�I'm better than you!�
Everything Democracy Wasn't Suppose To Be!

[ALL is what Democracy is all about; but somehow �better� has overshadowed it. Why? See below... ]

If you become rich enough, you are suddenly �better� than everybody else is!

We fought a Civil War to show us that one human being is never better or worse than another; except in actions that benefit or detract from the humanity in that person. But the ability to prosper on the backs of others, through a competitive economy, has clouded out all of that; and actually brought forth the very things that our revolution against the Monarchists of Europe wasn't suppose to accomplish. Why? Because the definition of freedom, itself, changed.

Monarchy assumes the proposition that certain people are better than others � in fact, born that way. If we assume that proposition, we see that we have, again, brought back the very essence of slavery itself. �Better�, gives the person or class holding this modifier, a relevance higher than others. Religions were supposed to have modified this �better� into a connection, having to do with good and evil. The �Saints� were people �better� through their actual ability to lessen that other �better� that the monarchists defined � in other words, their �better� was an attribute that equalized people, through the alleviation of suffering, and an increase in altruistic empathy. The practice of the Golden Rule was what conferred a �better� that did not confer superiority, but an altruistic equality. And, upon this idea, Democracy was suppose to equalize all citizens, through a government of, by and for them � ALL of them! The ALL was what Democracy emphasized; and, its freedom was something shared by ALL, inherently.

Laws ordered society, with all of this in mind; always seeing all citizens as equal, and equally responsible to the rest of society. Freedom under the law was the same for ALL.

But, the economy changed all of this. The aphorism, �hard work will overcome� was actually a lie that rarely found relevance in a world, where opportunity overshadowed it � an opportunity that was most often bought in some way; so wealth modified freedom, itself, through providing opportunity according to its measure � a distinct throwback to the days of monarchy, and the inherent inequality of people. Suddenly, freedom was not the freedom, the law created, but a freedom built on the meanest of attributes: wealth. And, with it came a �better�, which was exactly the same as that �better�, the monarchists held. Democratic freedom had been twisted into a freedom totally different from what it was suppose to mean.

The richest did the least work, and the poorest the most. In essence, the rich lived off the work of the poor, because money held privilege and opportunity � something hard work seldom found its way to possess.

The main problem, with this freedom that wealth conferred, was its total lack of responsibility. What was even worse, was the fact that it often killed all drive and motivation, and led to addictions and depressions that destroyed all self-worth. We saw this in many of the older entertainers and Hollywood stars, whose fame and fortune actually led to early deaths � deaths through drugs and alcohol, or worse.

They found that fame and fortune were not what they thought, they would be. An isolated and constantly body-guarded life was not really a free life; but a restricted life, even with all the benefits, it conferred. For the truly super-wealthy, their lives have often led to prison sentences, even if that prison is a palace! Was being �better� worth the restrictions that came with it � the actual loss of freedom, in movement and camaraderie, this �better� created? Riches, fame and notoriety brought their own downsides; downsides that equality and simplicity never knew! Was an inflated ego, the reward, it was suppose to be; or, a type of punishment that made them an outcast � hated and envied, especially, in so lopsided a world, where poverty was boundless, and their situation so rare? It seemed that even �better� could be a type of curse!

So, the current world grew up, putting not only the poor into a hell, but also their rich �betters�, through making the trivial important, and twisting values into things that were based on the meanest of things: material wealth! The economy created society in its image, instead of just sustaining it. Wealth became the meaning of life � and, with it killed off the true joy and meaning that life was suppose to confer. Division and hate brought the world back to where it was, when the human animal first brought forth the hope of a new awakening; and the mind of the human was lost to stupidity and a �better� forged in its animal ancestry, instead of a mental reawakening!

Thus �better� was the antithesis to itself � not a �better� � but, a worse; a worse, which undid humanity's humaneness; and, plunged the hope of something better, into a reality that made humanity simply another form of animal.

The physical had submerged the mental, in a reversal of everything, evolution was suppose to achieve. Humankind was losing its humanity. �Kill or be killed� had overshadowed �Do unto others...� that Golden Rule that made humanity, human!

A God, shaped in the form of a Tyrant Dictator, instead of the love in every human heart, had brought about the devolution of the human species. And, the religious �chosen people� had become another form of lower creatures, devoid of anything resembling �people�! The God of ALL is love; for love never sees anyone as better than anyone else; for God is that very same viewpoint that sees ALL as truly ALL.

�Of, by and for the People� was the antithesis of what it was meant to be; as Democracy was lost in the rhetoric and shenanigans of an economy that made a mockery of it, with elites and an �only I count� philosophy, of a freedom that existed for only that few, who could buy it! �ALL� had become an empty word for Democracy. And, freedom was devoid of the responsibility, it needed to make it accessible to ALL!

So, �better� is a nebulous word today; and, its meaning for Democracy is more than nebulous � perhaps, futile! For every �self� must have a meaning shared with every other self; ALL must never be forgotten, even within the self, itself. Democracy, like �God�, was the hope of something better for ALL. But that was before freedom got a price tag attached to it, and ALL became the FEW!

�Better� can once again regain its meaning, when the human race once again sees itself as one, instead of a bunch of groups, all seeing themselves as better than those of other groups. They can do this, by once again seeing religions, governments and, most of all, the economy, as solutions of problems that allow ALL in this world to prosper, not just themselves. The economy has freed the wealthy to do this, only for their group; for wealth destroys country boundaries and all affiliations. But the downside of this is their isolation, and the envy and hate this generates around them. Disparity has created a world of �everything to lose� for those on the top; and a world of �nothing to lose� for those on the bottom � a very disquieting situation, to say the least.

The hope of Democracy was the middle class; but that has become a chimera, in a world that divides itself between everything and nothing. Can we produce a world that truly sees itself as one? Can we create people, who see each other, as all the same, without the modifier of �better� clouding this sight with beliefs that contain ideology, wealth and self? The �hope of something better� is a hope, we must all see through the same perspective; a perspective that the economy, religion and government has clouded into a phantom for everyone. Rich and poor have created a Hell for themselves, by seeing the modifier �better� as something unchangeable. Can humanity overcome this, by overcoming the very things that make �ALL� an empty word? I will give you one hint to accomplishing this � the word �ALL� should never include any reference to the word �better� through wealth; and the economy, government and religion, most of all, is about ALL!1


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1 See the essay: 'What America Really Means:�I've Got Your Back!�'.



Originally Published:

February 26, 2017


February 26, 2017