Trump As Caesar � Whoa... !

�Easy come, easy go... "

Song from the film, "The Thirteenth Floor"

[Shakespeare in the Park1 did a play about a Trump-like Julius Caesar; �Caesar the tyrant�. Perhaps, Shakespeare in the park should read a little more History, before dramatizing it! They would learn that Caesar was killed not to defend Democracy, but to kill it � as what came after the first (real) Caesar definitely showed2. Caesar was given the title of dictator by the Senate � a title not at all in line with its modern meaning. The Senate wanted an Empire � not a Democracy, like Caesar wanted � so they assassinated him, because he wanted to give representation in the Senate to all the conquered Provinces; more below... ]3

Trump as Idiot � Yes!

Trump as Buffoon and Clown � Yes!

Trump as Tyrant � Certainly!

Trump as an absolute Asshole (at least, at times!) � of course!

But, Trump as Caesar??? Definitely not!

The �idiots in the park� should, perhaps, read a little History, before trying to recreate it!

Caesar was killed defending Democracy; not trying to destroy it, as the Capitalist �Robber Baron�, who Trump is a perfect example of, is! Caesar wasn't a tyrant, as the people, who used his name, after him were � anything but! Caesar was a partisan of the common people, who he always supported; and, was killed (assassinated), because he tried to open the Senate up to people from the colonies and provinces that Rome had conquered � thus, making Rome a true Democracy of the people! To liken him to Trump is to say that he was like Crassus, who Caesar tolerated, but never really approved of.

In fact, Trump is the perfect duplicate of Crassus4NOT Caesar!

Crassus was, in many ways, just like Trump � an ego maniac, trying to make a name for himself, through spurious deals (like Trump's bankruptcies) and contracts. A bloated self-important egotist, bloating himself with even the prospects of military glory and triumphs (as President Trump is, in his being Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of America) � oh, definitely, another Trump, living in his own little world of glory and splendor!

Yet Caesar was the quiet hero. Sleeping on the ground with his men in tough campaigns. Fighting next to them in vicious skirmishes. Even wearing a red cape in battle to distinguish himself to the enemy; taunting them to pursue him! Brave, bold and honest � never the egoist; always the soldier among soldiers on the battlefield � at the front of the line in battle � not behind, like Crassus was � or Trump, whose bad feet got him out of Vietnam!

Yet, it was Crassus's own vanity that did him in. Marching to the East to build conquests, he was defeated by the Parthians; and Crassus, the richest man in the world at that time, was made to swallow molten gold, to quench his insatiable taste for riches! Yes, maybe, that is what's in store for his modern counterpart � Trump!

If you want to do a play about the likes of Trump, write it about Crassus, not Caesar! Distorting History will never fix it, only further even more distortions!

Get your facts right, if you want to make a statement; or, you are no better than Trump!


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1 New York�s Public Theater

2 Caesar's death created the Roman Empire, which would never have existed, if he had lived.

3 See my interview on my Caesar novel: HERE

4 "Plutarch says the wealth of Crassus increased from less than 300 talents at first to 7,100 talents, or close to $8.4 Billion USD today, accounted right before his Parthian expedition, most of which Plutarch declares Crassus got "by fire and rapine, making his advantage of public calamities" (through his notorious "fire Department" which usually, actually set many of the fires! Author's note).
See the Wiki article on Crassus: HERE



Originally Published:

June 12, 2017


June 12, 2017