The True Message of the Christ 1

"Christ died for man�s sins�"

Christian religious aphorism

�The solution to all man's ills is very simple:
Take the government out of Religions;
and put love back into government!"

J. A. Macaluso

Thousands of Christian Churches and sects exist today in this world, and yet few, or maybe even none, can really tell you what was the true message that the Christ proclaimed to the world; or why it was deemed to be so dangerous and seditious that He was condemned to the cruel death He underwent. On the face of it, He was crucified because He proclaimed Himself King of the Jews, but the real reason that the religious leaders of the Jews feared this simple carpenter from Nazareth was that He had introduced to the people, a new revolutionary way of perceiving religion, and consequently a new way of perceiving themselves.

To begin, we must first see the way the people of the Bible perceived religion. The ancient Hebrews were a nomadic people that were united through and around the religion, and religious laws, that kept their people together as a homogeneous whole. These were strict laws that ruled their whole lives from birth to death, and made them a close knit unit easily distinguishable from the peoples who surrounded them. The Jews worshipped one God, who jealously reigned over them, to the exclusion of all others. They were a people chosen by God to be His people, and He their supreme ruler and arbiter. This made them a special people who, even though later physically forced under the yoke of foreign domination and governance, as they were subjected to by Roman arms at the time of the Christ, were still united by religion into one people. This kept them whole and distinct even while under the captivity of foreign Nations like Rome.

But there was a downside to this exclusivity, and it was this exclusivity itself, for it kept them apart from others and made them hated as �strangers� and �foreigners� by other Nations and groups.

Christ�s teachings had opened up a whole new way of seeing religion, and of seeing God Himself. He had introduced a new concept into religion that overruled all the laws and prophets and authority that religion at that time actually was. This was the simple concept of love. It was so simple and unassuming that it at first appeared as nothing more than a benevolence or natural law of hospitality, but the religious rulers of Christ time saw in it the true power and the true earth shattering consequences of this concept. If left to spread it could indeed destroy the Nation of Israel, and shatter forever the concept of Judaism and the homogeneity it bred.

The concept of Love that Christ spread was not the normal idea of love that most thought of as romantic love, but was a pure form devoid of the self, which often dominated romantic love as a beguilement, or fascination. This form of Love asked nothing in return, and was offered as a duty to all, regardless of race, nationality, religion or group. We see here, at once, the vast and destructive consequences that this entails towards a system where exclusivity and preference abound. God was no longer the �Jealous Ruler� of the Bible, but the kind and benevolent �Father� of all. There were no longer a �Chosen People� but only �people� all united through the kinship of humanity into one �human� race, indistinguishable from one another and all acceptable to God.

This brought about a separation of Church and State, a distinction which destroyed all religious power and religious rulers at one blow, by making them superfluous. Religion was now a personal and very powerful way of approaching God devoid of all the rituals and ceremonies that humanity had contrived to create group exclusivity and religious authority. Religion was a direct and powerful liberty that God had given a human through the power of Love.

This �heresy� for that is what all religions to this day proclaim this, is the freedom of a human to approach God on his or her own, and in actuality does away, with all organized religion. It obviates religion by giving man the true power of God Himself to choose to create a brother/sisterhood without any distinctions, a brother/sisterhood of humanity; a brother/sisterhood of soul. There are no rewards or punishments; no exclusivity of any kind, except unlimited acceptance.

The supreme paradox that has developed today, is that Christianity has created the very same structure that Christ wanted to eliminate from the world. The same structure of division and homogeneity that has kept the world divided and at war; that has kept Nations apart and poverty thriving and has unbridled human greed to the point that in this day of multi-billionaires there is more poverty and hardship than at any time on earth.

No, Christ did not die for man�s sins, but to awaken in men and women the love that would for once and all time free them from the divisive authority that binds them into groups that are bent on destroying one another; that build laws that all in the group must follow; that decide the right and wrong and good and evil that keeps men and women, races, ethnicities and even Nations apart.

Churches and religions today have created the antithesis to all that Christ taught, they have created the very same structures of Caesar, and continue to divide man so he may destroy his brothers in Jihad, Holy War, or for the benefit of the �chosen people�. Remember what Christ said: �My Kingdom is not of this world� and �Render to Caesar the things which are Caesar�s and to God the things that are God�s�. The message of Christ is Love, unlimited, unbridled Love, a Love which can create a single humanity without distinctions of any kind. It is a human�s single and only true authority and standard, for in its throes, man and woman can never sin or harm each other.


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1 After I wrote this essay, I found a quote of Abraham Lincoln's that shows he held opinions very similar to mine:

"When any church will inscribe over its altar, as its sole qualification for membership, the savior's condensed statement of the substance of both Law and Gospel, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thy self', that church will I join with all my heart and all my soul."

Abraham Lincoln



Originally Published:

August 1, 2010


June 24, 2014