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Addressing The Absence Of Change

At the end of my anthology of essays, called �The Philosophy Of The GOOD�, I wrote the following postscript, which I think is worth repeating, in its entirety, here:

�When I began writing I felt much hurt and bitterness; I felt that there was too much injustice and wrong in this world. Life had cheated me out of everything I wanted; like Job I was bereft of pity and full of scorn. In writing I saw that we all, in a way, create our own destinies. I faced my own faults and mistakes. So, I found, that in a way, I created my own sorrow. I still felt injustice, and knew that my words would probably only still bring further hurt to me; and they have, for there will always be the incurables in life, who will continue hurting till they in turn destroy themselves. These will probably never go away. But it's all too easy to say just get rid of them; that�s the very mistake that mankind has always suffered from before. We must learn to live with them, as hard as that may seem. The trick is to stop producing them, not to exterminate them. But most are not that way, like me they only search for the path with the least sorrow and hurt. That path can only be found by working together. God is love; and life is trust. All our lives depend on the latter to eventually bring us to the former. Society is trust; the enemies of society know this, and that is why they strike at this very thing. If we would have a strong nation, then we must create one where trust is paramount. Trust isn�t created with guards and security cameras and mercenaries; it�s created with honesty, fair play and good people. Our strength as a nation relies on our strength of character, and the projection of this to the other nations of the world. If we would have a world of peace and prosperity, then the nations of the world must all find that trust within each of them. All the problems of the world eventually come from this one source � the lack of trust. How can there be trust when there are losers in our societies? Society�s very purpose is to eliminate this. We, the people of planet earth must join together to find a way to fix this glaring disparity in all our societies.

Capitalism can only be good if it is a support to societies. It incorporates man�s dream of freedom to grow and prosper. When it uses this freedom without restraint, regardless of the consequences of its actions to others, it will eventually destroy itself, for even business must be built on trust. Keep capitalism, but make it fair and responsible. The dream of unlimited wealth might go away; but that is only a stupid fantasy, for stupid people who want to live forever amongst their bodyguards and flunkeys. If we finally eliminate poverty and disparity between people, we may all be able to live much better lives, free and trusting of one another.

Well, I�ve said my piece; and perhaps like John, I�m merely a voice crying out in the wilderness, never to be heard, or if heard, merely shrugged off, as a futile Cassandra.�

It's been nearly ten years, since I wrote the above � but I still believe what I wrote above; and, the events of this world, during that period of time, only seem to confirm this. I probably still am that John1, and that Cassandra2 � voices lost in the confabulation of a world bent and determined to ignore its shortcomings, and march on to its own destruction. And, this very fact, is what makes me write this essay about: �Why don't things change?�

It's funny, that in a world so full of hurt and discontent, because of poverty, discrimination and prejudice, all that people can do, is the same old things that keep these very things alive and well: wars; political ideologies; and religious salvation from on high, for those who believe in Gods, who favor a few, instead of all. In a world, where money has itself become a God3, we seem to have it for everything, except correcting the glaring shortcomings, we find all around us!

No, charities and volunteerism isn't going to help anything (although they are needed, since there is nothing to take their places now) � in fact, they have even, themselves, become big businesses today!

In a world where movie profits run into the billions of dollars; where probing the universe for alien lifeforms is also running into the hundreds of millions of dollars; there still are millions of people sleeping on streets; poverty is still rampant; and, governments are building up government debts in the trillions, to fund the military and �make the Nation great!� So, where are our priorities?

The apathy of that �silent majority�4 has not gone away � in fact, it has increased a hundred fold!


Because, in a way, stupidity has become a virtue, in that it shrugs off responsibility from us; and places it anywhere else, but on our shoulders! And, that's precisely why nothing changes! �I can't change things � so why bother? So, I'll just ignore it all � it will eventually get better!�

But it's not getting better � it's getting worse! This 2016 Presidential election is shaping up to be just another, �same old, same old�; where �the real people� have no say at all; and everything is orchestrated by the FEW and their monopolies.

The sham that this country has become is so glaring and evident, that it is just wholly ignored! People truly believe that they cannot change anything; so why even think about it! Yes, it has gone that far. Apathy is a real, and growing disease that the whole world has now been totally immersed in. The sentiment of the many is: �It's hopeless, so don't make waves!� And, in a way, they are right. They have families and interests that live on beyond them. And, the people at the bottom already have enough to worry about; so, naturally, the only ones, who represent them today are those, rabblerousers, who only want to sew the seeds of even more discord and division, through which to gain more advantage.

So, in finding myself, an �old fossil�; cut off from family and personal responsibilities (not voluntarily, mind you); alone now for some twenty years; and marching into the end of life; I have become the perfect goad to make people hear, what they would rather not hear. I am �the fly in the ointment�, �the pain in the ass� that, possibly, disturbs people into thinking!

For it is thinking that is needed now; not passivity or hopelessness; and, certainly not beliefs � but thinking that leads to solutions! For solutions are the very things missing in the three areas I continue to harp on: government, religion and economics.

So, I will continue, in this capacity, till death silences me. That �pain in the ass�, who may one day, get enough people to actually scratch themselves, into a better state of affairs, for all. But, even if it doesn't happen; I, at least, tried � that's more than most have done!


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1 St. John, The Baptist, who predicted the coming of The Christ.

"According to the New Testament, John anticipated a messianic figure greater than himself, and Jesus was the one whose coming John foretold", according to the Wikipedia article on John The Baptist (Note: this link will take you off our site, onto; to return, click the back button on your browser).

2 Cassandra, the Trojan Princess, whose gift of prophesy, predicted the downfall of Troy, but none would believe her, until it actually occurred. See the ancient poet, Homer's works: �The Iliad� and "The Odyssey".

3 See my essay: 'When �Money� became Democracy's GOD!'

4 For my younger readers, the �silent majority� was a political catch phrase, used during the sixties of the last millennium (the 1960's). It meant the apathy of the majority, with the politics and political maneuvering of that day.



Originally Published:

April 17, 2016


April 20, 2016