"Costs", The New Term For Excuse!

But the costs prevent it!� Now, how many times do we hear that today � especially from government officials!

Along with the wonderful technological innovations of being able to slander and bully people anonymously from anywhere on the earth 1 , and being fully able to lose, without a trace, a �modern� jet airliner with over two hundred souls on board 2 ; the wonderful global economy that makes these marvels possible, has also now created a new word for excuse: �costs�; or to put it more in the vernacular: �It�s too expensive!�

Yes, every time something good for humanity is proposed, or suggested, we get that euphemism cropping up, for the reason why it can�t be done: �It costs too much!� or �The costs are prohibitive!�

�Costs� has become the new word for excuse in the world of FREE markets, just as freedom has become synonymous with slavery!

But, wars � they never seem to have that word attached to them! See, they have become the new way to vitalize a failing economy; a bulwark for politicians around the globe to suddenly show just how much they represent their people � see, costs, as far as wars go, are never an excuse; because human life is cheap, at least in our present free global economic terms!

But why is this? Really... do you ever stop and think about this so-called free economy, which has now become literally the slave master of the human race? Do you ever stop and think: why do we let things go on the way they are?

The economy isn�t something created by God, or by Mother Nature; we humans created it! In fact, the so-called �Science� of Economics is not a true science at all, but merely a way to probe the mysteries of a collection of methods adopted through the power of past monarchs and warlords, without any thought whatsoever, for the populations of people they affected, those common people, who were their slaves and fall guys, yet the very ones they depended on to make it all work!

And then there is that crucial question: �Does it work?�

I think the answer to this is plain, and resoundingly so: NO!

Unless you consider the poverty and misery that abounds around this world as inevitably, an unchangeable human condition; or, the growing disparity we are seeing, as a part of the human condition itself; or, perhaps, the growing homelessness of so many, as something �unchangeable�, then I think you will agree with me in saying: SOMETHING IS VERY, VERY WRONG WITH THIS SYSTEM WE CALL THE ECONOMY!

Let�s just take, for instance, the definition of the word �economics� itself: �The science that treats of the production, distribution and consumption of wealth, and of the means of supplying the material needs of mankind.� 3

What this, so-called science, actually does is study the economic data of the past, and use mathematical techniques to fathom methods that allow it to predict the future outcomes the world will experience. In other words, it takes a system based wholly on chance and human whim, and tries to create rules that will let it not be so �chancy!�

But, it does not examine the reason WHY this very risky system was created in the first place; or even, much more pertinently, examine WHY this system based on chance, persists, in a world where true science has shown that the human being has the capacity, through the use of its mind, to produce a life totally outside the bounds of chance! REMEMBER: this is a system that has continually experienced total collapses (called depressions), and partial collapses (called recessions, downturns, bubbles, whatever), frequently and persistently! So why do we continue to use it � let alone create a whole science, called economics to study it (as if it even deserved such scrutiny)? What is needed is its total replacement, or at least, the creation of methods that will remove all chance, whatsoever, from its very nature!

But, at the very thought of what I have said above, people don�t merely become skeptical, but dispassionately abusive and defensive, which calls to mind the McCarthy era frenzies of political censorship and pogroms! But, in a way, this nonsensical true-believer attitude reveals what the real problem really is. The real problem that makes everyone so skittish, when it comes to a change in how wealth is made, distributed and managed: their own wealth!

Yes, that�s it; they think that their own wealth is at stake! But, really, is it?

You see this is the very thing that those that have nurtured and prospered so much from this system, at the cost of everyone else, wants us to believe. They want us to see any change, whatsoever, as a true threat to us; to our own wealth, however meager that may be! Just as they have wrangled the downsides of this system into a part of the very same system; for instance, the way they have made the elimination of poverty, crime and addictions, and even the new problems of identity theft and hacking, into themselves, "big businesses", that make money off the suffering and failures these problems themselves have caused! Of course, they don�t mention that if they really would succeed in eliminating these problems, the consequences would devastate the economy, since practically a quarter of our economy depends on removing the very problems they are making money curing; which means, all these jobs and industries depend on these very same problems continuing, instead of stopping.

But then, people never really dig that deep into their motives, now do they?

