A Christmas Note, 2011

�The Search for Harmony��

As we celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest men (or Gods) whoever lived (or existed), that simple carpenter from Nazareth, who brought to the world a new type of religious attitude, devoid of all the bigotry, the religions of his time, and even ours, forced, and force down the throats of their adherents; a religion that left out the word religion, and summed up religion as a love without strings attached; we look around, and see a world little changed from the world he inhabited. Immediately, we ask ourselves, �Why has nothing changed?� Why has the world only �pretended� to hear His message, instead of actually implementing it? Why has the religion, He is suppose to have founded, preached the exact opposite of the message He gave to humanity, and instead, the exact same one as preached by the religion of His day, which He tried to reform? Why is it that even as our society struggles with the loss of all its dreams and aspirations through the very same causes that convulsed His society, we continue to be blind to His real message, as we even celebrate His birthday?

How can we compare the simple life He lived, poor and humble as it was, with the pompous lives of His ministers today, who supposedly preach His pious words, in filigreed robes of gold and silver, in Church palaces that overlook the slums of the inner cities. The same religions that now run commercials to advertise the �wares� of religion, just as the modern hucksters advertise their products to the masses of consumers. Is it any wonder that our world has produced a society of thieves combating each other in the gladiatorial arena society has become? How can we practice His love, when we have redefined it into its exact opposite?

Perhaps, that is the answer; we have totally �forgotten� what love is; or, perhaps, this world was purposely forced into seeing love as something alien to the love He heralded? A world so filled with cant, hypocrisy, deceit, and judgment, that we have substituted the latter for love!

Yes, love has actually become a new form of judgment! Instead of �I will love you�, it has become: �I will love you, if� �. That �if� converts it from the love of the Golden Rule to the love of the organization, the bigotry of narrow-minded people who only accept with a proviso, the proviso that their demands are met. This is the new love we have accepted; and this is the new love our religions now preach � the love that has built the very same societies that teeter so close to dissolution, on this Christmas of the year of our Lord 2011.

The world is what we make it. And with us distorting the love in our hearts into this new form that contradicts it, we have made our world to conform to its new definition. The results? Just look around you! Division, alienation, and even a prosperity for only a few, purchased in the hardships of many; a love that is the opposite of what He preached so long ago, distorted by the alienation of judgment.

Our societies have mimicked what our hearts proclaim � the loneliness and alienation of loveless hearts that define love from their prejudices and biases, instead of from the only real, non-relative truth Christ proclaimed as love � acceptance. Just as we cannot accept, except with a proviso included, our societies cannot create the cooperation needed to keep them intact without those very same provisos. Is it any wonder we find ourselves in the corner we have painted our societies into?

Man or God; and it really makes no difference at all, which you choose; this poor Jewish carpenter brought into this world the right attitude all men and women of planet earth must take to create a world where all will live as a part of humanity, free, equal and non-judgmentally cooperating to make the planet one world free of all judgments and biases; a place where all humans are a part of God, because God lives in everyone without exception.

When religions proclaim the love He proclaimed, then there will no longer be any need for them, because the hearts of all humans will contain God. Then our societies will have also found the cure for what ails them. By finding His love in our hearts, we will find the cooperation to make our societies work as they should, and fix the things that have alienated us from ourselves. For societies can only exist on trust and cooperation, not contention and alienation. For judgment can only produce the latter, while His love, only the former.

Whether you believe He was a God, or just a man, you should believe what He believed: the equality and worth of every human being. For in believing this, you give humanity the regard for itself that we must hold to continue to function in the societies we have created on this earth; societies that are on the point of collapse because they do not believe this. If we do not accept His message, we doom ourselves to the futility our species has suffered since even before His birth.

Is the change of heart I speak of here, the love He awakened, even possible today? Every time I get mad; every time I swear, or curse someone for their stupidity, or callousness; I suddenly realize that I am at heart no different then they are. We all are ruled by an arrogance that prompts us to judge what we hate most in ourselves, and believe that we are really better than those we judge. The love He preached is not at all easy to find, but in, at least, realizing this, we begin to understand it. To spout pious words is easy; but the results lie in the actions. Our society has made this even harder, for it has exalted the opposite, while hiding the real thing from us. The answer lies within each of us, for the love He proclaims cannot be externally broadcasted, but must be felt to be known.

We are all born in innocence, and in the very same love he advocated. Our innocence is not lost, but merely hidden in the hurt the societies we have created heap on us, by making us into blind judgmental fools. They blind us in the hurt they cause us, and the judgments we create to hide this hurt from us. As we lose this innocence, we lose our love not only for others, but also for ourselves; we become alienated and alone and find defense in judgment. So, now, we begin to see judgment as love; and our innocence, born of an innate love, is covered by the cloak of judgment, and hidden in the �ifs� our hurts create for us. So from total acceptance, love has instead become a contract we offer, full of provisos that palliate our wounded pride.

The trick is to free this hidden innocence, and let our true natures reveal themselves to ourselves. This is the hard part. But, again, Christ showed us the way. In studying the unpretentious trust the child exhibits, here, we find what true non-judgmental love is, exhibited in the natural state of the human being. If we keep this model before us, we can never lose sight of what the world has hidden from us. And this image will soften us, so that we can see, once more, the unsullied true natures of our hearts.

So let us make this Christmas a reaffirmation of the real essence of what the human heart is all about, by remembering the birth of the man, or God, that gave humanity the first clear picture of it.



Originally Published:

December 25, 2011


January 2, 2014