What It Was Really About

If you have been following the News this week, the riots in Charlottesville have caused a great disturbance in the Trump administration. The President has been condemned for not placing the blame on white supremacists and racist groups, as he should have. But we tend to forget what started this whole thing: the statue of Robert E. Lee in a public park.

No doubt History is important; if, for nothing else than stopping the repetition of the mistakes of former times. The Civil War was fought to do away with slavery. The South is proud of its heroes � even if we no longer see them as heroes � because they are a part of their cultural History. In a way, that statue says, we are proud of our heritage; but to a lot of others, it says: �I was seen as different�, �I was seen as inferior�! History has its place: in museums; not public parks, where someone may be reminded of something, they don't want to be reminded of. Keep the statues of the Confederacy there, in museums; where people can look at them, not as memorials, but as reminders of mistaken ideas that turned us against each other.

As to the President's comments, he is right � Washington and Jefferson were slave holders � but they furthered something, this country was founded on that is too often forgotten: the ALL. And, that's why their statues are different than Lee's. Lee wanted to further an idea that was archaic, and countered the very point of this whole country: the ALL. Human beings are not commodities to be bought and sold. That is something the pre-Civil War South would not accept; but today, helped by that Civil War, all human beings are equal; and, even more importantly, equally important, because they are a part of that ALL, not alien to it. The Confederacy lost the war; yes, as a cultural artifact, it is important, so place the statues in museums about the Civil War; or in parks, commemorating battles, like Gettysburg Park. There, they remind people of why we fought the war; not glorifying a dead and obsolete cause that divided and castigated human beings for gain.

As to protests and human rights: free speech must be protected; that is what this country was supposedly about. But libel, slander and defamation are not free speech. And, ALL was, and still is the main purpose of this country! People, who preach SOME or the FEW are not Americans, because America, like it or not, is about ALL!

That is why Washington and Jefferson are not the same as Lee. They lived in a society that was before that change; but Lee refused to accept that change, and even killed to preserve its opposite. He refused to acknowledge the ALL, America is, even when the true nature of that ALL was acknowledged.

Today, the economy has made that ALL even harder to accept. It has allowed financial freedom to kill that ALL, and make a new form of slavery: POVERTY!

What is even worse, it has made �I am better than you� a thing to be sought and emulated, through using money as the true gauge of worth. POVERTY is SLAVERY hidden in the cloak of financial failure! That is what has tainted the true Democracy, in our Democracy, and turned it, instead into a plutocracy, where only the FEW matter, instead of the ALL!

So, that is what Charlottesville was really about; in fact, it is what the Presidency is really about today in America. It is about how a FEW have come to make slaves of that ALL; it is about how that ALL has been cast aside, through a crooked financial system that has nullified government for all, but that FEW, who are better than us, because of their wealth1. It is about how government has been nullified by immersing it in the economy, instead of making it the true protection of the economy, it should be. Yes, slavery is alive and well in America today; but it lives under another name: POVERTY! And, Monarchy is the true name of our �Democracy�, because the FEW have once again replaced the ALL!

So, that is what the division in Charlottesville was really about!


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1 As an example, see the following headline:
�Company's value soars $1B overnight after Buffett takes stake�
Lucinda Shen - Fortune - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"A vote of confidence from Berkshire Hathaway helped send the market value of a recently down-in-the-dumps stock up by $1 billion overnight."

This is a perfect example of how the stock markets can print huge quantities of money, literally from "thin air"; while government can only tax the very people, who it's working for, for the very work, it's doing for them! In other words, we have to pay ourselves for the work, we do for ourselves! Yet, this nonsense continues; and governments can't afford to do the needed things, for their own people, without taxing them to death!

Yes, how long will this nonsense continue?
And, everyday the number of poor and homeless increases, while the gluttons, in the stock markets, get richer and richer, fleecing the very people, government was suppose to help, but can't, because WE THE PEOPLE must pay for the very work, we do for ourselves!!!!



Originally Published:

August 16, 2017


August 22, 2017