believe that society (which keeps everything going) can be totally ignored!

This unconscious attitude is undermining us, in the same way armies use the tactic of �divide and conquer� to defeat an enemy. In fact, we are treating ourselves as our own enemies today; alienating and marginalizing our own people, because of the differences they show; not realizing that as we continue to make our citizens our victims, we are further allowing our country to lose the very thing that makes it a country: the ALL of democracy.

We hide behind charities and activisms of every kind. We tout the rosy appearance of perfect health, while our cities and even our suburbs become no-man lands that are victimizing even those who once thought of themselves as �Masters.� Rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, black, white, yellow, brown or red, male, female or in between, we are using our differences to even further denigrate the ALL, our Nation once was. And, now, only the groups and factions can be seen, as the Nation disintegrates; as our values come back to haunt us as the ghosts of our lost dreams.

Can we throw off this nightmare that has hold of us? Can we forget our differences and the separations they have caused, and realize what true democracy and the society underneath, needs to make it whole again? Can we reveal the blame game we play to divide us, and see that if we alienate even one of us, we have lost the unity democracy must have to survive? Finally, can we cut through the nonsensical beliefs that make us change nothing, while saying we are truly changing everything?

Luckily, this is not an incurable psychosis. It is a treatable disease, because it affects us, not individually, but as a whole. There are already signs that people are beginning to see the unchangeable as changeable. Logic can finally make a disease show itself for what it is, by showing up how facts cannot be changed into beliefs. And, even beliefs must undergo the scrutiny of logic.

But the treatment is not simple. It means we have to begin looking past the benefits that have blinded us from rationalizing away the ALL that America was made to support and serve. And, it is religion and the economy that have mired our motivations to make the needed changes that will make the few once more the ALL America was suppose to be.

Today�s organized religions have deprived our beliefs of the benefits and choice that rationality allows them to exhibit. Instead they have made them inflexible and unchangeable; virtually cast them in the concrete of dogma; unable to not only change, but blinded their adherents to any views but their own. And, we are seeing the effects of this stagnation all over the world, in the hate, violence and wars it is causing 4 !

The one real factor that distinguishes the human species from the lower animals is rationality. And, this is exactly what religion is destroying in its adherents. The existence of a �God� can never be proven � yet this mere �theory�, about human and universal origins, is defended to the point of hatred and violent actions against those who do not believe. This also creates an irrationality, which is often beyond curing, since it lives outside reason. So, we see in the religious, a type of mental illness, which divides the human race. Democracy and its doctrine of the separation of Church and State has up until now largely kept this threat somewhat under control, but, at the present time, religions are impinging more and more on this restriction to their actions, and forcing themselves to gain more say in government, causing divisions in society over belief systems and their inherent inflexibility. Thus societal divisions are growing ever more unavoidable, because of religious ideology.

The concept and primacy of love, especially in the Christian religions, at first seemed to be a way around the bad effects of this �religious disease� I mention above; but religions have also dealt with this by actually removing the unlimited aspects of the concept, and replacing it with a definition of love, which creates a contract of sorts, through creating a judgmental form of love. The result is to also limit love, so it supports only the religious beliefs of the believer. Thus one is essentially barred from loving outside the particular belief group involved. Love has thus become a concept with particular rules attached � the particular rules of the believer�s religious dogma 5 !

The past has also shown us the great divisions (both spatial and mental) that religions have caused. The entire Third World is a construct of the religious concept of the �Divine Right Of Kings�, which the Catholic Church vigorously enforced through both physical and mental coercions 6 . This brings us the next division maker � the Economy!

Capitalism has become, for many today, a type of religion. It has become something inevitable; beyond the reach of human rationality. Even though an economy is a method, through which to ensure the survival of society, most refuse to see that that method does not work for the ALL it was created to support; the same ALL democracies were created around.

Here, it is the benefits conferred, and the human quality of covetousness, called greed, which blinds most, to the realities, the ever increasing few in poverty, must undergo.

