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Civil War in the Greatest Nation of the ancient world�


She was his first love; she was his only true love; she was the woman who would forever rule the heart of the man who would one day rule the world�


He was the nephew of the man whose family the Dictator had vowed to destroy, and married to the daughter of his other archenemy�

And yet he would defy him�


He would bring Freedom and the Law to lands that had never known them�

The Man who would change the world...

Caius Julius Caesar

Welcome Dear Readers!

I offer you a novel based on a revolutionary new approach to the early life of one of history's most misunderstood characters,

Caius Julius Caesar.

This is a new novel available only in e-book form, with many illustrations and maps.

Follow me now by reading the brief background to our story and an introduction to Roman Politics. If these whet your appetite download the free e-book!

Also see how this novel addresses the paradoxes and contradictions in Caesar's life, which the historians have ignored. See Paradoxes

Overview of the novel

This Novel presents a picture of Julius Caesar, as an idealistic young patrician, bent on bringing justice and freedom to a world, which has been ravaged by greed and the consequences of political corruption. Assisting him in achieving this goal is a family of four magnificent women, consisting of his wife, mother, aunt and daughter.

The Novel takes us through a detailed glimpse of a time at the end of the Roman Republic, when partisan politics, rebellious factions and wealthy warlords had all struggled to wrench the power of this expanding world power into their own greedy hands. This was a time of chaos where the many were manipulated by the few.

The novel begins as a Caesar about to end his life on the eve of the Ides of March 44 BC reminisces about how he came to his place in life, and ends just as he begins to solidify his meteoric rise to power.

It shows the young Caesar hounded by the enemy political faction, which has assumed power after the death of his uncle Caius Marius, in the person of the tyrant Dictator Sulla. Having defied the dictator�s wish to divorce his wife Cornelia, the daughter of the Dictator�s archenemy Lucius Cinna, we follow Caesar�s adventures and narrow escape, which is attained through the help of his friends and family.

Then we follow along as he slowly makes his way into both military and political adventures that take him far away from Rome into Greece and modern day Turkey; adventures that include not only him but the immediate family of his wife and daughter.

The novel shows us this character in a new light as both crusader and savior of the downtrodden, and husband and father. It also highlights the part played by these women who are always there to help and counsel him, until the tragic end of the novel when he loses first his aunt and then his wife.

This is a powerful novel, which shows this character in a new and interesting perspective, not as a stiff icon, but as a living breathing man who is constantly torn between the duty towards his station in life, and the love of his wife and family. Included in the e-book is a fully illustrated glossary of terms and characters, and a bibliography. Also the author defends the assumptions he has made in the preface and an afterthought.

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Originally Published:

October 11, 2007


January 1, 2014