What Has This Country Come To?
�He is a racist.
He is a conman.
He is a cheat... !�1

[The testimony of Mr. Trump's Lawyer, Mr. Cohen, has shown the true character of the �bought� President, that was, dictatorially, imposed on this country, by the elitist 1%. It makes quite evident, where �bought� freedom has taken this country: right back into an invisible tyranny, by a new kind of elite; an elite of, by and for only one thing: MONEY!

Is that what our forefathers fought for, in 1776?]

When the economy, no longer becomes a way to sustain a country's people, but instead, a way to raise up a class of Elitist conmen, we see the real effects of FREEDOM in this country, today!

And, what has government become? Another Monarchical ruler, making its people pay for everything2, they do for themselves, just exactly like the Royals and Monarchs, we were supposed to have defeated, did to us, prior to 1776! Is THIS what FREEDOM has brought to us... a bought freedom that has enshrined a money bought tyranny, preying on the people, they rule! Is this Democracy: the overruling of Majority rule, by a party controlled �Electoral College�; and, the purchase of candidates, for supposedly elected offices... in other words: MONEY RULES, NOT THE PEOPLE!

But, much worse is the fact that the whole world has been taken over by these same Elitist conmen; the world is now, truly their oyster, to pick and prune to their liking! Global Corporatist Capitalism has enshrined tyrants all over this world; and, all of them are the same: racists, conmen and cheats, thinking themselves the MASTERS of all, through the power of money! That is what this, supposedly, �free� economy has created for this world.

Freedom is NOT poverty and slavery; freedom is NOT elitism; and, finally, freedom is NOT tyranny! Unfortunately, this is what today's �bought� freedom has done to �of, by and for the people�; �the people� is no longer ALL, but only, the FEW!


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1 To quote Mr. Trump's lawyer, Mr. Cohen, when he described Mr. Trump.

2 In taxes, now, a peoples' �benefit�!


Originally Published:

February 28, 2019


February 28, 2019