Arbeit Macht Frei! *

(The Past, or our Future?)

Work makes you free! A fitting reminder of how a dogmatic religious value (the protestant work ethic) can be used to hide the viciousness of hate, and the callousness of socioeconomic class prejudice. It beguiled the masses of Germans of that time to believe the lies and propaganda of the few manipulators who in pretending unity and brotherhood were creating a closed off community of intolerance and bigotry. The Masters always beguile the masses with sweet sounding words like �freedom�, �responsibility� and �free markets�, while, on the sly, hateful divisionary comments like �welfare state� and �bleeding hearts� convey the hate and bigotry behind the former terms. On the other hand, the same people are also behind the ideas at the other end, the same that Communism and Stalinism found so fruitful: �equality�, �proletariat� and �bourgeoisie�. What all these have in common are the same �Masters� at one end and �slaves� at the other. True, their methods of deceit were implemented differently; the former through economics and force, and the latter through government, but the end result was the same: disparity and intolerance.

In this era of black presidents, black party leaders and �tea parties� we must even be more careful that the end result does not turn out the same as what I have described above. The slogans and sincerity of the opposing sides is spread as thick as sweet molasses on hot cakes, but the results that are showing from the effects of the administrations of both sides is the same: growing disparity, joblessness for the masses, endless wars and the growth of special interests and monopolistic Evil Empires. Both sides tout freedom and democracy, but we are losing all our freedoms clandestinely, one by one: the freedom to travel (through exorbitant gas prices), the freedom of speech and privacy (through the internet and electronic surveillance), the freedom of private property and to own our own home (through exorbitant home and vehicle prices, and leasing) and the freedom to our own individual identities (through credit reporting and the buying and selling of private information and images). We have become the pawns of slogans and talk show hosts, and the divisions that greed and special interests have fostered. We have fallen to our own beliefs, and the dogmatism and ideologies that have grown out of them.

We must begin to realize the truth that two of the greatest men that this country (the United States) has produced, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln knew: a truly �free� people can hold no ideology, for their ideology is the responsible freedom which allows them to live together in a freedom that hinders no other freedom. This is what true societal freedom is; there are no sides, only the conviction to see an equal chance at prosperity for all.

As Washington said:
�I have already intimated to you the
danger of parties in the state� Let me
now take a more comprehensive view, and
warn you in the most solemn manner against
the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.�
There are no parties and ideologies in a democratic state.

As Lincoln said:
"As I would not be a slave,
so I would not be a master �
this expresses my idea of democracy �
whatever differs from this,
to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."

There are no masters or slaves, only one free and equally prosperous people, free of special interests.

What is becoming clear is the fact that if we continue to have an economic system such as the present form of capitalism, we will never be able to have a free society. We will become a society of Masters and their slaves very similar to the state of the world when Julius Caesar was assassinated. We will become the pawns of the most powerful and influential special interests, and in the end we will lose all our freedoms in a dictatorship.

Can we ever talk about �freedom� or a �free market� when even a single monopoly exists? Think about it �tea partiers�, are you dancing around the �Liberty Tree� or around the demise of all the hopes and dreams your own prejudices and greed are extinguishing; in other words, the consolidation of the Evil Empires that will some day be buying and selling you, and your �freedom�?

But then: �Arbeit macht frei�, Sieg Heil!


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* The Nazi slogan over the entrance gate of the concentration camp (Death Camp), Auschwitz, where thousands of undesirables were exterminated. A true perversion of everything freedom stands for under the guise of dogmatic virtue.



Originally Published:

January 10, 2010


June 23, 2014