The OLD America!

In 2016, America's Choice:
The Devil Or The Deep Blue Sea!

[One thing, the 2016 Presidential Election is showing, very plainly, is that �We The People� are not represented by the candidates running! Money and Power has determined, who these candidates are; and, who they will favor, when they win. It will show, how �choice� has vanished from a Democracy that promised the opposite. Has �We The People� become instead, the promise of division and discord that �The Devil� heralds; or the �same old void� that the emptiness of �The Deep Blue Sea� holds out � either way, �We� lose! Right now, it looks like either way it goes (or even, any other way feasible, with other candidates) is the same old hypocrisy, showing our Democracy as something very far from the �Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�, it was supposed to be for ALL!]

The relevance of that old phrase, �The Devil or The Deep Blue Sea�, has gained even more importance, in this year, where the choices of a Nation, of, by, and for its people, have become the choices given to them by the profiteers and the favored few1!

But then, that is exactly what the divisions, the FEW have created, were made to accomplish: the same old cliques, and the same old power, in the hands of those, who have always held it � that aristocracy that Lincoln told us2, should never have existed in a Democracy!

This is, because that Democratic freedom, that we tout so loudly, to the rest of the world, was completely overwhelmed by the economic freedom, of an extortionist economy, where freedom became the slavery to money that has enthralled the world into a downward spiral, where Kings, once again, rule!

As I have said before3, the three institutions, every society creates to stabilize itself from the hardships of this world, have, instead become the very culprits that make it vulnerable to dissolution! Yes, in 2016, this is shown even more vividly, as The Devil4, sings the praises of: �Make America Great Again!�; and the unknown, Deep Blue Sea5, of a once disgraced President and his wife, show us that money, not the people's wills, rule this so-called Democracy, we created to subvert these very same things!

The real problem, as the phrase, I used to title this essay hints, is both choices, clearly show us that not only do we have no choice, but that, whoever wins, We The People lose; as the disparity, between �the haves� and �the have nots� will only widen; and, the power to avoid catastrophe will totally disappear! Yes, that catastrophe, that History always confirms, when the power hungry assume the power to control the state. For, that is the very thing we created this Democracy to achieve: the ability to create the achievable dreams, we need to make society a Heaven instead of a Hell! And, these dreams depend on unity, foresight and compromise � and, most of all, trust � the very things, the power hungry have killed off, in their quest for power and glory!

For, greed has deceived them into thinking that this power and glory make them invulnerable. They should open their minds to the fact that invulnerability exists only for the GODS, not the mortal humans, whose invulnerability has always failed them in the past, no matter how exalted they were for a time!

Yes, �unity, foresight, compromise � and, most of all, trust� are the true needs of societies, destined to survive!

What has killed off those things in America today?

Very simply: the clash between two irreconcilable freedoms; and the disappearance of that very thing all countries, states or societies were created to further: ALL.

It is very difficult for people today, to realize that freedom is not truly freedom, if it takes others' freedom, from them. Very simply: freedom must exist for ALL, in the State, or it exists for none. You cannot have exalted classes, and poverty and misery existing in the same State, and then, say that freedom exists there � that is the problem, today, that people very rarely want to come to grips with. The reason is that we have become indoctrinated in the ideas that we may do anything we wish, with no thought of the consequences, this entails. Religions have fostered this, with the idea of the religious club, and the belief that God favors only the members of that club. Prejudice is the one and only product of religions today � and, it is that prejudice that keeps these �true believers� immune to any changes in society that will favor the ALL of that society! So, society's other institutions have followed suit, and made the �belief� the rallying cry of society; with political beliefs and an economy that makes everyone live off the prejudice that �only I count� can sustain society! Thus the ALL has become the FEW; and �liberty and justice for all� is a dream that can never take effect, as the poverty and misery around us confirms, everyday!

The answer is, we must confront beliefs with rationality. It is not �what we believe�, but �what works� that must shape society. What works for ALL. A newly conducted poll, by a news agency6, showed that two-thirds of Americans, even including the richest segment, would have a problem dealing with a $1,000 emergency. This shows that �that poor segment� is leaching its way into our whole society; especially, because the prosperity this economy touts so loudly, is a prosperity that rests on chance, and chance alone! So, the prosperous segment of society is really no more secure than the poorer segments today � both are on very infirm foundations that may collapse without warning, because of the blind chance that this economy relies on! Only the top 1% have eliminated chance to a great extent � but, not entirely! Chance is not what societies should rely on, in today's world. We have the knowledge and the abilities to eliminate all chance in the conduction of our societies, at this time; but beliefs have gotten in the way, and kept us at the mercy of the lowest parts of the human organism � greed and self interest. Thus that 1% becomes more vulnerable everyday, as the disparity of our society grows, and the uncertainty of the majority becomes ever more certain � so, that is why the void of �The Deep Blue Sea�, this essay addresses, is particularly important. Neither The �Devil�, nor it, can ever solve the problems we will face, as the uncertainty they promise increases, and the world continues along the very same path, it always has: hate; division; wars, and all the things that the �true believer� attitude has conferred on us!


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1 At this time, I see only two real candidates for president, Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton (and her husband). As for Bernie Sanders, he seems to be only a ploy to allow the people to think that choice really does exist, where it really doesn't. His Socialist campaign is not really anything new anyway, because it uses a Socialism that is really only a variant of a �liberal� capitalism; and uses the very same economic methods that capitalism itself uses, except for the creation of what is called a �large government�, by the �politically correct� parties.

2 Lincoln's quote: "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master � this expresses my idea of democracy � whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."

3 See the essay: �The �Paper Moons� Of Life (The Obstacles To Change!)�

4 Mr. Trump seems to relish this �illustrious� title �The Devil�, as he seems to play it up with his full enthusiasm, and make it the cornerstone of his campaign. Could it be that he really does not want to win the Presidency, at all, but is merely the ploy used to make the American voters believe, they have some real choice in the this election???

5 The Clintons seem to be the real choice that the FEW have put forward in this election. They, considered as a �Presidential family�, show us that the aristocracies of old are, indeed, still very much with us. I use the term "The Deep Blue Sea� as the expression of the void this country will enter, should they win the presidency (note: they are both running, not just Hillary!).

6 �Two-thirds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency!� Poll, from the AP Associated Press By KEN SWEET and EMILY SWANSON, The Associated Press - Associated Press - Thursday, May 19, 2016



Originally Published:

May 21, 2016


May 21, 2016