But the time has finally come when we really should start to change our attitudes, because the way this global economy is progressing, and the fact that it has become itself �global�, means the factor of chance, which rules this system, has itself greatly multiplied its ascendancy over the system, and made the chances for collapses even more prevalent, even to the point of almost a certainty, as the current world political problems are showing us everyday. You see, this is still a system at the mercy of chance, even though the power of wealth rules its scope and direction; chance still plays, and is playing an ever more important part. So, you, Masters of the Universe, be advised, you may most likely very soon find your own fortunes shipwrecked on the shoals of the very same chance that created you!

But people reading this will immediately say: Well, what about those other systems that were held out to us in the past as an ideal � where are they now � those dirty words, Communism and Socialism!

They are, where we are going � in the dustbin, where they belong � because they were virtually the very same thing we have now, clothed by the very same deceits that we now practice openly � elitism and favoritism! They also forgot the very same thing they were created to serve � ALL!

The problem is that all of these �isms� that are called economies, fail at the very thing the definition of economy points out as the purpose of an economy: �the means of supplying the material needs of mankind�, in other words serving the ALL that is mankind.

In the case of capitalism, that ALL is not only not supplied with those needs (in the capacity that all are able to fulfill those needs), but is actually made the victim of the system itself. And, that is why government is crucial, as a back up to a system that does not perform its most vital function. But government has become subservient to the same system, instead of the exception to the system, as we are now seeing, in the guise of the �costs� excuse that keeps government hamstrung by its very function! The costs are suppose to be allayed by the taxation system; but in reality, this vestige of the tyrannies that produced it, is being negated by how expensive it is getting, and therefore becoming only another oppression instead of the salvation it was touted to be.

The answer is to make government the exception to the system, capable of creating all the wealth necessary to alleviate the failings of the system. Thus government is the insurance policy for the system, keeping chance from destroying it, and making the system subservient to the society it serves, instead of victimizing it. 4

Yet this extremely simple solution to poverty, hunger and misery for the human race is ignored simply because it is too simple; and mainly, because greed has made this world immune to any real solutions, as long as the people, prospering from this ongoing depravity, are in charge, as they have always been throughout History!

The real problem is one of who really holds the power to make changes in a democracy, if wealth has created a total blockage of an undistorted picture of what is the current state of society. Wealth has become the only ruler in today�s societies, even if that wealth has been gotten by the most vicious and criminal methods available. So, where is this supposed "Democracy", if only a few can exert a hegemony over ALL? The economy has created a method through which wealth rules, and is able to continue to rule through the distortion of the real state of the society that secrecy has hidden from the majority. So the world continues in the exact same state where it has always been, controlled and manipulated by a few, who continue to let the majority live in an illusory world, whose state is distorted into the best of all possible worlds available.

But chance is forever at work in the shadows, the true creator and ruler of this economy and its world; and the great equalizer, that will eventually bring the whole thing crashing down on the fools, who think they have won, through the deceit and distortion of what is. Again and again, this scenario has played itself out through the history of the human race, only to begin again; a slave to its own blindness. As for the individual, so goes the society: an endless cycle of birth and death, fueled by an implacable greedy hope that can never be realized!

Or, can it? That is up to us!


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1 These are the new technologies that a FREE economy has created: a digitized version of libel and slander; and the virtual reality (actually stupidity) of buying and selling other people's information. This is what passes for technology today! And, freedom has become the freedom to hurt! Let's tweet that under #HumanStupidity; or maybe, #HumanGreed!

2 As of this writing, a Malaysian airliner has disappeared, and has not been found as yet, with no hint as to what happened to the 239 lives aboard. It seems we can track every person on earth in stealth, yet we cannot afford to track a commercial aircraft (I would think that in this day and age every commercial airliner would be constantly tracked, instantly noting any deviation to its course or position, by either its takeoff or landing stations); but, after all, I guess, lives are cheap. You see, somewhere along the way, humanity lost track of its priorities!

3 This definition is taken from the �Reader�s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary�; Reader�s Digest Association Inc.; Pleasantville, New York; 1966.

4 I have outlined this scenario in the essay �The Final Solution�, in the Solution Series of essays.



Originally Published:

March 24, 2014


June 26, 2014