(A Nation Torn Between Monarchy And Democracy?)

[Britain has left the European Union! What may this bode for the fractured world, this website has heralded? Can it mean that there may be a similar fate awaiting us, right here, in the USA? Or, can it mean that people are finally deciding to do something about all the people, who have been left behind, by their governments, religions and, most especially, their economy?

But if we watch the film BREXIT, The Movie, we see that it is all about the economy... basically, this film says, free enterprisers can do whatever they want to do... to Hell with consumer rights! Societies should have no say in controlling what's made in the marketplace!

But at the same time, it says that a society should have control over the people who govern it! Or does that word �people� mean monopolists? This is what we will explore in this essay...]

The strange bed fellows that modern day Britain presents, is the enigma of past glory and present day equality � �Great� Britain could never quite reconcile the two � a decayed monarchy, they won't let go of; and a Democratic society that is far from Democratic! BREXIT has demonstrated it quite clearly � Britain must stand alone! But why?

Empire! Just like after the French Revolution, Napoleon began the French Empire, so the English have never divorced themselves from that �Empire� state of mind, but now it's a Capitalist Empire! That's why that ancient Monarchy, they cling to, never went away. They don't seem to understand the whole point of Democracy � equality! An equality of rights and privilege � our �life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness�. But this is not based on certain people being innately �better� than others; but on certain people �making themselves better� by hard work, determination and fair play! And, once they succeed, they don't become a type of Royalty, but a type of benefactor for society!

But then, there was CAPITALISM; which supposedly touted the same values (at least outwardly), but introduced �value� (money) into the equation! Suddenly, stock markets, inheritance, braggadocio, even sheer �imbecility� (like certain celebrities today) could make you wealthy, and therefore you were BETTER than everyone else!

And, the equation: MONEY = BETTER, was reborn, even into so-called Democracies!

So, the ancient monarchies were reborn even in modern Democracies; and people were not equal, but BETTER or WORSE according to how much wealth they owned! And, that is exactly what CAPITALISM brought back to mankind: BETTER = MONEY; the whole gist of monarchy, but not an inherited BETTER, but, something even worse: A BOUGHT BETTER!

The wealthy were better than the non-wealthy! Suddenly Democracy was actually superfluous; everything was bought � even that government of, by, and for the PEOPLE (as this 2016 Presidential election, here in the USA, is showing)!

So, we see that the British are actually the honest ones, at least, in one way, for they cling to �British = BETTER�!

But why does there always have to be a better?

Julius Caesar asked this question 2000 years ago, when he tried to introduce Senators from the conquered Nations of Britain and Gaul into the Roman Senate, making it a fully Democratic Republican Senate. The answer he got was, he was murdered! And the Empire, an absolute tyranny, began, ironically, in his name1!

But, again, why does there always have to be a better?

Simply because people are different! That statement may seem somewhat enigmatic in this age, where equality and freedom are on everyone's tongues, but difference implies better or worse in the main; and, especially in the areas of politics, religion and the economy! The other factor is importance. People need to feel important! That is where monarchies and, today, even Hollywood came from. �In the news� is today's importance, and money is what puts you in the news! So the equation is simple: MONEY rules! And, the effects of this are shown everywhere in this capitalistic world.

But there is another side to BREXIT: illegal immigration! And, that brings up another quagmire of hypocrisy for the British: EMPIRE! Britain, as the empire, it was, should see those parts of its empire, as part of itself (as Caesar saw the conquered Provinces as part of Rome), so it should theoretically welcome all those from its empire with open arms. But BREXIT was brought about primarily to stop that immigration! Here we see the contradiction that the British must face: EMPIRE = TYRANNY, not EMPIRE = EQUALITY! I brought up some of these implications in the essay I wrote on �Allegiance.�2 There is more to a State than just a government; there are mores, customs and founding familial, blood ties. Britain as �British�, means ties to that monarchy, they cannot, or won't extinguish. There are some racial implications here too. Unlike the United States, that is made up of �everyone� on planet earth, with the sole proviso of �being born here,� Britain still holds deeply to that British �blood�, that it holds so important. And, that is really why there was a BREXIT, to try to reestablish that British blood � that British rule!

The EU is not British! Britain wants to be ruled by Brits! Can we fault this?

In other words, they themselves do not like what they themselves did to others under their EMPIRE! Yet they still cling to that same outdated monarchy? Do I detect a note of hypocrisy here?

Here we see plainly the problems in today's world: a world that cannot come to grips with itself, just like that homosexual man, who could not come to grips with his own homosexuality, that I wrote about in another essay3!

Can the world ever see itself as one people, ALL ruling over ALL, for the benefit of ALL? No armies; no wars; only the striving to allow ALL to benefit!

No, BREXIT is not the outcome of fixing the problems of those left behind; in fact, it will probably end in even more being left behind! BREXIT is the outcome of three problems that we must fix: Politics, Religions and especially an Economy that allows everything to be bought, thus bringing back the emergence of the same old Monarchies, and Plutocracies that Democracies were formed to destroy! Already, we are hearing of TEXIT, the secession of the State of Texas from our Union (of course, if oil wasn't so plentiful down there, would TEXIT even have been brought up???). Can this world ever find unity? Or, will we merely divide ourselves into oblivion, with that Capitalist saying: �Only I count�? Democracies that were made for ALL, have lost that ALL � that is the biggest problem this world must face; if that is not soon dealt with, there will be only further division, and destruction, till the same old tyrannies raise their ugly heads once again!


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1 His nephew took his name and became �Caius Julius Caesar.�, the Emperor of the now, Roman Empire! See the essay on Roman Politics, in the section on my book on Caesar.

2 See the essay: �Allegiance�

3 See the essay: �Mad At Yourself? Take It Out On Society!�



Originally Published:

June 25, 2016


June 25, 2016