The Hazards Of Naming God!
(A Note For Christmas, 2015)

�In the name of God!"

�... joy to the world!"

On this Christmas of the year 2015, the world is shuttering under the burden of naming God! Division, hate and massive destruction are all frolicking; because of the obsessive convictions people have that God must be given a name! And, once that God is named, He abides in the puritanical rules His followers give Him, to keep Him destroying the very people, He created � why � because these people give Him a different name!

It has created some very troubling contradictions today; like: the only true antisemitism (note: I define "antisemitism" as prejudice against any of the semite peoples - Jews, Arabs, Islamists, etc - not just the Jews) exists among the Semitic peoples themselves! Yes, Semites love destroying and hating their own kind! In fact, they themselves have become the only true NAZIS on this earth today! And, all of this has come about, because they each want to give God the name, they choose for him! And, once named, God can now target every other person, who thinks He has a different name (or, no name, because they think, He doesn't exist)!


So, here we are, on the birthday of a God who preached unity and love � yet, people are still hating and killing each other for Him, under His different names (remember there is only one God, no matter what you call Him ... or don't call Him, because you don't believe in God)!

Part of this problem is that names and rules seem to go together. And, those rules, and their breakage is what really causes the trouble.

That God (in the clothing of a man, who many honor today), is supposed to have said : �Render to Caesar those things which are Caesar's, and to God those things, which are God's.�

Perhaps, what He was really saying is: stop naming God; and giving Him sets of rules, for the peoples, who call Him by that name! Since God, by His very nature, as a God, made and represents ALL people, He comes, with no rules attached; except one: LOVE! Yes, love is the only rule � a rule that fits every situation, man and woman can encounter in life; and, a rule that is never wrong! God has no government or club attached, because all of us should think of Him by only one name � LOVE! Love is God, and all His rules rolled up in one; and, since that love is found in everyone, naming God is not only superfluous, but downright:


Merry Christmas 2015; and Happy New Year, 2016, to the peoples of the world! Perhaps, they will read this, and see that God lives in everyone � so, He has no name, but that, which brings all people together ... joy to the world!



Originally Published:

December 25, 2015


December 30, 2015