Thus the simple idea: �it�s broken; so let�s fix it�, never gets implemented.

Thus it has made the most significant divisions to our societies around the world, through its global attributes; the most significant being the division between the haves and have-nots.

Poverty, which today both the �free� economy and religions have dubbed inevitable, is a dividing line that is growing everyday in today�s world. And its kind of division is the one that generates the most resentment.

Yet capitalism, that �aspiration to the stars�, founded on the Horatio Alger myth, �hard work will overcome�, has found an easy way around it. It has done this by mixing up the freedom of this �free� economy, with the freedom of the ALL democracy promises. This confusion has more or less made any criticism of capitalism into a type of treachery or traitorous action. So the divisions are glossed over; and the benefits to the self, conceal the realities that disparity is creating.

Also, financial division is today followed by spatial division; so that "mini" Third Worlds can even grow in the so-called Developed World itself; walling off and alienating the have-nots in their own societies, which further divide themselves along racial or ethnic lines.

Thus diversity instead of creating unity, is instead causing division; the paradoxical effect of �free world� democracies, supposedly devoted to the ALL of society!

And, let�s not forget that the Third World of the religions (mentioned above) has also now become the Third World of capitalism! Thus the two have found their merging point, around which to further divide a gullible world.

So we have seen how diversity has been diverted into that which it was created to do away with: division; through the ALL of democracy. An ALL perverted, mainly by religion and the economy, into only a FEW.

The solution is simple � rationality and free choice!

The implementation NOT so simple � for we must first overcome the mud and mire of our own beliefs; the blindness that the freedom of bigotry and greed has transformed into a type of slavery, it calls FREEDOM!


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1 But not anymore! Now, it is �In God We Trust�, according to an act of Congress! See my essay: '"In God We Trust"; Which God?�

2 Taken from The Reader�s Digest, Great Encyclopedic Dictionary; Reader�s Digest Association; Pleasantville, New York; 1966.

3 See above footnote.

4 For instance, this is happening in the Middle East, where groups like ISIS or The Islamic State, is terrorizing Syria and Iraq; also in Palestine, where the Palestinians and the Israelis are killing innocents because they are blinded by religious dogmas. But even here in the West, we are seeing these effects in groups like the IRA and the pro-life groups that have resorted to killings because of their inflexible beliefs.

By the way, no doubt, what I say here about religion, will be conceived, by the believers, as being a hateful diatribe against religions. It is not! It is a call to change religion, from something bigoted and prejudiced, and causing division, into something through which all the people of the earth can unite. The point is: what is important is not belief in a God, so much as a way to allow all people to spiritually join together to rid the earth of hate and separation � the very same division I talk about in this essay. If God is indeed love, then he lives in all of us, and brings forth His rules through that very same love He is. Religions should never divide, not even in the slightest respect. This has already happened to a certain extent, in that the religions of former times (like the Catholic Church) have become more accepting of change. If this has occurred it gives me hope that they can go all the way, and go beyond the dogmas of yesteryear to bring all the peoples of the world together. Finally, if we have something called religion, then it should be always mentioned in the singular, never in the plural � and that is the major problem with religion today!

5 For more on the concept of Love, see my essays in the Series: On Love; also, for more on religion and its effects, see the following essays in my Essay Potpourri Series: �The Religious Club And Its Effects�, �My Disenchantment With Roman Catholicism�, �Do We Need Organized Religion?�, �The Great Chameleon GOD�, �The Geometry Of Faith�.

6 It used both physical force, and also dogmatic force; like its rules against contraception and abortion. Today it is continuing this, in its policy to interfere in immigration matters, and make immigrants migrate to other countries, instead of fixing the governmental deficiencies in their countries of origin. Protestant religions are also doing this today by making people think that poverty is not a social problem, but an inevitability.



Originally Published:

August 21, 2014


August 21, 2014